You said it, Pistons mauled by the Bobcats

by | Jan 11, 2007 | 22 comments

Pistons lost at home to the Bobcats again last night 103-96. I didn’t get to watch the game live but I did scan through it this morning. It wasn’t pretty. I won’t give excuses for this one, not even the fact that Chauncey is still on the sidelines. It seems like the Bobcats have our number. Can you imagine if we saw them in the playoffs, we might have some trouble.

I left the bullets up to you on this one, so I am quoting you guys. I didn’t add them all so if you want to see the full list check out the comments in this post.

Key Points:

  • Some of the best plays came from Delfino. (Jamie)
  • Flip Murray was mentioned as player of the game. (Jamie)
  • Sheed is still not himself. (Jamie)
  • 3 for 17 in the 2nd quarter…enough said. (Jamie)
  • The refs were…the worst! (Sue)
  • Poor rebounding by the pistons all game, especially in the 2nd quarter. (David)
  • Nazr, McDyess and Davis combined for 1 measly point. (David)
  • Maybe we should give Adam a Gerber gift basket for his birthday. Insert funny comment about how Adam Morrison always looks to be on the verge of tears. (David)
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  • Flip Murray scores a whopping 18 points tonight, but also jacks up 19 field goal tries including 6 treys. (David)
  • I just came from the game tonight and and it was terrible how bad our offense looked and everytime I see Flip Murray bring the ball up I couldnt help but cringe. (Anonymous)
  • Being without chauncey is no excuse to lose to a bad team at home, especially when they are playing without Gerald Wallace and Brevin Knight. (David)
  • Rasheed is getting lazy. (David)
  • Raymond Felton is a good ball handler. (David)
  • Pistons played one of the worst quarters I have ever seen in the 2nd. (Joe)
  • Delfino dunked on Oakafor. (Joe)
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  • We need Chauncey back. (Detroit City)
  • We need Rasheed back. (Detroit City)
  • Delfino should have played more (Caleb)
  • Rahsheed is really was scaring me in the game. He came off the bench like he was upset made a 2 3’s with no emotion afterwards. In fact the only time I saw him with a facial expression was after the game when he was talking to the other teams players. (The One5)
  • The Pistons kept getting the game close to and then Charlotte would get it back up to a ten point lead. (The One5)
  • The Cavalier couldn’t be happier.
  • Prince needs to step it up with Billups gone because Flip Murray’s not going to that’s for sure. (Darrell D.)
  • Rip is the other player who is actually taking basketball seriously right now. (Darrell D.)
  • Bobcats beat us again. That means we seriously need help haha. (Darrell D.)
  • Sheed was making his threes but missed a key one near the end of the game. (Anonymous)
  • Let’s hope Chauncey doesn’t get injured in the Playoffs. (Anonymous)
  • Nobody is scared of the Pistons while No. 1 is out. (Anonymous)
  • Awful rebounding. (Anonymous)
  • Delfino’s dunk was NBA TV’s play of the night. (RipCity1)
  • You know it’s not good when Rip gets ejected. (RipCity1)
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  • Where’s McDyess? I miss his pretty shot. (RipCity1)
  • Sheed doesn’t seem to care what Saunders says during time-outs. He plays with no energy, no spunk. Is it really the ankles? (RipCity1)
  • I’m starting to lose a bit of faith in Coach Saunders. He seems to talk a good game, but I’m not sure if he’s doing a good job motivating the guys and keeping the locker room together. I know these are a bunch of millionaires playing, but I don’t get the impression the guys are playing hard enough for him. (Anonymous)
  • Flip’s leaven Sheed out of the mix is stirring up trouble. (Sue)
  • Winning without Billups requires A game from Sheed every night. (Anonymous)
  • Detriot Bad Boys thinks Sheed and Flip might have problems.
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  • I think flip is fed up with Rasheed’s laziness and wants him to hustle and I don’t know, try to win! (Dave)
  • Loved Sheed’s attitude on coming off the branch, “trying to be the 6th Man this season” (Sam NYC)
  • How many offensive possessions does Rasheed jog up the court behind everyone else? He comes to a sudden halt at the top of the key, and stand there motionless until either he gets a pass and launches, or the play ends. (Dave)
  • Meanwhile you’ve got Maxiell and Delfino are killing themselves for every board, and Rasheed is standing there, standing there, just waiting for a pass, so he can launch another three. (Dave)
  • As for Sheed, I love the guy but its true he does play very lazy and its only gotten worse as of late. For a guy who knows he can dominate the post and get easy points for us, he hardly ever does it, He needs to stop jacking up his inconstant 3 and go play in the post. We have enough guys who can shoot the 3 for us. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheed dealt before the trade deadline and if not than in the off-season. (Big Ben)
  • I’m just wondering how many star players we need to lose before something is done with Saunders. Not saying it’s all his fault, but players just don’t seem happy at all. (Amy)
  • This team is really having a hard time getting rebounds on the defensive side. I really hope C-Webb comes here because I think he can help us out. (John K)


