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by | Jan 10, 2007 | 35 comments

Ok people, do to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t get to watch the game live. Looking at the score now, I am not sure that I want to watch the game in full. Other than the fact that Rasheed didn’t start again I don’t know much else.

I am leaving it up to you to leave bullet style comments in this post and I will assemble them for a full post tomorrow based YOUR thoughts and on what I end up watching.

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  1. Sam from NYC

    Pistons didn’t state why Sheed didn’t start again today, maybe trying to help him rest his bad ankle.

    Very worry about that, it’s been awhile and it looks like it’s still bothering him, maybe they need to rest him a full week to let it properly heal properly.

    But loved Sheed’s attitude on coming off the branch, “trying to be the 6th Man this season”….lol

    God’s speed Sheed, hurry up and get that ankle better.

  2. Sue

    The refs were…the worst!

    Like the time .. Im sorry I dont know the player’s name… It was an out of bounds situation..
    Rip was called for it….The Bobcat player told the ref it was off of his leg…Of course the ref changed the call…
    There were several other bad ref calls…I mean bad…
    Other than that… Im worried about Sheed….He was in a mood…. Flip S took along time to put him in the game….

  3. Jamie

    – Some of the best plays came from… Delfino

    – Of all people – Flip Murray was mentioned as player of the game

    – Rip was ejected after 2 ridiculous techs late in the 4th

    – Sheed is still not himself

    – 3 for 17 in the 2nd quarter… enough said.

    – We have now handed Charlotte 2 of their 10 wins

    – Flip Saunders is not going to be Mr. nice guy anymore


  4. Dave

    okay i guess i’ll go first.
    -there were lots of in-and-out shots that didn’t go in.
    -poor rebounding by the pistons all game, especially in the 2nd quarter
    -nazr, mcdyess and dale davis combined for 1 measly point
    -maxiell started in place of sheed again
    -insert funny comment about how adam morrison always looks to be on the verge of tears
    -flip murray scores a whopping EIGHTEEN points tonight, but also jacks up 19 field goal tries including 6 treys
    -pistons had 8 points in the 2nd quarter, and gave up something like 20 fast break points
    -being without chauncey is no excuse to lose to a bad team at home, especially when they are playing without gerald wallace and brevin knight
    -chris webber fits our system well…i’m just saying
    -carlos delfino – WOW! he is a great finisher on drives and has been rebounding very well lately.
    -blalock has confidence issues
    -rasheed is getting lazy
    -i miss lindsey hunter
    -who are the lions going to pick with the #2 pick? if russell goes number one to the raiders i think the lions might just take brady quinn
    -raymond felton is a good ballhandler
    -greg kelser is a lousy broadcaster
    -george w. bush is a lousy president
    -what was the deal with rip’s ejection?
    -the bottom line in this game was that the pistons shot 41.5% and that’s why they lost
    -sorry you missed the game natalie, but it wasn’t a bad one to miss

  5. Dave

    i said ‘okay i’ll go first’ cuz when i started no one had commented yet … now it looks dumb

  6. Joe

    pistons played one of the worst quarters i have ever seen in the 2nd and
    Delfino dunked on Emeka, end of conversation there.

  7. Anonymous

    I will comment on Chris Webber coming here. I for one think he could revive his career here. He WOULD fit in this system very well and we would get a lot more offensive rebounds because I just came from the game tonight and it was terrible how bad our offense looked and everytime I see Flip Murray bring the ball up I couldnt help but cringe. I am babbling now and must retire to bed.

  8. Big_Ben

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Chris come here but he would have to stay healthy and it prolly wouldn’t last long because he is gettin old. Also CW is a starter and there are teams ot there who would need him as a starter, so what we would have to do to get him I’m not too sure. But if Sheed continues to play lazy and he says he doesn’t mind coming off the bench than why not pick up CW and start him and have Sheed backing him up? I can’t believe I just said that.

  9. Detroit_City

    -we need chauncy back
    -we need rasheed back
    -the refs cheated rip with two bogus techs
    -this zero tolerence blows
    -flip got player of the game with 18 points and 3 assists, so it wasnt a good one

  10. Caleb

    Flip Murray started, and played 39 minutes, that is why we lost. Delfino should have played more.

