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by | Jan 18, 2007 | 19 comments

Chris Sheridan responds to the Rasheed Wallace situation on the article is only available for ESPN Insider subscribers but I will quote this which was his response to Rasheed’s discontent to Sheridan’s use of the word HATE….

Rasheed Wallace was thrusting a bottle of orange soda straight at my chin after he came over to me this morning at the Pistons’ practice facility for some civilized discourse regarding this morning’s Daily Dime lead.

Of course, what constitutes civilized discourse is not the same to everyone.

So as I explained to Sheed that pointing a soda and screaming obscenities at me was not my preferred way to conduct an adult discussion, he kept yelling, “Did you ever hear the word ‘hate’ come out of my mouth?”

Fair enough. Hate is a strong word, and the words that preceded it in the column — “discord and disharmony” — were sufficient.

He also goes on to say that Flip Saunders mentioned that he wished he wouldn’t have used the word Hate to describe Saunders and Wallace’s relationship. Was that supposed to be an apology?
Doesn’t sound like one to me.


  1. Big_Ben

    He sounds like one of those little smart ass nerds who don’t know when to shut it! I wouldn’t have took that as an apology, them are fightin words!!!

  2. Jess

    Hey Nat

    I just wanted to bring something to your attention (even though its off subject). I was just doing some random search on the pistons and I came across this thing that said CB was charged with rape years ago in Boston??? Do you know anything about it?????

  3. Jess

    .. but also, it was said to be a rumor and had no involvement. Antwon Walker and Ron Mercer were said to also have some kind of involvement??

  4. Nique

    That was during his rookie season in Boston. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time.

  5. jess

    Do you know anything about it???

  6. Anonymous

    i dont like how this is playin out becuase sheeds mad and hates flip ben hated him and then left for chicago. Im putting peices to gather on how the bad boys broke up and it to simalr we went to the finals in 05 and alomst won but lost. Then we get flip sanunders. We went to the conf finals thats what happened 2 the bad boys. 2 years later vinne johnson and other player were traded. In 93 thomas retired then we went on all thos bad seasons with grant hill. i just hope sheed stars to like him when webber comes in the lineup. I HOPE IM wrong ill be the first person the say i was wrong. I just dont want it to happen again.


  7. Anonymous

    Yea, i heard that CB had something happen like that in boston…he’s not the kind of person to do that though.

  8. Anonymous

    heres a paraggraph i found about CB.

    97. Two ex-Boston Celtics players have settled a lawsuit brought by a woman
    who says she was raped in November 1997 at the home of forward Antoine
    Walker. Ron Mercer and Chauncey Billups agreed to pay the woman an
    undisclosed sum, the Boston Herald reported today. But a third man who was
    accused, Walker’s housemate Michael Irvin, has not settled because he has no
    money, his attorney, Willie Davis, said. Walker, who did not participate in
    the alleged assault but is accused of walking through a bedroom while it
    took place, also is named in the lawsuit

  9. Anonymous

    Nat, do you know anything abou the chauncey thing?

  10. Natalie

    I know nothing more than what I have read here. As far as I am concerned, it happened a long time ago and there is no need to bring up the past.

  11. jess

    Sorry Nat. I should have just e-mailed you. I kind of regret posting it up here. I feel like some people look at others differently after reading something like that about them and I dont want any one to dislike Chauncey in any way.

  12. Anonymous

    its fine, jess! Yea, i was curious too. i wanted to know if that was a rumor or not. Chauncey was also really young then, and he is still my favorite player in the NBA.

  13. dom

    chauncy’s my boy but you know them nba parties get crazy….Who knows and who cares that girl made out rich……..But yeah sherriden didn’t sound like he was apologizing he kinda of reminds me of someone who would like get up in your face and not quit harrasing you until he got his story and when he got a small peice of it would blow it far out of the water.

    We need sheeds head on straight for the rest of the season…So as we all hope that the problems will magically fix them self and that webber was the missing peice….But i’m sure it’s been addressed alot and I think joe D will handle it if it gets any farther….Whos a coach we could get if we get rid of flip…when we fired larry brown I always thought we should of got phill jackson back when we were looking for coaches cuz as I recall he wasn’t coaching then……but who knows I his style mite not be pistons style but he did win like 7 championship rings

  14. Anonymous

    Hey Nat,
    Did you get to read all of Sheridan’s blog? Is anybody on here an “insider” at espn? Sheridan said he sat down w/Joe D and will be posting that article today. All those espn writers are smug know-it-alls. I just hope Sheed gets back to business and we start winning some games. Chaunce looked good, Dyess got his shot back, we got C-Webb’s slick passes, now, Sheed, step up to the plate & let’s get it done!

  15. garold

    Chris Sheridan obviously has little as little to offer about the NBA as Mitch all-BUM. They both owe apologies to the Pistons and the fan base.

  16. Dom

    sheed just needs to play his game or else this will haunt us cuz these reporters don’t shut up and they’ll only dig deeper……so the only way to make this dude look like the ass he sounds like is too start playing better

    And also I think steven A.smith should apologize for what he said in the palace brawl how all detroit fans should be ashamed and what not he went on for like 10 minutes now he’s all like detroits the shit…….I’m not sure if anyone rembers it…..But I never liked him for that and plus he’s annoying.


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