Pistons Fans Have Their Own Swagger

by | Jan 7, 2007 | 30 comments

Need4Sheed reader Amy Ippolito attended the Pistons-Bulls game in Chicago. You might think that’s not a big deal, but when you see what she, her husband and their friends did, you will know why these Pistons fans deserve our appreciation. Just check out what they looked like as they walked into The United Center.

Pictured from left to right Paul Clara, Dominic Ippolito, Amy Ippolito, and Wayne Mangiapane.

Nice T-Shirt Amy!

I asked Amy to give us her take on what it was like at the game on Saturday night.

I was so nervous to go to this game in Chicago for fear of how the fans would react to us. Believe it or not, everyone LOVED us! We seriously could not walk around the United Center at all without random people stopping us to take our picture. We would pose, go to walk away, and be stopped again by someone else! It was so much fun! And A LOT of them were Bulls fans! One lady who lives in Chicago says to me, “Girl, you have a lot of nerve wearing that shirt… but I love it!” And then she high fived me! And that is where my problem with Chicago comes in… If anyone came into our house and wore something to make fun of one of our players the last thing I would do is take pictures with them or tell them that they are great! The saying “There’s no place like home” is totally true. Pistons fans are one of a kind. I swear I saw more sports coats than Bulls jerseys. Where’s the fan gear Chicago?? They call themselves fans?! And as far as the crowd and other people yelling “Detroit sucks” at us… PUH-LEASE… like we haven’t heard that before! After all, we ARE from Detroit! Ha.”

Amy and her friends enthusiasm for the Pistons just went to the next level. It was simply SHEEDtastic! I loved what she did so much that I am making this a regular feature on the site.

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If you are a Piston fan attending a Pistons game in ENEMY Territory, please feel free to let me know here at Need4Sheed (need4sheed@gmail.com). Send pictures or video, along with your story and I will feature you on the site after the game. To go a step further, after the season is over Need4Sheed readers will vote on their favorite Piston Fan that was featured on the site and that Fan will receive a Need4Sheed.com T-Shirt.

So Pistons fans around the country start showing your support for the team, it might get you a little bit of fame and maybe even a free t-shirt.


  1. Junior

    That is just about the greatest thing that they did. They really represented all the fans who could not show up. And no, piston fans would not treat someone coming in house doing that so kindly. great idea also natalie to make this a regular thing. now everyone is going to feel like that have to out-do the next person. I love it.

  2. Anonymous

    I love that. Thank you any for sending that and nat for posting it. I can not believe that people took your picture amy. I would never have done that of someone had come into the palace putting down our players. I think that the pistons fans would boo anyone who did it not high five them and take there picture. I love being a pistons fan and even more going to the games at the palace. I have been to a few games whe they are away form home and no other fans are the way the pistons ones are. Again thanks for that post.

  3. Matt

    eh, sorry to dissapoint. We (collectively) have a football team to worry about…no time to get rowdy for Bulls just yet πŸ˜‰

  4. Anonymous

    Okay I now live in LA, relocated from Detroit this past August. I’ve seen the Pistons play in New York and Orlando.

    My experience in Orlando was okay they, are very loud regular season fans. I’ll tell you it was to the point of annoyance. Funny story, I went to the concession stands asking for a “pop” and the guy behind the counter was like “what?” Then I had to correct myself and ask for a “soda.”

    Now my experience at Madison Square Garden was a considerably different.

    I actually saw the Pistons play there both times last season. The first was okay, we blew them out pretty bad and like no one was at the game. Now the second game was on St. Patrick’s Day. The Knicks wore those ugly green jerseys and the place was packed. The minute I walked in the area, wearing my Chauncey Billups jersey mind you, I received alot of ugly looks. Once guy who looked like any extra from The Sapronos, was walking towards me. I thought nothing of it until the guy wizzed past me whispering “Detroit Sucks” the next minute…he was gone like a fart in the wind. Next I was greeted by some Puerto Rican dude behind the counter asking my why I was wearing that jersey in the “Knicks house”? As for the game, it started okay until Rasheed and Rip were ejected and the Knicks came back and won. What really sucked was the five big black guys who kept taunting me with their “Detroit Stand Up!!!!” chants and “DEEEETROIT BASSSKETBALL SUCKS!!! I wanted to say something but the young lady who went with me begged me not to.

    But I must admit the coolest thing about the night was the number of Piston fans chanting “DEEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL” repeatedly during a timeout until the Knick fans began to boo. Man there had to be at least 5,000 of us there.