  11. Anonymous

    we played good in the first quarter but looked lost in the rest.
    but i was watching sportscenter, and they said sixers are buying out Chris Webbers contract, and pistons are very interested
    Natalie do you know anything about this and if you do please tell

  12. The_one5

    oh well I didn’t know clicking other would work damn all this time…..Well i’m the one who uses all the dots……when ever I post just out of habbit…

    -Rahseed really was scaring me in the game he came off the bench like he was upset made a 2 3’s with no emotion afterwards infact the only time I seen him with a facial expression was after the game and he was talking to the other teams players.he had 13 points but it just seemed really wierd the way he was acting

    -Flip did good even greg and blaha thought so.But I doubt anyone got the mcdonalds player the game thing right ha.

    -kept getting the game close to like 5 points down and then charlet would go and take it back to 10.

    -delfino did good should have dunk of the night.

    -rip got fined what 20g’s for talkin to a ref damn thats whack I don’t care how much he makes thats still really stupid

    -we played a hard game to charllot and lost????

    -the switch isn’t broken but it’s just really shorted out

    -We need chauncy back

  13. Anonymous

    nat, what do you think about a


    starting lineup ???

    – Vin

  14. Darrell D.

    Prince needs to step it up with Billups gone because Flip Murray’s not going to that’s for sure.

    I think Tayshaun is maturing each game, ever since that team meeting.

    Rip is the other player who is actually taking basketball seriously right now.

    Carlos Delfino was doing well too.

    Bobcats beat us again. That means we seriously need help haha.

  15. Detroit_City

    …also Tayshaun posterized Omeka Okafor…best thing ive ever seen yesss

  16. Detroit_City

    i mean carlos…dammit

  17. Junior

    everyone summed up this one pretty good. However if lions take Brady, It is gonna be joey harrington all over again. I like the OL from wisconsin.

  18. Anonymous

    Did anyone else notice the ball? The design & color looked a lot like the original leather ball. Any word on whether they made a quiet switch?

    _Sterling Forbes

  19. Anonymous

    Tayshaun should get the ball more, he was on fire

    Sheed was making his threes but missed a key one near the end of the game.

    Lets hope Chauncey doesn’t get injured in the Playoffs

  20. Anonymous

    Nobody is scared of the Pistons while No. 1 is out

    Awful rebounding

    Winning without Billups requires A game from Sheed every night

  21. Anonymous

    I think I’m starting to lose a bit of faith in Coach Saunders. He seems to talk a good game, but I’m not sure if he’s doing a good job motivating the guys and keeping the locker room together. I know these are a bunch of millionaires playing, but I don’t get the impression the guys are playing hard enough for him.

    I don’t think these guys can win it all on talent alone when you have teams like Dallas, Phoenix and San Antonio to contend with. Maybe we can squeek into the Finals, but I’d like to see this chemistry problem addressed before it’s too late.

  22. Sue>GO Pistons

    Ill agree with the above about Flip.
    Flip’s leaven sheed out of the mix is stirring up trouble.
    I think there is a rift in the force:)
    FIRE!!!! Flip S and whatch the game change.
    I was reading early this year that Flip said last year it was not him coaching, but this year it was going to be all him.
    Well, im not impressed.

  23. Kevin P

    Any word on the coaching? Sheed doesn’t seem to be enjoying his (Coach Suanders) company to much. Are they not getting along? Wondering if you heard anything in that nature.

  24. ripcity1

    * Delfino had some sweet plays and got NBA TV’s Play of the Night with his driving dunk

    * Contrary to what they say to the media, SOMETHING’S going on in the lockerroom, or in their heads. Gots to get it right, fellas!

    * I held my breath when Flip Murray fired that trey. When it went in I think the entire Palace exhaled.

    * You know it’s not good when Rip gets ejected.

    * Where’s McDyess? I miss his pretty shot.

    * I hope Joe D has a plan, because something needs to be done before the trading deadline.

    * Sheed doesn’t seem to care what Saunders says during time-outs. He plays with no energy, no spunk. Is it really the ankles?

    * If Saunders leaves after the season, doesn’t it mean we lost Big Ben for nothing?

    * Please let Chauncey come back hitting and totally healed!

  25. dave

    newsflash guys: sheed has been lazy for the past three seasons. it’s not because of flip.
    i think flip is fed up with rasheed’s laziness and wants him to hustle and i don’t know … TRY TO WIN … and not just jack up 6 threes a night and count on making 2 of ’em. i think rasheed is so inherently lazy that he will fight flip to the end just by playing more and more lazily … i mean how many offensive possessions does rasheed jog up the court behind everyone else, come to a sudden halt at the top of the key, and stand there motionless until either he gets a pass and launches, or the play ends. hey rosco, you are 6’11”, maybe you should try rebounding … you know boxing-out and jumping? or is that too much effort for you. meanwhile you’ve got maxiell and delfino killing themselves for every board, and rasheed standing there, standing there, just waiting for a pass, so he can launch another three. i’m so sick of rasheeds three-point shot. he is a dominant post-player who doesn’t play in the post!! maybe saunders has some validity …

  26. Big_Ben

    To the guy that posted awhile back, yes you did see the old ball last night, they have been using it since January 1st.

