It’s all Bulls in the Windy City

by | Jan 6, 2007 | 23 comments

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The Bulls finally beat the Pistons on their home floor 106-89 Saturday night at the United Center. The Pistons had won their last 12 meetings in Chicago, but this one was all Bulls. The Bulls, led by Deng’s 30 points, were in the drivers seat from the 2nd quarter on. Ben Wallace, though he started the game slow, had a great game against his former teammates.

Key Points:

  • Sheed gets a tech early in the game.
  • Ben Blocks Tayshaun. I wish for once Tay would quit complaining after no calls and get back on defense.
  • Nazr played great
  • Pistons fan Pops his Rip jersey when Hamilton is on the line.
  • Sheed blocks Ben Wallace from behind.
  • Flip Murray can’t make a shot and is a turnover machine. He’s clearly not a point guard.
  • The Pistons have a center that actually makes his free throws.
  • Deng is good. So is Gordon.
  • Awesome off balance shot by Ben Gordon at the shot clock buzzer.
  • Flip takes Nazr out in the 3rd when he’s hot. He needs to take Flip Murray out.
  • Pistons look miserable in the 3rd quarter. The Bulls look great.
  • Rip gets a tech in the 3rd.
  • Pistons miss Chauncey in this one.
  • The Pistons can’t make a shot.
  • Ben Wallace gets a double-double.
  • Carlos Delfino looks like he’s got the spray on tan thing going.
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  • You can’t win if you can’t make a shot.
  • A lot of traveling calls in this one.
  • I don’t understand either of the Flips.
  • Nocioni couldn’t miss.
  • Right now I would rather see Super Dupe on the floor rather than Flip.
  • I don’t understand why Nazr isn’t getting more minutes when he’s playing well.
  • Delfino inbounds the ball in the 4th quarter to nobody. The ball ends up in Gordon’s hand for an easy layup.
  • I am glad I didn’t make the trip to Chicago for this one. It would have been a long trip home.
  • Maxiell knocks a few down over Ben Wallace.
  • Amir Johnson blocked Hinrich.
  • Amir Johnsons looks like Rick James with those long braids.
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  • Though Rip had 27 he was just 7-for-20.
  • Flip Murray 1-9 with 2 turnovers.
  • I never liked Scott Skiles
  • The Pistons defense was lacking to say the least.
  • Blalock 0-3 with 2 turnovers.
  • Tayshaun 2-12.
  • Sheed and Tay are clearly struggling. It couldn’t come at a worse time.
  • Pistons shot percentage was 34%.


  1. Anonymous

    Tay has been struggling for a while not too sure what is up with that. I really think it has something to do with the coach. It just might be me but the players do not seem to be very happy latey and there playing is really showing it. I agree with Tay adn his complaining I wish he would just go bcak to the one who says nothing and gets things done. He is really starting to get to me and he is my fav. piston. As for flip not playing nazr I have be wondering for a while why he does not get more mintues when he is playing so well. I under there are not enought minutes to go around but when tay and sheed are not doing well sit them and let nazr play. I said this last year flip needs to go and now i feel both flips need to go. I hope with chauncey back tuesday they start to play well again. Philly is starting to play well with out AI.

  2. Anonymous

    i think there is something going on between the players and flip (coach), how could they have played such a poor game knowing how much it means to the fans; losing is one thing, but playing with no heart is another; i am a very worried pistons fan; I am very concerned about sheed and tay, very concerned.

  3. Anonymous

    One point I would like to add is that Dupree was 2-2 and had no turn overs. He did only play 5:44 but still for not paying much with the pistons when he has been on the floor he has played a good game. I would like to see him more than murray. I know they play different postions but he does play well when he gets to play more than just seconds. As well is there a reasonwhy davis has not played the last few games?

    What is up with Tay and sheed? Also did anyone see the look on joe D face tonight? He does not look very impressed which he should not be, I wonder if he is going to finally going to trade flip not that we will get much for him but I feel he needs to go there is just not the spot for him to fit in.

  4. Anonymous

    one more point to add to the above, why does carlos always do something stupid in the end of every game? He will play so well for the most part all game then he does something like tonight inbounding the ball to no one. no one remembers how well he played just what he did at the end which 8-10 is something stupid.

  5. Anonymous


    Nat.. do u kno if anything specific happened with Ben and the boys (on our team).. like any little conversations or ANYTHING???