  5. Big_Ben

    Thats great that they did that and represented the Pistons for us all.

  6. Matt

    And I don’t get the problem. You wish Bulls fans were jerks?

    The sportcoat thing…um…yeah it’s a high-class crowd. That I admit. One of the drawbacks of tearing down the old stadium for the house that Jordan built.

  7. Ken

    That took Balls! Nice Job!!!!

  8. Anonymous

    fans like that make me so proud to be a Piston fan πŸ™‚

  9. Anonymous

    ^^^^ I agree. Well done! It’s going to take a lot to top this.

  10. Stephen

    Quoting Sheed

    Wubble U O Wubble U !

  11. Ashley

    Hahahah! I wish I would have seen them! That’s so amazing. Sadly I didn’t go that extreme but the row behind us had these signs that say “It’s hard to hate you, Ben.” on one sign and then the person next to that sign had another that said, “But it’s not impossible!”

    I can’t wait for the Bulls to go to Detroit! And I definitely plan on attending the next Chicago/Detroit game here in March.

  12. Anonymous

    Please, like you have jerks in Detroit, we have jerks in NYC.
    But what kind of people do you think they are to still support this shitty team??

    Most die-hards don’t bother to attend any more or they show up and yell “Sell the team” or “Fire Thomas”. You really think Paris Hilton paid for her tickets?
    She gets paid to be front and center of events because somehow the media thinks she’s somebody important or talented.

  13. Anonymous

    So you’re saying the sign of a true fan is what they wear (or aren’t wearing)?

  14. collin

    Me and some of my buddies drove down to the game…and the entire time, on the way to, and at, the United Center, we kept commenting on how little we were getting heckled. It took 3 and a 1/2 quarters of us yelling “sheeeeeed”‘s and “deeeeeeetroit baaaasketballlll”‘s and a 20 point bulls lead for the bulls fans to start yelling back at us. Very strange. We did see the “mo money mo problems” d fans at the end of the game…loved it then, and love it now

  15. Anonymous

    “Please, like you have jerks in Detroit, we have jerks in NYC.
    But what kind of people do you think they are to still support this shitty team??

    Most die-hards don’t bother to attend any more or they show up and yell “Sell the team” or “Fire Thomas”. You really think Paris Hilton paid for her tickets?
    She gets paid to be front and center of events because somehow the media thinks she’s somebody important or talented.”

    If your not a pistons fan and have nothing nice to say… why are you here?????? This site is for the PISTONS FANS and for others who respect it even though they are not. So be out Biitch!!

  16. Amy

    Ok, let me explain myself a little further….
    Of course I’m not saying I’d RATHER the Bulls fans be jerks. I’m just saying I’m surprised at how nice they treated us considering we were making fun of Ben. On the other hand, I spoke to many other Pistons fans who had a completely different experience at the game and told me they found it hard to even sit in their seats because of how people were treating them. For the most part, everyone was very gracious to us. And as far as the crowd there being “too upper class” to wear fan gear instead of their sports coats what exactly does that mean?? What are you saying about Detroit? Are we not upper class because we come out to rally behind our team? When I sit behind three guys dressed in attire as if they are going to dinner and playing with their Blackberry phones the entire game it’s a little upsetting to me! Prior to the game, up on the big screen, they showed clips from years ago.. one in particular, a last second, game winning shot from Jordan. The crowd just sat there and didn’t even cheer! Being a true fan, of course, doesn’t have everything to do with what you do or do not wear. It has to do with the LOVE and support you show your team. And yes, to do that you must cheer loud, show some spirit, and ACT like you are proud to be a fan.

    Anywho, thanks to Chicago fans for not beating the crap out of us! We truly had a great experience. πŸ™‚

  17. Junior

    Amy it was good of you to explain yourself but you really didn’t need to. Anyone who isn’t a retard knew what you were talking about. I swear the more popular this site gets, the dumber the comments get. thanks for sharing your experience!!!

