Prince Puts Up Career High In Pistons Win In Philly

by | Jan 9, 2007 | 31 comments

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The Pistons got a much needed win in the City of Brotherly Love Tuesday night. Behind Tayshaun Prince’s career high 33 points, the Pistons handily disposed of the Answerless Sixers 98-89. The big story of the night is that Jason Maxiell got his first career NBA start in place of Rasheed Wallace who was benched for being late for practice. Flip didn’t make the reason for the benching of Wallace known until his post game press conference, but it was pretty clear he did it to prove a point.

Key Points:

  • Tayshaun stepped up, let’s hope his slump is over.
  • Flip Murray had a nice game with 12 points and 12 assists .
  • Rip Hamilton reached a milestone 10 thousand career points.
  • Andre Iguodala will shine now that the other A.I. is in Denver.
  • Pistons fans voted most loyal in the league, but come on we already knew that.
  • Sheed on the bench at the start of the game was just plain weird.
  • Delfino, though going just 1-for-6, again played hard every second on the floor.
  • His man tan also seems to have faded a bit.
  • On a night that Nazr wasn’t playing his best ball, he actually gets 22 minutes.
  • Will Blalock with SWEET behind the back pass to a trailing Sheed that resulted in a slam.
  • Ashton Korver never got into a groove and only scored 8 points. Credit Detroit’s D for that.
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  • Richard Hamilton scored 22 points in 34 minutes.
  • Tayshaun barely missed, he was 13-for-18 and 5-for-6 from downtown.
  • I think Maxiell might be better off the bench because he brings so much energy.
  • McDyess played 20 minutes but only took 3 shots.
  • Right now I am listening to this, paying homage to The Legend Jimmy Page, who turned 63 today.
  • The Pistons offense was flowing tonight.
  • Was it me or were there barely and foul calls tonight?
  • I hope Rasheed got the point, you know I love him but his energy has been lacking. I chalked it up to ankle problems. I hope he doesn’t take offense to his benching, like some people, especially since it was in his hometown. This is what Sheed had to say after the game. Courtesy of FSN Detroit.
  • Flip says Maxiell’s starting was just a onetime deal.
  • Iguodala is a highlight reel.
  • Maxiell only pulled down 2 rebounds.
  • Tay and Blalock each had 4 rebounds.
  • The WB knocked down a long 3.
  • Rip was a 11-for-16.
  • Looks like Philly might buyout Chris Webber.
  • Tayshaun looked unstoppable. I was happy he got that last minute dunk to surpass his career high, which he has seemed to have tied a million times.
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  • For as much as we talk about Flip Murray’s troubles you have to give it up to him for his double-double tonight. I won’t mention the 4 turnovers.
  • The Pistons shot a ridiculous 56% for the game.
  • Rasheed was 0-4 from downtown.
  • Looks like Jason Maxiell is going to represent the Pistons on All Star Weekend. He will be playing in the Rookie – Sophomore game.
  • Good thing the Pistons were shooting well, they had 16 turnovers for the night.
  • 32 assists from the Pistons.
  • It was nice to see the Pistons get an easy win, they needed it.
  • Wednesday we see Adam Dirt and The Bobcats.
  • The Pistons are 10-0 on back to backs.


  1. Anonymous

    Sweet i’m the first one to comment….I only saw the second half due to the fact I was just waking up lol anyways….flip said the rasheed thing was a one time deal But in the press confrence’s shee’d said he wasn’t mad and infact he would do it again tomorrow….Now how much of what he said wasn’t him just trying to cover his real feelings towards being benched is unknown but I’m gonna take him for his word when he says he wants to do it again…..And tayshawn got back in the game for the first time in like weeks so that was pretty cool 33pts also hamiltons 10,000 points makes me wonder what all the other players have…..I think today was a great game and even though we knew the sixers really arn’t the team anyones affraid of we still played them hard….Reminds me of when we played the suns and we struggled the whole game just to make a bucket and every bucket made was deffinatly earned while at the same time the suns would just walk the ball down court shoot and make like it was practice……so it was nice to see us on the other side of that tonight and looks like we mite have are own little nash on the team WB he just has to make a couple more plays like he did with rasheed and it’s deffinatly a step in the right direction cuz we’ve never had any one that could really pass like kid or nash…..except for maybe aroyo but he wasn’t that good.

    On a final note seeing tayshawn today felt good I think if he wantted to he could of pulled off those 5 back to back 3’s like he did when he was playin college ball. it would be cool if you could post the video on here or something.

  2. Big_Ben

    If your talking about posting the video of tayshaun making the 5 3’s in college it is in the videos section of the site.

  3. Natalie

    thanks Big_Ben for pointing that out.

  4. Anonymous

    I just want to say your website kicks some serious ass. Thank you for all the hard work.