  6. Junior

    yeah I have about had it with both flips. Saunders has a weird way of doing things. his rotations and subs are questionable. Once again Murray proves he is the worst piston ever. He gets way too much playing time. Injuries or not. Let dupree get some time. At least he plays inspired basketball. Not too worried bout this loss though. Bulls were on fire all game. Dumars knows what he needs to do.

  7. Anonymous

    i was at the united center…and i was actually surprised by the amount of Pistons fans there were. I proudly wore my pistons gear and applauded after each free throw. lol. But it was definitely brutal watching this one. I hate to sound repetitive, but i think Flip Saunders is what the team needs to adjust.
    His offensive “brilliance” is not showing whatsoever. I see the same 3 offensive plays over and over. And what happened to feeding Sheed and Tayshaun in the post? We’ve been taking very LOW percentage shots. And honestly the 3-2 ZONE defense just does not work..especially with great shooters on the other side. Flip’s coaching strategies just boggle my mind….
    But its just another game..i know the pistons will rebound..and get back into the groove of things..i can’t wait to see what JOE D. has up his sleeve before the trade deadline…

    btw… is freakin AWESOME!!!

  8. Anonymous

    What hurt us the most throughout the game is..
    1. not haveing Chauncey. CHauncey is a very good player and can get a rythme started
    2. Tay and Sheed. I’m not really sure whats going on with them. It may be the coach or just may be they are having a hard time
    3. Bulls playing a VERY good game.
    4. Ben making most of his free throws
    5. Pistons just gave up in the third.

  9. Anonymous

    Dumars needs to fire Saunders and coach the team himself, with someone else taking over as general manager. Since constructing the team’s core, Dumar’s has made some bonehead moves (i.e., drafting Darko over some of the best players to ever play the game; giving up on Darko; getting rid of Delk (who is ten times better than Murray), etc.), but I think the leadership he showed on the court will carry over well as a coach. Also, Saunders has some strange aversion to playing in the paint. If you get hot but you cannot shoot the three, it doesn’t matter to Saunders, you’re out.

  10. Anonymous

    i like Flip Murray , i dunno y you guys wanna trade him …
    Ok he had a bad game but i don’t think he was the only guy who had a bad game

  11. Junior

    Bad Game? Flip Murray has had a bad career. C’mon man watch some games. You wouldn’t of said that if you have watched all his minutes this season. The dude sucks.

  12. Anonymous

    The reason he went with Darko was that he like waht he seen in Tay so he did not go with any forwards since there would be no place for tay and he could us darko as a center. I agree we should have held on to darko until we seen what ben was going to do but he wanted the space to resign ben. I think that Nazr is going fine now and with some minutes he will even do better. Joe could have drafted Carmelo but did not cause he had tay. Ya they are not the same players but tay brings us a lot even when is not shooting well. Also Carmlo would not have staed with the pistons becasue he would have not gotten the money he wanted once first first cont. was up. Joe had done a lot and brought us a championship team. We needed a coach so he got flip which was not so good for us. I do not see jpe stepping in the coaching he does well at what he does don;t count him out yet. We can’t win it every year and it many take a little to get back to the 04 team but even that team took a few years to make. The only problem with them was once they got there and won it they got big heads.

  13. Anonymous

    why doesnt everyone get of murrays ass. maybe if flip would play him at his normal postition then all you wouldnt be bitching about how he turns the ball over. you can have dupree there was a reason he was a free agent and he only plays in garbage time

  14. Junior

    yeah lets put a guy who can’t shoot at shooting guard. He didn’t even turn the ball over much last night. He just went 1-9. NEWSFLASH PEOPLE: FLIP CAN’T PLAY ANY POSITION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget that “normal” position shit. You can either play ball or you can’t. He can’t play D. He has a HORRIBLE shot. and can’t run point. Thats basically a guards job. Point guard or shooting guard. He can’t do what the job requires. Anyone who knows the game of Basketball, not just piston basketball, knows this.

  15. Anonymous

    Let’s just see what happens when chauncey comes back…i hope things come back to normal….and i hope sheed explodes with points soon…we know what he can do.

  16. Anonymous

    Did anyone hear about pistons players giving Ben their headbands?
    Sheed started it all when ben was talking to tay and someone else by running over to ben and giving his headband to him, i was laughing when i read it. Then i guess a bunch of other pistons did the same thing.