  1. Anonymous

    One of the scariest things for me is rasheeds total lack of emotion. I don’t know if it’s the new nba rules or what, but for a guy who larry brown said almost “Cared too much about the game and his teammates” he is completely out of character. I love Rasheed and his personality is what drew me to him as a player. It’s sad to see that spark missing.

  2. collin

    This new weird vibe Sheed’s giving off doesn’t surpise me. This pistons team has been know for being able to grind out games with the best of them, and doing whatever it takes to win a game. With Chauncey out it’s harder for them to do that. With Chaunc playing last night we would have had a point guard who could impose his will and could have probably gotten us into double digit scoring by getting himself to the freethrow line alone. I think we should all pray that on friday night our startin line up looks like this.
    PG – Tay
    SG – Rip
    SF – Delfino
    PF – Sheed
    C – Nazr
    I have yet to see them have tay run the point, and i can remember a number of times over the past few years where he ran it, and ran it effectively. I don’t know if there’s anybody on the team, other than chauncey, who knows the game on the same level as tay does. I have nothing against flip murray, i haven’t given up on him yet. But he is NOT a point guard, definetly not a starting one. He’s a solid shooting guard. He looked to be at his best filling the outside lanes and getting passes from WB, or whomeve, for jumpshots or drives to the lane. He can facilitate an offense, but he can get his. I think delfino should start at the 3 as he seems to really be coming into his own, especially defensively. Not to mention the matchup problems that causes for the opposing team running Tay at the point? Forget about it. Alright, time for work. Later everybody

  3. Anonymous

    I am sorry but I feel that Tay is steping up pls give him credit he is finally getting his shot back. I know they played badly but pls give him some credit for the shooting he is doing.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Kevin

    As a Michigan alum, I admit a bear a significant grudge against Webber for playing an integral role in crippling our basketball program. That being said, I hope that the rumor about him joining the Pistons is only coming out of his camp. I’m not going to say that I know everything about his career, but I do know that C-Webb has choked under the pressure every time I’ve watched him in the playoffs. While he’s had some great seasons under his belt, I don’t think he’s ever going to recover from the knee injury he suffered against Dallas. I think he’s a defensive liability, the last thing in the world that we need right now. Remember how Sheed toyed with him the last time we matched up with Philly in the playoffs. I did read on SI’s webpage that we can only offer him a prorated veteran’s minimum. If he’ll sign for under a mill for a season that’d be the only way I’d want to take a flyer on him.

  6. Anonymous

    chris webber has the pistons on his wish list according to ESPN.

  7. Anonymous

    what happened to sheed?? he looks like he’s lost his passion for the game. i personally feel that there is a problem in the locker room.

    p.s: both flips need to get out of town they are really starting to piss me off. (we need a coaching change, since flip’s arrival we lost Big Ben and we certainly can’t afford to lose sheed

  8. Anonymous

    hey natalie what will be the name of the site if sheed is traded? (by the way i hope he is not)

  9. dave

    i’m going to start a website called
    and then set myself on fire

  10. Junior

    LOL good one

  11. Natalie


    This site will always be called NEED4SHEED, because I will always have a Need4Sheed whether he is on another team or retired. It’s all in the attitde.