    As for Sheed, I love the guy but its true he does play very lazy and its only gotten worse as of late. For a guy who knows he can dominate the post and get easy points for us, he hardly ever does it, He needs to stop jacking up his inconsitant 3 and go play in the post. We have enough guys who can shoot the 3 for us. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Sheed dealt beofre the trade deadline and if not than in the offseason.

  27. debo_toledo

    sheed could be one of the best PF in the league, and isn’t. sure, he doesn’t need to be the star of a team, but he does need to contribute to his potential. and alot of that is untapped potential in the post. i love when he hits the tre, but get down on the block sheed, your a POWER forward, use it. and his body language was very suspect indeed. shit is starting to piss me off. this is not a .500 club, and they’re playing like is as of late.

  28. John K.

    This team is really having a hard time getting rebounds on the defensive side. I really hope C-Webb comes here because I think he can help us out.

  29. Mark

    what z goin on ??? Has Joe D smoked to much crack ?? THEY CAN´T LEAVE RASHEEEED ON THE BENCH !!! He´s one of their go 2 guys

  30. Ryan

    the problem is rasheed needs to go into the post. there was a point where he had jake voskul on him and he didnt attempt to post him up once, he should have takken advatage of this and went to the post every time and for dave fuck you would like like flip to score 22 points would that make you happy? thats why i have a problem with people on this site, no matter what he does,you people will never accept him as a part of the team. I just dont get it you bitch when he scores 4 points then he goes out and has 12 and 12 you complain about 4 turnovers well gues what dumbass thats part of the game and 4 turnovers isnt that bad for a game and he goes out and gets 18 the next night but that isnt good enough either. i guess if he scored 100 points you would still find something to bitch about.
    think about it the pistons problems arnt flip murray fault and for the person who said there was a website to get rid of him, yeah they wernt thinking tha twhen allen got hurt 4 years ago and he put up 20 a game.
    Flip you have my support and will always and dont worry about thats that dont know shit about basketball

  31. Amy

    I’m just wondering how many star players we need to lose before something is done with Saunders. Not saying it’s all his fault, but players just don’t seem happy at all. :-(

  32. Rednroll

    Why did Flip ever sub in Blalock in the beginning of the 3rd, when the Pistons finally had the momentum they needed after the disasterous 2nd qtr? Murray, assisted in bringing them back to a 3pt. deficit and right in the middle of that scoring run, Flip pulls Murray out and puts in Blalock where he throws the ball away and has no outside shot what so ever. I’m tired of seeing Blalock drive it into 3 big men when the shot clock is winding down and the defense is just giving him the open jump shot….bong!!! Wide open 3pt. shot brick from Blalock…No need to guard him on the perimeter, everyone in the stadium knows he’s gonna drive the ball out of control into the paint with 3 big men who will block his shot and force yet another Blalock turn over.

  33. PISTONS tiil THE daii I diie

    The_one5… i always use them (…) too LOL & i didnt kno we could use other either.


  34. dave

    i should probably clear up what i said about flip murray, since i just got verbally raped.
    when i said he scored ‘a whopping eighteen points’ it wasn’t meant to be sarcastic. i’m thrilled that he is finally putting the ball in the hoop. the 12 assists was amazing. i support any player who plays for the pistons (except carlos arroyo) and flip is no exception. but, ryan, facts are facts, and flip murray does have a bad field goal percentage and high turnover ratios. 18 points was great to see but it doesn’t make up for 20 games of shooting 2-10.

  35. ryan

    Dave thanks for clearing things up, it just seemed like you wernt impressed last night and im sorry, and i do agree with you that flip has struggled early in the season and has had his fair share of bad games, but i just dont like that everyone has seemed to turn agaist him when he can still help this team win, it seems hes finally starting to contribute and he can be important if he can give them 10-12 points a game off the bench when flip saunders learns how to use the bench. And as far as flip saunders goes get him out of here, i cant stand by anymore and watch him ruin this team with his dumbass coaching. Just give flip murray some time and dont make him the whipping boy when the real reason is because chauncey is hurt.
    and what if chauncey does leave next year the pistons will be in BIG trouble.


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