  5. Anonymous

    it was a good game.. im happy tay finally got his groove bak, lets just hope he keeps it.. i dont like murray too much but he kinda proved his self today! hope we win the next few… we’re playin against teams with real bad records

  6. Big_Ben

    Sheed is a trip. I can’t tell if he’s bein a smartass, or if he’s serious, either way he cracks me up.

  7. Anonymous

    Why is Sheed afraid to go inside nowadays? He keeps jacking up those 3’s and we all pray they go in.

    And I hope this close door meeting bought everyone’s focus back.
    It’s stupid for good teams to loose to crappy teams. You have to make it to the Playoffs before you start thinking about playing Beyond the Playoffs.

  8. Anonymous

    yeah, it’s unfortunate but sheed just isn’t a good three point shooter.
    this game certainly helps flip murray’s trade value!

  9. Anonymous

    GOD DAMN WTF DOES FLIP HAVE TO DO BEFORE YOU GET OFF HIS ASS? Maybe you would like him to put up 20 and 20 assists, say it with me turnovers are part of the game this is why fans are fucking gay, no matter what a player does they will never be happy. Keep up the good work flip, hey remeber last year when u wanted arroyo gone , yeah how did that work oyut for the pistons who needed a backup point because lindey just sucks now.
    Keep up the good work flip and dont worry about fans who dont know shit about basketball.

  10. Anonymous

    They said on sportscenter that Rasheed was riding the bench cause he was late for practice? I do agree Maxi needs to come off the bench he has no energy when he starts

  11. Big_Ben

    To the guy 2 posts above. IMO Flip is a decent player, he just don’t fit this team. Pistons basketball is about sharing the ball, making that extra pass and finding the open man to make the shot. Playing point guard Flip doesn’t make any attempt to pass, he dribbles down the shot clock and then when theres almost no time left he’s stuck and he either throws up a prayer or he trys to finally make a pass and it results in a turnover. I admit I was pleasntly surprised to see that he had that many assists last night but I just don’t think he should be playing point guard, he is clearly a better shooting guard and I don’t think he fits in with the Pistons’ style of basketball.

  12. John

    Looks like we have a Flip supporter. So now we have to erase all of his shortcomings because of one good game? If you think you know so much about basketball why do you even come to the site?

  13. Anonymous

    great game…i cant wait when chauncey billups comes back

  14. Anonymous

    when is chauncey comin bak??? ;(

  15. Anonymous

    fuckin get rasheed startin all da tym, maxiell is beta off the bench, trade flip murray and get a worth while back up point guard. Blalock will be a great player one day, if maxiell gets free throws in the bag hell be amazin and we need to hang onto him, chauncey is just the greatest love the guy, rips on fire and having a career season, prince is over the slump now i rekon, Nazr needs strong minutes and Mcdyss is always goos to have on the floor, i’m sorry but i don’t like Carlos Delfino iand i think we should trade his ass, hes always tryin to make big shots and i think hes quite a poor 3 point shooter so trade him cause hes a silly bastard and every time i see the pistons and he comes on i always know were goin to loose a few points in our lead! Watch out for it! and Linsey Hunter is a legend but he is old and abit crap now so there you go. I love the startin 5!! We all need to love Nazr like we love the other 4

  16. Anonymous

    screw you john, im just tired of people ridding his ass all year and not being happy when he has a good game like nat, not to mention his 4 turnovers my god what does the guy have to be perfect and then you wont rip oh him or maybe then u still might find something to grip on him
    hes better than fat maxiell who cant even stay in the game when he starts ie 2 early fouls

  17. Junior

    I could of had 12 assists the way the pistons shots were falling last night. Don’t believe the hype. One game don’t make you a good player. What flip is 1/28 in having a good game? C’mon now. And he is a worse shooter than he is point guard so that isn’t the problem either. He is just terrible. Man its so easy to hate on Flip cause he backs me up all the time. Lets see how he responds tonight.

  18. Anonymous

    good one junior babii… lmaoo

    do u kno when CB is comin bak??

  19. Anonymous

    what are the chances of chris webber in a pistons uniform?? i think he would be happy to come back home

  20. Big_Ben

    Davidson wont pay luxury taxes to get him and I don’t see us trading anyone for an over the hill forward.

    As for the guy who keeps asking about Chauncey, he hasn’t even practiced yet since the injury so I don’t see him making a return very soon.

