I Thought We Beat Minnesota

by | Jan 15, 2007 | 6 comments

The Pistons lost in overtime Monday evening to the Timberwolves 94-90. I myself thought the Pistons all but had the game won when Richard Hamilton sank the game winner at the buzzer. But the officials call off the shot and called a foul on the Timberwolves who had a foul to give. They said Hamilton was not in the act of shooting therefore no foul shots were rewarded. The Pistons inbounded the ball but on his second attempt to close out the game Rip missed, forcing the game into overtime.

Key Points:

  • Antonio McDyess played his heart out.
  • Rip Hamilton led the Pistons with 32 on 13-for-25 shooting.
  • Mike James barely played.
  • Nazr Mohammed all but wants a trade now that Webber is a Piston.
  • Does any Piston fan want Jaric?
  • I would hate to see McDyess go.
  • Nobody on the Pistons shot well.
  • Lindsey Hunter played for the first time since his injury.
  • Rasheed was just 1-11 with 10 rebounds.
  • Dale Davis started the game but only played 16 minutes.
  • Lindsey Hunter dove so hard for this ball, it looked like he was trying to recover a fumble on a football field.

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  • The Pistons, especially Sheed, did a hell of a job limiting Garnett to 19 points on 7-for18 shooting.
  • The Pistons starters played big minutes.
  • Flip Murray was 5-for-13 for 12 points, 9 assists and 4 steals.
  • McDyess wants to stay.
  • Delfino should have played more.
  • Rasheed needs inspiration.
  • The Pistons defense looked much better.
  • I am convinced that Rasheed will play better when Chauncey returns, he’s too busy setting screens on the offense to get the ball. I don’t think Flip Murray knows how to get it to him anyway.
  • You know the pen light I love so much, well I got a logo light key chain at the game. So now I am never without the Pistons signal on me.
  • Richard Hamilton is carrying this team.

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  • The Pistons were out rebounded.
  • The Pistons got Chris Webber for 670 thousand dollars for the rest of the season.
  • McDyess played with severe back spasms.
  • All the Pistons bigs are wondering if they will be the one to go.
  • Blount had only made 3 three pointers all season prior to the dagger he knocked down in OT.
  • Maxiell didn’t play.
  • Tayshaun was 6-15.
  • Looks like Saunders has lost faith in Blalock.
  • This video of a young Sheed, and Webber courtesy of Wizznutzz is fantastic.


  1. dom

    Anyways off that note I think the webber deal was good …..I still think flip murray no matter what he does will ever do right most of the people on this sites eyes even when he does play pistons style of play 9assist 4 steals…..I’d hate to see what they do to jaric if we get him…..But then again may take all the attention off flips play……But I really don’t think he’s that great did yaric even play in tonights game ……and I know nazr was doin kinda good for us for a minute and now isn’t getting any time kinda sucks And I’m almost not gonna want to see him leave but I understand his concerns but I guess thats life if suanders is coaching you…..and wow maxiell went back on the shit list….along with blalock…kinda sucks mite as well send him to the D-leauge….Does anyone know if D-leaugers make money? I’d hate to be the guy who never see’s any playing time in the D-leauge mite as well work at mcdonalds

  2. dom

    “Anyways off that note ” kinda look stupid now lol I was writing something but then choose to delete it and well for got to delete the last part…..

  3. Anonymous

    dude did this game make anyone else realise how good of a bench player dyss is. Hes out there blocking shots and hitting big shots, i would say he has a goos 3 years left in him and we defo can’t trade him, also wen chauncey comes back i think Rasheed will play his game again, i think thats the main reason for the poor display hes been putting on, the crunch is he needs chauncey out there runnin the show in order to perform offensively. Hes still got his defence thow. Do u think later in the season Flip might having Webber start, he does seem to like changing things around at the moment

  4. Anonymous

    Sauders sucks and needs to go.. when a player is doing well he benches them. I say give will a chance.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m glad Chris Webber is coming, but if McDyess leaves, I will cry.

  6. Anonymous

    So will I Dyess deserves to stay……. I will cry for sure because when he is hot he is hot. Like in one of the ECF games when he sot 100% from the field. And I really want him to win a championship. I don’t want him to go, but if he were to go I would rather it be to a top team in the league and not a weak on so his chances of getting a championship remain high.


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