Webber Is Coming Home

by | Jan 15, 2007 | 25 comments

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Looks like it’s true, Webber is coming home to Detroit.

Webber is said to be attending the game as spectator today when the Pistons go up against KG and the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I myself am off to the game. If you want to talk Pistons don’t forget the Need4Sheed.com Forum. It’s free to sign up and it’s a great place to talk Pistons 24/7. There is a also a live chatroom where you can catch Pistons fans chatting, especially at game time.


  1. Anonymous

    I do not want Webber to come here. He is only looking for a ring and that is why he wants us. I do not like him but if we get him I will give him a try.

  2. Anonymous

    anonymous above, you sound like a bandwagon jumper, get off this site!

  3. Stephen

    He said he would give him a try….that’s a Pistons fan. Even though he doesn’t like the player he’s willing to have him on the team. Doesn’t sound like a bandwagon jumper to me.

    My 2 cents is, the Pistons obviously needed something, I just hope this is it.

  4. Anonymous

    dude i dont know about this, Webber? ide say we need more point guards than power forwards, we got mc d if he aint guna be traded although hes old,hes a good one

  5. Kevin

    It’s a done deal now, I’m not too crazy about it. However, seeing as we’re apparently getting his services for 450k I can live with it. If it doesn’t work we can always bench him and cut him next year. Hope the boys are ready to play a lot of help D in the paint.

  6. Anonymous

    I am not a bandwagon jumper I just do not like webber but since he is going to be a pistons I will give him a chance to show me that he will be a good piston. I have never been a fan of his. In philly he would use his back as a reason not to play when they were not doing well not a very good team player. I will always be a pistons fan no matter who plays for us I just may not be a fan of all the players. Do not call me a bandwagon jumper I live out west still buy pistons tickets go to as may games as I can and the rest of the games I give a way. I will be a piston fan for life. I make sure to always have something pistons on when they play and my office and house is full of pistons things. Just because I do not webber to be a pistons does not make me a bandwagon jumper.

    Also a note about sheed. I see he is not playing well I have read and heard some want him to be traded but i want you all to think about something when sheed is having a good night he gets T’d up so why play well and get into the game if you are going to be punished for it. The mights he plays with no heart he doe snot get t’d up. I do not blame him for playing the way he had been I would too. The only thing that sucks is that he gets all the puts downs for it. I watched the game on saturday and the only thing that was said about him was he has not engery, well do you balme him is all I could like.

    Anyway I wish the pistons the best adn I am counting down the days untl Feb 25 when I come home to watch another game, I only which I was able to come home sooner becasue watching a game at the Palace is just so much better than watching it on TV

  7. Anonymous

    PS to my above comment thank you to the person who understood what I was saying.

  8. Anonymous

    hey u guys have to learn to give people a chance. u probably said the same thing when u heard chauncey billups was going to be a piston and look what he is now ” a talented player” give the guy a break . he might just suprise you

  9. Anonymous

    I myself the person who does not like Webber was happy that Billups was going to be a pistons. I could see he had it, he was just never given the chance. I will give webber a chance as a pistons but I hope we are just not bring him here to win and then get disapointed when he can not bring it everynight. If he does then I will be the first to say I was wrong. I would like to know who we are going to trade now that we have to many bigs. One thing Flip has not done was give the bigs a chance to play.

  10. pistonsfan4life

    C-webb is great, whats wrong with you people. Its obviously not working the way it is now, even with chauncey. We need someone who can score points and get boards. This is good news for pistons fans and if you don’t think that, you probably haven’t seen webber play.

  11. Big_Ben

    ^^ ^^
    I’m with this guy.

  12. Detroit Pistons '07 CHAMPS!

    i’m with them ^^^

    i like the idea of having chris webber in the starting lineup..billups, hamilton, prince, sheed, and webber…thats a pretty talented group of guys, if ya ask me. and i’m happy with either maxiel, dice, davis, or nazr off the bench for the frontline (whoever we decide to keep)

    sure webber’s a lil old and has a few injuries..but he’s a proven athlete and a what? 5 time all star? i’m excited…as long as c. web can bring the energy..and once billups re-enters the lineup..i can see a 10+ game win streak coming up..mark my words!!!

  13. Anonymous

    4:49, you are a bandwagon jumper, you live out west? When did you move outta Michigan? Bandwagon jumpers move outta Michigan, then claim there home teams were they used to live. Why don’t you root for the team of the state that you live in? because your a bandwagon jumper! I bet you were a Lakers fan before the Pistons owned them in 2004.


    Rasheed wallace sucks. He was 1-11 today. He shouldn’t have even been voted into the all-star game last year because he only scored 2 pts. He sucks, the pistons should trade him. He’s the reason they lost today. Good thing we got C-Webb

  15. Joe


  16. Anonymous

    yeah, he needs to stop shooting the 3 ball. What do you think Nat?

  17. Jamie

    I agree with the 3 ball comment… we have had a problem the last few years with taking way too many 3s when settling for 2 just a few more times during the game could be the difference.

    About C-Webb – I’m not sure how I feel about it yet, but I am excited to see how it turns out. I trust Joe D and we’ll see what happens. A point that hasn’t been hit on is that C-Webb is coming here with a LOT to prove. I think he might work even harder to show his hometown that he has come a long way and wants to change his reputation to a good one in the state of Michigan. So – maybe he does fit in just great with the Pistons – having an underrated-type image and having to fight the uphill battle to prove others wrong. We all know the Pistons have always enjoyed that – especially Sheed. Time will tell…

  18. Anonymous

    hey sheedsucks sheed is lazy sum games but so is c webb they have there great nights there really are the same type of palyers. i just think we have a another sheed but with out ALL the t’s there both lazy but when they turn there game on the own. i like both of the players and im happy webber came back home. but dont go dissin on sheed we webb is the same type of guy

    from:sheed rules

  19. Anonymous

    when not we sry

    sheed rules

  20. Junior

    This is what I think is gonna happen. Webber is gonna give our team a nice boost. It is something he and the pistons both need. Hunter is back and played well. Chauncey will be back shortly. Sheed will get out of his depression eventually. Flip Murray will be traded out of the country(hopefully) And just around late march start of april we will be a well rounded ball club. Hungry and ready to make that championship run. We just gotta go through this to make it happen. I know there is light at the end of this LONG ass tunnel.

  21. Anonymous

    lol it is a VERY LONG ASS PAINFUL tunnel… but of course we’ll all be there through it all

  22. jess


    p.s. i still think about that time u compared them to your relationship.. that was so cute & true!!

    lovin it!!

  23. Junior

    thanks jess– That was cool of you to say

  24. Anonymous

    I live out west for a year never lived in mich. have been a pistons fan for 16 years since I was 9 years old. I have never lived in mich and have been a ticket holder for 5 years. I will still buy the tickets and give them away as I always do. I am no bandwagon jumper and never will be. It had to go out west becasue my company asked me to go. I will be home in 2 years and will still be a pistons fan. I come home twice a month for the most part and go tp games. I again do not live in mich and never have so the pistons are not my home team.

  25. Anonymous

    to add to my note I do not live in LA I live in Den. now


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