The Pistons Hold Off The Celtics

by | Jan 14, 2007 | 39 comments

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The Pistons got a much needed win against the short handed Boston Celtics Saturday night. The 81-73 win ended a 2 game losing streak, in which the Pistons couldn’t take advantage a schedule that had them playing sub 500 teams, losing to the Bobcats and Hawks in the last two games.

Though the Celtics had to rely on their young players, because of injuries, they played well against the Pistons throughout. The game stayed close until the Pistons took the lead and put it away in the last five minutes of the ballgame.

Key Points:

  • Flip Murray was the Player Of The Game.
  • Rip and Flip each played 44 minutes.
  • The starting lineup included Dale Davis again in place of Mohammed.
  • Nazr played just 8 minutes in which he grabbed 4 rebounds and scored 2 points.
  • Jason Maxiell 13 minutes and 4 points.
  • The Pistons shot 34% from the floor and still won the game.
  • Delfino played 17 minutes and scored 4 points but still was hustled out there and played good D.
  • Flip Murray took 18 shots, one less than Rip.

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  • The Pistons only had 9 turnovers.
  • Tayshaun shot 6-for-16 for 16 points.
  • Just because Flip had a good game doesn’t mean I have to like him, but I appreciate it.
  • I guess we will know about Webber by Tuesday at the latest.
  • I made this shirt instead and it seems to have brought the team luck. You too can have one for just $12.99.
  • Rasheed was 3-for-13 with 11 rebounds and 2 blocked shots.
  • Dale Davis brings the D every time he’s out there.
  • Rip led the game with 22 points and 5 assists.
  • Why do other teams players always have some sort of career games against the Pistons?
  • The Pistons were 29-85 and the Celtics were 29-81.
  • When is Chauncey coming back again?
  • Rip has been playing a ton of minutes in Chauncey’s absence, I hope he doesn’t wear himself out.
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  • Flip Murray was on fire from downtown going 4-6.
  • Amir Johnson is doing good things in the D-League.
  • Dwyane Wade shot 23 free throws against the Jazz.
  • Maxiell had a dunk that I thought was going to bring the rim down.
  • The Pistons need to play better to beat the Big Ticket tomorrow.
  • Delfino at the point is working.
  • Rasheed was 2-5 from downtown.
  • I am going to ask Jeff of Celtics to pick my lottery numbers for me.
  • 3:30 tipoff at the Palace Monday afternoon.
  • I am making everyone sick with my Pistons pen light.
  • This one is for Flip lovers. Wear it proudly!


  1. Anonymous

    Classic shirts

  2. Anonymous

    haa. i love the shirts!!!! I was at the game yesterday// it was pretty fun and the smooch cam was really funny, esp when they had it to the celtics bench=]

  3. dom

    wow it’s quite apprent you guys will never like flip it’s cool but as natalie did be big when you comment…..And give flip his due..He’s will never be chauncy but would blalock got us the few wins that we did get? nope. so right now he’s our best option.

    The news on chauncy is he wantted to play the celtics game but wantted to give his calf another run around just to make sure but apprently the hotel staff forgot to give him his wake up call(right)so he didn’t wake up and wasn’t able to practice …..So he should be back soon…..I pray……webber? seems kind of doubtful to me

  4. Natalie

    Who knows, maybe things would be different if Flip wasn’t playing the point, but when Chauncey was healthy he still wasn’t really hitting his shots.

    I think Flip would fit better on a team that he could start on, maybe a team like the bobcats, where he could get pt to work on his game.

    We just can’t afford his mistakes, right now.

    With that said, he helped us a lot last night.

  5. Anonymous

    January 13, Detroit Free Press:

    “I was feeling better, and then Thursday, I worked out on it really hard,” he said. “It started hurting me again.”

    Billups said a different part of his calf hurt at the end of the workout, and he took that as a good sign. He wanted to try working out on it again before Friday’s game and today’s game. But his hotel staff forgot to give him a wake-up call and he overslept, so he didn’t get a chance to test it at Friday’s shootaround.

    “It’s horrible,” Billups said about missing tonight’s game. “I hate it.” …

    The Pistons wisely continue to play it cautious with Billups, but it’s getting difficult watching this team struggle without their talented leader. Here’s hoping this is a small setback and we’ll be seeing Billups back on the court within a week.

