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by | Jan 1, 2007 | 9 comments

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By reading the comments on this site and in the Need4Sheed Forums I have come to the conclusion that most Pistons fans are not on the Flip Murray Bandwagon. I for one see flaws in his game and don’t see him as a great fit with the kind of basketball that the Pistons play, especially at the point. One thing you do have to understand is that Flip is not a point guard, so his game is not modeled that way. He also seems to need plenty of minutes to get in the groove. The Microwave he’s not, but a decent shooting guard he is and when he gets hot he can score in numbers.

The problem most of us seem to have with Flip is his tendency to dribble down the clock and drive through the lane full of defenders to get his own shot off, rather than pass the ball. His turnovers don’t help either and not the best defender on the team.

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Now Flip did an admirable job in Chauncey’s absence against the Suns, 18 points 7 assists and just 2 turnovers in 38 minutes on the floor. He even made a few circus shots when we needed them, but does that performance give Pistons fans new found confidence in the ability of Flip Murray? Realistically in Chauncey’s return Flip is not going to see those kinds of minutes. And Flip seems to need that kind of time to be an asset to any team that he’s on.

I was made aware of these cool player widgets from The Cavalier at YAYSports, who is officially back from hiatus.


  1. Anonymous

    Flips good,Does he fit the pistons team mold Maybe not….But he can play basketball and I think thats why we got him…I mean he’s not gonna find the minutes he wants in detroit so I doubt he’ll be here next year……But hey i’m cool with him and I think he can play.

    off topic I think someone who should get some play is ronald dupree….He’s been with the pistons for a some time left and then came back I’m not sure how long But the whole time he has been a piston he’s gotten crap ass minutes…..More like seconds since flip put him in the game for like 5 seconds just to pull him out it’s stupid and I think Ronald deserves more playin time

  2. Stephen

    I agree about Super Dupe he hustles out there every second and he’s got great ups. I can’t really comment on much else, he’s only gotten scrub minutes as long as he’s been a Piston.

  3. Anonymous

    Flip can be good, but he’s not a great point guard and you get the sense that he wants minutes and he wants to shoot. He doesn’t want to direct traffic or play defense.

    I will say it again, there is a reason why this man has been on 3 teams the past year.

    Give Dupe the minutes, man can hustle and doesn’t complaint. Tries his best when called upon.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Anonymous

    The main thing I hate about Flip Murry is that he tries to get through many defenders, just to make a shot.. when he can just pass the ball… it really pisses me off when he does that (even after he makes it).. its just not a smart play.

    Nat.. your a season ticket holder. Right??.. Well I was just wondering were you sit because it would be an honor to meet the creator of the best site on the net!!


  6. Natalie


    Yes I am a season ticket holder. I don’t always sit in my own seats and I don’t really feel comfortable posting where my seat are here. I am honored you would want to meet me. Email me the next time your going to a game. I always like to meet fellow Pistons fans that are as passionate as I am about our boys!

  7. Anonymous


    ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Anonymous

    I really wish we would have kept Delk.

  9. Anonymous

    ok when is everyone bitching about how flip is not a good point guard, well whos fault is that? If hes not that good at point why are the pistons playing him a point then? think about it, they need to get rid of lidnsey nice guy but cant play anymore and should have kept tony delk and then this problem wouldnt have happened and flip can play his normal postition at the 2 guard and he wont have to create his own shot anymore.


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