Piston can’t handle the Hawks

by | Jan 13, 2007 | 17 comments

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The Pistons continued their inconsistent play Friday night in Atlanta, losing to the Hawks 91-83 in Atlanta. Flip Saunders shook up the lineup again by putting Sheed back in his regular spot and starting Dale Davis in place of Nazr Mohammed.

Key Points:

  • Davis played strong in Nazr’s place putting up 12 points, grabbing 10 rebounds and blocking 3 shots.
  • Most of Sheed’s 17 points came from the paint.
  • Rip and Rasheed both got called for technical fouls.
  • I think I need to add Rip to the petition, by the rate he’s going he is going to get suspended too. Free RIP!
  • Joe Johnson was murder, he didn’t miss a shot until the fourth quarter.
  • The Pistons defense was not working.
  • I can see why Sheed is frustrated with Flip’s defensive tactics.
  • The Hawks were shooting 65% from the floor at one point. They finished the game at 50%.
  • Delfino once again played well. Even though his shot was off, he managed to get quite a few key assists and loose balls.
  • Lot’s of Pistons fans in the building.
  • I have lost all confidence in Flip Saunders.
  • Maxiell played just 6 minutes.
  • Tayshaun played 44 minutes and was 4-for-6 from downtown.
  • This team needs a point guard badly.
  • I liked when Tay and Delfino played point.
  • Flip Saunders speaks.
  • Rasheed looked rejuvenated.
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  • Dyess might be on the trading block.
  • Josh Smith looks like he’s going to cry every time he gets a call against him.
  • The Hawks played well.
  • Delfino had 2 back to back identical assists, two bullet passes to a wide open Dale Davis under the basket that led to monster slams.
  • Rip led the team with 32.
  • Blalock barely played.
  • Chauncey had a setback.
  • Flip Murray 33 minutes, 9 points on 3-12 shooting, 5 rebounds and 8 assists.
  • Flip got stuffed by Josh Smith in the last minute of the game on a crucial possession when the Pistons needed a bucket badly.
  • Sheed had 3 blocked shots.
  • Along with Webber, The Pistons are also looking to bring Morris Peterson to the D.
  • Rip needs to stop complaining and play.
  • Pistons miss Chauncey.
  • I am making myself a t-shirt that says “Detroit is better off Flipless” and wearing it to tonight’s Celtics game.
  • What’s Liambeer doing?


  1. Anonymous

    Waaaay i’m first, Chauncey another week omg, please god get better! i bet if he wer 25 he would be bouncing around ryt now fit as a fiddle, i guess it goes without saying that we need him so badly ryt now and these last few games highlight his importance which could be seen as a good thing. O ye and i think we should get rid of both Flips, Murray is not our style and Saunders has gone crazy and makes the stupidest coaching desisions i have ever seen

  2. Anonymous

    Nat – that t-shirt is priceless.

    No, don’t trade Dice, get rid of both Flips. Mo Peterson is nice.
    And please someone else take Webber, he’s useless.

  3. Anonymous

    i think sheed has been playin so badly coz he wasnt wearin his boxers high enough, u no what im sayin Nat? they hav been rather low recently

  4. Jamie

    Sheed seemed a little better last night… but something is still not quite right. I read an article earlier and it said this:

    Wallace, in particular, seems to be in a bad state of frustration and hurt.
    “There are some things I’m keeping to myself, I don’t want to mention, but I still really can’t let it affect me,” he said. When asked to elaborate: “Just things, period. Life, basketball.”

    Any clues to what’s going on??

  5. Anonymous

    Yeah, we really do need a back up PG and chauncey has to get better fast. No way to the dice trade, he’s probably the best we got on the bench unless the pistons sign C-Webb and then Nazr and Dice can come off the bench at the same time. I agree with getting rid of murray as well. and saunders…….

  6. Jess

    Nat.. i agree with what you said about RIP… he truely needs to stop complaining and just play cause he’s been complaining a lot lately.

    I hope CB gets better soon.. we SOOO miss him.. i hope when he does come bak the pistons just crash the charts with like 15 straight wins!!! (wouldnt that be a miricale???)

  7. Anonymous

    Given the team we had last year and how poorly they were mishandled by Saunders should have been a good clue. Add to that the riff between Saunders and Ben–another clue. And now this year, the great inconsistency by the Pistons and possibly another riff with ‘Sheed–well how many clues do we need. Come on Joe–maybe Laimbeer wouldn’t be a bad idea. These Flips you got don’t seem to be flippin’ working.

  8. dom

    You know what I think I think we need HUSH back lol…..The guy that would rap to the plays…you all rember him….he’s are golden ticket I swear….

    but on all serious notes I’m not sure if I really want to watch tonights game but I will….Getting c-webb sounds kinda risky…..Plus that would put maxiell deeper in the bench…so there goes his break out year….I don’t care much for mcdyess cuz he always seems like another shadow he mite be good but I can never tell when he’s on the floor….he could be out there 10 minutes point for mcyess (oh shit I didn’t even know he was playing)
    maybe thats not a good enough reason to get rid of him thats just my opion……Now when i’m thinking of a big guy to fill in the center I’m thinking zach randolf now I know we can’t get him But I’m thinkin somone like him whos fresh and still has tallent even though he’s a pf…..whats c-webb gonna hold us over for 1 2 or 3 years

    and mr.beer has the wnba goin for him…..And I think his team would deffinatly feel like he sold them out if he went to pro’s…..but if he wants his credibility up thats cool

  9. Amy

    Nat, I LOVE the shirt idea!! Sell it!! :-) You know I would wear it!

  10. Anonymous



  11. dave

    if this past 2 weeks proves anything it’s that chauncey billups is legitametly one of the top 10 overall franchise players in the nba. and a couple years from now if joeD can resign him he might be top 5. chauncey is that good.

    in fact my OFP ranking would look like this:
    nash, kobe, lebron, duncan, dirk, iverson, garnett, wade, chauncey, and then in a surprising tenth dwight howard. in random order paul, bosh, pierce, t-mac and redd round out my top 15. gilbert arenas and vince carter don’t even crack my top 50.

    the criteria of this list is players who are irreplacably necessary to their team’s success (meaning winning success). i’d be interested to hear other’s lists. in fact this is an interesting idea. someone alert espn.


  12. dave

    ps. having good teammates does not affect your OFP status. the suns or mavericks are still going to win games without nash or dirk, but assume all players have equal teammates.

  13. Anonymous

    the pistons would be nowhere whithout chauncey.

    do you think he will resign? he has soo much respect in detroit, and everyone seems to get along with him.

  14. Anonymous

    Nat.. i hope you took pix with that shirt!!!! Can we see some??????

  15. Anonymous

    Hey Nat!

    I was just wondering.. can you make a wallpaper with the new team now that we dont have ben (if yes, dont put flip in there.. im pretty sure he wont be apart of the team soon)??

    Also.. a while bak you said you were going to put up that quite frankly video of sheed.. is that coming up soon??

    p.s. im not trying to pressure you or anything.. sorry if im asking for too much

  16. Anonymous

    we need chauncey we have no leadership without him.
    i dont like flip, even though he has been play ing well. I want chauncey back and morris peterson and c-webb would improve this pistons teams o much

  17. Anonymous

    Honestly sell the shirt. Please come back soon Mr Big Shot…we need you!


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