  18. Anonymous

    The crowd is upper class because the tickets cost a kajillion kajillion dollars. Plus you know how crazy things were in the 90s when almost every casual basketball fan in the US was a Bulls fan to some degree, which I’m sure drove hardcore fans everywhere else nuts. After Jordan left the vast number of bandwagoneers just dropped the F off and there was a huge inverse effect. You know, people were so used to being invincible and watching Jordan spin magic out of thin air that they didn’t get excited for regular old basketball. Plus, it’s Chicago, we have a litany of sports misery between the eternally awful Blackhawks, the Cubs, and the perpetually underachieving Bears (who will indubitably be destroyed this week by inferior opposition in the playoffs) and I don’t think people wanted to go watch another crappy sports team (hello, Lions!!!) unless they were serious fans. So you have a disproportionate # of jerkwad downtown corporate types, unfortunately. You know that deep down the real Bulls fans bear a searing hatred for the Pistons. I still virulently hate Bill Laimbeer. πŸ™‚

  19. Anonymous

    hey natslie please post something about amir getting sent down to the d league =(

  20. Anonymous


  21. Anonymous


    ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Natalie

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  23. Anonymous

    If your not a pistons fan and have nothing nice to say… why are you here?????? This site is for the PISTONS FANS and for others who respect it even though they are not. So be out Biitch!!


    This is a site for decent Pistons fans to share their view, not for retards like you.

  24. Anonymous

    1. The fans in The Chi were mearly showing respect for your creative attire nothing more.
    2. More sport coats then jersey’s = a mix of work and class.
    3. Making fun of Ben Wallace? O right because your team’s GM couldn’t go the extra mile to keep an obvious fan favorite around.
    4. I love your site, I would’ve asked to take a picture w/you guys. I also would’ve hunted you down after the game and heckled you ruthlessly when Da Bulls won the game.
    5. Skiles>Saunders

  25. Natalie

    Come on everyone lets be respectful towards each other.

  26. Anonymous

    Yeah don’t be haten be loven =]

  27. Anonymous

    haha yeah that reminds me..kinda funny story. Of cource we walk in the statium showing our pride wearing our piston jersey and of cource we get seated in front of jackass that are for the bulls. Well when the bulls took the lead they started taunting us over a certain point. Well my dad went to go get my brother and I a pop so we stayed with my uncle and my cosuin that got to come with us. Well my Uncle has learned to inorge it so it was my brother, my cousin (whos 14) and me (whos 14) who have gotten REALLY annoyed.(but we are all very short for our age. We are the shortest people in our grade =[ so we knew we couldn’t say anytrhing casue he will tear out faces off.) Finally we realized they got to the point were the size does not matter at all.My brother who is a small 9 year old black guy got sooooo anry turned and started saying stuff like who number 1 in the central league oh yeah and me and my cousin finally got what he was doing and joined in on saying DEEEE-TROIT BASKETBALL!(these men were VERY tall and very lage also with many tatoos.) Finally for the rest of the game the man shut up and didn’t even cheer when bulls scored a point or even a 3. When the game was over we left and at the same time me my cousin and my brother all turned around at the same time and sayed cya nice meeting you.=] (he didn’t say anything back..he barley even looked at us)

  28. Anonymous

    Hey all. I’m a diehard Bulls fan, been so since age 5, and I’ve been raised to hate Detroit. I apologize to the Detroit fans who came to the UC and didn’t have a good time, either because our fans didn’t poke at them enough, or in some instances were total jerkoffs to you guys. Most of the comments on this page, which I might add is a great page, seem to indicate Bulls fans don’t care enough about the team. We do, trust us. But it comes to a point of why raise a bunch of hell over a game we are winning by 20? Yes, we stole Big Ben from you, but it isn’t as dire to us as it is to you. We are more passionate about “home grown” Bulls, like Kirk, Noce, Luol and Gordon. Wallace grew up with you guys, then defected to us. I get it. Regardless of how you felt you were treated, how you feel your fans are better, blah blah, we still whipped your asses. We still have 6 titles to your 3. And we still are a better sports city then you. Period. It’s always been that way, it’ll always be that way. You’re a dirty, cheap-shotting city of thugs on all of your sports teams, past and present. We are classy. We are better than you. We will win the Central. GO BULLS GO!!

  29. Detroit_City

    aight kid, when you win something with out MJ, go ahead and say something about it, we win based on team, you win based on one person, thats what makes us the best team in the world, we depend on every link in the chain, and when one breaks it all falls….let me know when you guys make it back to the playoffs by the way…

  30. Travis

    I went to the Celtics game in Boston this year with 5 other friends, and it was an absolute blast. We made a special sign for Sebastian Telfair that said “Telfair’s a fabolous shooter” due to his recent, ahem, interactions with a famous rapper. The best line of the night was when we pulled out the sign and this Bostonian goes, “Aww, that’s dirty lawwndry”.


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