  6. Anonymous

    chauncey had a great game the night he hurt his least he ended on a good note!!!

    i cant wait till he comes back..i think were gonna have a huge winning streak.

  7. Dom

    thats one thing I think we all forgot is no only sheed or tayshawn were in a slump….chauncy wasn’t doin that great either until he hurt his calf….But I hope when he gets back he can play with the determination and will to win and also list the pistons up cuz although we won the game…..Should it of really be a close one in boston? I don’t think so

  8. Anonymous

    i dont think chauncey liked the old ball but now he will be his old self with the old ball

  9. Anonymous

    ^^^ i just thought id mention that according to the stats on the bottom of this page, Rip is completely out of the top votes for the allstar game!!

    lets get to voting piston fans !!!!

    as for me, im voting on all the computers in my school library :]

  10. Anonymous

    no piston deserves to be in the all star game

  11. Anonymous

    are you kidding me up there? no piston deserves to be in the all star game? why are u on this site if you doubt the pistons?

  12. Ashley

    you’re obviously not a fan anonymous, so why come here?

    i’m voting every single day! you guys should try and do the same or else we’re going to be talked a lot about all star weekend about how we had 4 players in last year and now we’re only going have 2? if we’re lucky.

  13. Anonymous


  14. Anonymous

    i am here because of all the pathetic comments you guys post i am going wit the rockets!

  15. rocketsfan


  16. jess

    and y is that?? i deffinitly think they deserve to be there regardless of their little slumps their in now.


    “as for me, im voting on all the computers in my school library :]”
    – i always think about doing that but cant because our librarian doesnt let us go on the internet during lunch time… shes a bitch 😡

  17. Anonymous

    The only piston that deserves a spot in the allstar game is Price

  18. jess

    for u to not be a pistons fan… u deffinitly spend a lot of time on this site! dumbass!!

  19. Anonymous

    too bad yao is injured…and too bad the rockets aren’t big contendors…if you are “such a rockets” fan, why are you on this site? maybe you are just jealous that the pistons are a great would u like it if we said no rockets (tmac and yao) deserve the all star game?! goo get your own rockets site..

  20. Anonymous

    Hey Nat!

    I was just wondering.. can you make a wallpaper with the new team now that we dont have ben (if yes, dont put flip in there.. im pretty sure he wont be apart of the team soon)??

    Also.. a while bak you said you were going to put up that quite frankly video of sheed.. is that coming up soon??

    p.s. im not trying to pressure you or anything.. sorry if im asking for too much

  21. pistonsfan4life

    hey, I think the sheed video on quite frankly is already in the video section unless there is some new one that you are talking about

  22. Joe


  23. Anonymous


    yea.. there is a new one.

  24. Anonymous

    joe be for real!!

  25. Anonymous

    hey anyone heard anything new about the webber situation?


    Why does sheed have that dumb bald spot on his head?

  27. Natalie

    Quite Frankly should be up sometime this week.

    As for the team wallpaper, when I find the right pictures I will make one.
    I will get one up as soon as the inspiration hits.

  28. Anonymous

    “sheedsucks” your a fuckin dumbass.. get off this website!!


    hey, i just wanna know

  30. Anonymous

    I was wondering the same thing why does he have that bald spot?

  31. Anonymous


  32. Anonymous

    hey nat,

    do you know why he has that spot on his head?

    i’m being serious here

  33. Joe

    I can’t wait until sheed gets his 16th technical of the season

  34. Anonymous

    woww obviously your jealous that you dont have this kind of site for your sucky teams like the knicks and rockets..u just want attentien… i see how it is!

  35. Natalie

    The Spot is one of 2 things, I have never had it confirmed though.

    It’s either a birthmark on his head that hair doesn’t grow out of.


    The disease Alopecia.

  36. PISTONS tiil THE daii I diie

    i doubt its the disease nat!

  37. Anonymous

    Natalie… how do you make those shirts?? I’m just curious cause you made yours the same night of the game right?? You got a machine in your house?? =]

  38. Natalie

    The one I made at home was just one of those iron on transfers. The T-Shirts from the Need4Sheed store are manufactured by a company for me. Mine was not nearly as good as the ones from the store.

  39. Anonymous

    natalie- you must be sooo talented!! like you know hoe to work this site, put up videos, and make/design shirts????


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