  21. Anonymous

    should have keep carlos arroyo

  22. Anonymous

    could CB be bak by saturday? im going to that game so he btr be there lol

  23. Anonymous

    Wow I’m with the guy who says some people need to lay off flips ass sure he does do things that are pretty stupid but then again every player does….I think he’s just kind of in the spot light a little much from the pistons fans.
    And as John said about flip “now we have to erase all of his shortcomings because of one good game?” well I don’t see why it shouldn’t go the same for tayshawn I mean why should we erase the slump Tayshawn was in and just forget all about it cuz he scored 33 points one game out of like 10 bad ones? well because it’s the Nba and shit like that happens just because tay had like 10 or so bad or below average games doesn’t make him a bad player Cuz if you ask me he’s freakin awesome….But flip is just now starting to get minutes and at first he just needed time to blend in with the teams chemistry…..I think he now can realise that passing is a part of the pistons game and I think he will respect that and you will see him with more assist but then again maybe not Maybe he is really the bad player you all say or want him to be…
    But us as pistons fans are supposed to take everyone on the pistons team in like family we’re supposed to support them no matter how many games they loose or who happens too be in a month long shooting slump….So I don’t care how bad flip is he’s on the team So why not support him for as long as he plays in detroit. he’s bound to have good night and bad nights everyone is so lets not pass jugement even this far into season thats all….PEace

  24. Anonymous

    anonymous above^^

    you right in some ways but u just cant compare tay to flip. altogether, tay has better game tan flip. statistically hes better than flip.. even if u just look at those last ten games or wutever.. to me, its not so much that i hate him, its just that he does not belong with the pistons game style and now i even see that flip (the coach) is also not the best for our game plan.. we were always a defensive playing team and hes all about offense and i liked flip (the coach) at first but have just come to rezlize hes not the one for us.

  25. Anonymous

    Its funny the same thing was being said about nazr at the begging of the season, its just flip is the scapgoat right now and the annoymous was right aboput tay being in a slump, you people on here dont like flip, well i hate to break it to you but tay is one of the most inconistant shooters on the team. one game he will go 11/16 the next 1/9. So his point was well taken

  26. Anonymous

    i dont understand how people can compare a pointguard to a small forward. Tayshaun’s slump is more understandable because not being a pointguard means that you dont get the ball ever single time down the floor, you are not forced to make decisions, so if your in a slump, it will take time to get out of it, flip has no excuse. He has the ball enough latley to get in and out of funks before any other player can get in and out of one. Flip has 35 turns in 650 minutes, Tay has 42 in 1176 minutes, there is no comparision…whos had the bigger slump?

  27. Anonymous

    ITS BECAUSE POINT GUARD IS NOT FLIPS NATURAL POSTION. my god what dont you understand about that. its not his fault he is being forced to play out of postion and you can go screw yourself if you dont understand that

  28. Detroit_City

    good numbers…heres some more, flips field goal percentage this year is .391, third lowest on the team in front of only Ronald Dupree and will Blalock (who have had not even a quarter of the minutes flip has had) Tayshoaun on the other had has the fourth highest behind only Maxiell, Mohammed, and Rip

  29. Anonymous

    you guys took what I said far out of context I wasn’t comparing them I was just using tay as an example that players can play bad and still be good players and some players haven’t been given the time of day by some of you so called pistons fan’s What are you gonna say after tonights game that flip tried for to many 3’s…..Hey while we’re at it lets just get back on the hate nazr bandwagon I mean what has he done for us lately? players have bad nights guys that is my main point and flip did have an excuse at the begging now he really doesn’t but now he hasn’t had to make one and infact and even though we lost tonight I think he proved he can hang with the team…Peace

  30. Big_Ben

    For the guy who blames the whole thing on the point not being Flips natural position. Flip siad himself that he perfers playing the point and that thats what he played in college. And to compare flip with Tayshuan is just ludacris. Tay went through a little shooting slump. Flips career has been a slump. The guy has a damn site that was made for him when he played for Seattle by the fans thats all about wanting to get rid of him. In cleveland he didn’t play much until Hughes brother died and Flip got his minuntes and he obviously didn’t do enough to impress them so they got rid of him. Now were stock with him and I’m not saying he’s the worst player in the league or anything like that but he doesn’t fit the Pistons’ system and I don’t think he’s working out here. The guy is good enough that we should be able to deal him to get someone who fits what the Pistons are trying to do better. Detroit Basketball is about defense and sharing the ball. Flip goes out there dribbling the shot clock down on every play and than driving to the basket to take a contested prayer of a shot or to run into a defender and try to make a pass and cause a turnover. He takes too many shots that don’t hit, he has had a number of missed layups, one of the easiest shots in the game and you guys can complain all you want and say as long as he’s a Piston we should support him but thats bull. I my eyes he’s not a Piston he doesn’t play our style of basketball and he doesn’t seem to want to. Now I’m not one of those people saying I hate Flip or Flips the reason for all our problems but since the topic of him is being brought up I’m just voicing my opinion on him. Like it or not you have to admit his game is not like the game the rest of the Pistons have been playing for the last 5 years or more.

  31. Detroit_City

    i dont know what your talking about nazr hate wagon, i doubt anyone hated him, its just noone believes that he can fill the shoes of Ben Wallace, and this is true, No one can ever do it. He has come here and done what he can do, make free throws and rebound to the best of his ability, he is also not doing to bad from the field either, but he will never be a ben wallace, i dont even think ben wallace will ever be the same.


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