  12. garold

    It’s clear now that Dumars should have addressed the Pistons biggest concern for this season; a credible backup at PG. As I Piston fan, I was ready to say, “Thank you, Lindsey”… signing an aging injury-prone fan favorite for 2 years was a mistake, especially, when you have to count on Flip Murray at the point, and a rookie thrust into action to fill Detroit’s most vulnerable position; as most fans know, Flip is no PG! I’d rather see Delfino tried at PG.

    Just when you scan the rosters and find an Earl Boykins – envisioning him in the Pistons PG rotation, AND Murray in Denver, WHAM… the T’Wolves swing a deal for him.

    Webber would be nice to see in a Pistons’ uni, but it doesn’t solve their main problem, while it would create an abundance of bigs. Nazr needs to play some, and Mad Max needs increasing minutes. I guess DD’s could be expendable.

  13. Anonymous

    My son says I am crazy, but I think its’s time to move Maxiell and Delfino into the starting lineup. Those two are playing with the passion that others lack.

  14. Anonymous

    It seems that every time Tay has lead scoring for the team, they have won. I think the same holds true for Sheed. Rip and Chauncey, however, can have awesome games and the team still looses. Am I crazy? Has anyone else noticed this or am I imagining things?

  15. Dom

    sheed was scarin the hell out of me the last game….I mean literally scarring me it was like someone put a mute button out of him and sucked away any energy and emotion…..I don’t think it was coming off the bench he said he wantted to but like I said in another post he mite of been just playin to the media….Sheed has pride he’s not going to admit he was upset about it…..But I think it’s a mixture of stern ref’s and flip saunders which have driven him a lack of motivation…WE all know that sheed loves this game and even in his bad night’s he was going out and atleast arguing calls and causing rucus to get his team motivated….I didn’t see any of that from sheed vs the bobcats and I just hope It’s like a bad virus that with a little antibiotics will go away…..

    Also as far as tayshawn at point he’s not the best dribbler we all seen him school lebron but it’s not him and you tweak the line up to much and then everyones fucked

  16. PISTONS tiil THE daii I diie

    Nat.. i thought I’d never say this but i feel like the team is gonna be broken up one by one (within the next few years) starting now!!

    Someone pleaaase tell me other wise!!

  17. Dom

    no Anonymous 2^ your not crazy I well I’ve notice that hamilton can have an awesome 27pt game and we still loose….You know with chauncy out you would think rip would take control and he’s had awesome games with out him but yet no W and I think thats because he doesn’t quite know how to be a leader because when has he ever really been asked to except for now? But thats just rip I thought we still did good with chanucy….peace

  18. Big_Ben

    You guys were talking about Chris Webber and where he’s going to end up. TNT had a great interview with him tonight during the halftime show, go check it out on NBA broadband at

  19. Junior

    All I know is if we get webber, we will have trade value up the ass. I could easily see a shakeup in the future. As I said at the start of the season, it would be a much needed shakeup.

  20. Anonymous

    haha Sheed just do it man! dont get pissed cause at the end of the day ur gettin paid 4 it so get out ther and do your job, quite this lazy shit or the fans and the team is guna be crushed if the franchise ends up takin drastic action e.g. a trade

  21. Anonymous

    i love you sheed

  22. Anonymous

    I dont f****** understand why everytime Nazr is on the court, Saunders will not let him post up and score. If you give Nazr the ball and let him take a shot with it…it is almsot guaranteed that he will make it. Nazr is not given enough love that he deserves. Everyone is saying that he is useless……BULLSH*T! Give him the darn ball sometimes and we’ll see how frggin useful he is. Everytime I see him running down the court on offense…I see Rip or Chauncey or Murray on the floor dribbling…and when they get double teamed they dont pass it to Nazr who is right next to them being covered by absolutely noone but they shoot it and get fouled of miss the layup. I think that Webber should go to another team, Suander should show a lot A LOT OF LOVE TO NAZR AND MAKE PLAYS FOR HIM. DO THIS OVER AND OVER FOR A FEW GAMES AND HE WILL BE AN ALL-STAR YET!!! MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!

    NAZR IS NICE!!!!!!!

    SHOW HIM SOME LOVE!!!!!!!!


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