  17. Anonymous

    a couple of my thoughts:
    -without chauncey billups the pistons are not even a top 4 team in the east. what are we, 1-4 without him? i hope joeD catches on and makes it the highest possible priority to re-sign him.
    -flip murray is in the wrong conference. he’s a ballhog who can’t and won’t play defense. he needs to get in the west or on the wizards.
    -maxiell is too good not to be playing more. i don’t care how young or short he is, and how experienced nazr and mcdyess are. mad max can flat out play and he dictates the flow of the game on both sides. he isn’t just a good bench player, he is a dominant player right now. saunders needs to see this and get him more minutes.
    -speaking of the great face-twitcher, i hope this is flip s.’s last season as pistons coach. i don’t trust him in any way. how can you trust a guy who just stands there and makes awkward twitches of his face? how can anyone trust this man?!?
    -we won’t get by the bulls in the playoffs with the roster the way it is. or the cavs. or probably not the wizards. a change is coming guys. a big change. i don’t expect the great 4 starters to stay together until the end of the season. i hate to say it, but i believe it deep in my heart.
    -all we can do is pray that joeD isn’t stupid enough to trade chauncey.
    -deng and nocioni are future nba stars. ben gordon is a future ballhog high-scoring idiot (ala gilbert arenas)
    -the mavericks have cemented themselves as the best team in the nba. i hate mark cuban.
    -blalock is scared of the nba and lindsey hunter is a damaged man. and we all know how bad flip m. is. i think a quality back-up point guard is what we most desperately need.
    -this website is terrific!

  18. Natalie

    So everyone has lost faith in Flip Saunders?

    I have to say that I don’t understand him much myself, but Dumars coaching is a bad Idea.

    I say get Laimbeer in there to straighten things out. Now that’s a bad boy at his finest. He’s also won 2 championships coaching the shock and by his play by play we know he knows what he’s doing.

    I love everyones comments.

    I am glad everyone enjoys the site.

  19. Anonymous

    YEah that was the game to win….Just goes to show you can take away wallace But Sure as hell Don’t ever take away billups….Flip saunders does seem a little passive and wierd to me….But I don’t think he’s gonna get fired anytime soon..kinda sucks and I think we should be lookin for a good quality back up point….But we’ll get the next one….But Chauncy billups gone is just half the problem…..sheed and tay don’t seem to actin right and rip can score but he’s not gonna win us the games it’s gonna help but thats why we need billups back….Also I don’t think any players on the pistons team will make it to the all stars…..I had high hopes for tayshawn this year but he’s kind on cruise controll And sheeds not doing the greatest….And billups and rip are about the only 2 that deserve to go but probally will be outted due to fame over raw tallent….But hey were the pistons and i’m sure as hell not gonna let the bulls loss get me down. just some things need to change quick

  20. Anonymous

    i think sheeds gonna step it up

  21. Anonymous

    About tay not doing so well he is playing about the same as every year. This is his game whuch I am not too happy with however he is the one who is always there when it comes to the playoffs. Hello poeple who was it that help the pistons win against philly in his rookie year adn who was it how had the block in his second year and who played great to help win the championship in his 3rd year. And please lets not forget that he was the only starter who played in the playoffs last year every game. Tayshaun may not be playing well right now but he is still good most nights for a least 11 to 15 points a game and a few rebounds, he is however the player the pistons need when it comes to the playoffs cause he can guard the superstars that we play aganist. and he guards them well as well carrys the team almost ever game.

  22. Anonymous

    the reason sheed is struggling because he’s outta shape and hes starting to look washed up in my opinion and im sorry but this team is soft we dont have people like bill laimbeer and rick mahorn people who would knock you on your ass and i would say the only person we have like that is dale davis and he havent seen action the past 3 games and im sick of this team jacking up 3’s expecially sheed i could of sworn his fat ass said he would get in the post more but nooooo and narz need to get more pt he clearly out played sheed and dyess this year but he only get 20 minutes a night and im sick of this team low key joe d need to break this damn team up and get a stud and some players that would knock you on your ass if you drive in the paint like denis rodman cause right now this team is soft as hell

  23. Anonymous

    I am pretty sure the fan who kept popping his rip jersey at the pistons – bulls game was comedian/actor brian hooks. great to know he’s a pistons fan!


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