Billups Injured In Pistons Loss To Pacers

by | Dec 30, 2006 | 27 comments

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Now this one was just a heartbreaker of a game. After the Knicks marathon I almost couldn’t stand what was happening at the Palace last night. It was bad enough sitting through the ups and downs of last nights game against the Pacers but to lose Chauncey with a calf strain for at least 10 days is another thing.

Chauncey led The Pistons with 23 points and a career-best 12 rebounds in 40 minutes. Rip added 22 and the slumping Tayshaun just 10. Rasheed played just 21 minutes and only seconds of the fourth quarter because of a stomach illness.

Key Points

  • I clearly heard boo’s last night when Flip Murray entered the game.
  • Chauncey Billups must be friends with Pacers Al Harringtion. They had about a five minute conversation at half court during pre-game warm-ups.
  • Nazr Mohammed had a couple of nice blocks early in the game.
  • Delfino again played well but his game ending foul that gave the Pacers the win is all anyone will remember.
  • I kept wondering why Sheed wasn’t playing in the fourth quarter, I hate not knowing important details when I am at the game.
  • Stephen Jackson is an angry man.
  • Chauncey’s 3 point buzzer beater at halftime gave life to the Palace.
  • My stomach was in my shoes when this happened.

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  • The Pistons were 35-for-83 from the floor. The Pacers were 34-for-84.
  • Maxiell was a monster again.
  • When will the Pistons learn how to NOT blow a big lead?
  • The Pistons allowed the Pacers to get too many easy baskets.
  • I was a little confused as to why Nazr played so few minutes.
  • Will Blalock start in Chauncey’s place?
  • I hope so.
  • Where is the defense?
  • Will Amir Johnson see a minute or two while CB is gone?
  • Tayshaun is still slumping.
  • It seemed like it took the Pistons 10 minutes to score after halftime.
  • 19 is just way too many turnovers.
  • Chauncey couldn’t hit anything in the first quarter. He eventually went 7-19.
  • The Pistons looked great when they were up 12 in the second. It was all downhill from there.
  • Chauncey again missed a crucial free throw at the end of the game.
  • This was awesome.

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  • Lots of T’s in this one.
  • I was so upset after the game I didn’t realize I didn’t park in my usual place. It took me 15 minutes to find my car.
  • We have to be thankful that Chauncey’s only out for 2 weeks.
  • What’s Tony Delk doing right now? Matt informs us he’s in Greece…..Bummer.
  • It’s going to be tough against the Suns without Chauncey.
  • Rasheed bairly broke a jog the whole game.
  • Maxiell is not scared to take the shot.
  • Sometimes we don’t pass the ball enough and sometimes we make too many passes.
  • Someone is happy about the Pistons-Pacers game.
  • I am not a fan of Jamal Tinsley.
  • Pistons out rebounded the Pacers 55-42.
  • McDyess is still inconsistent but he’s hustling on every play.
  • Let’s hope the Pistons can figure out how to win without their floor leader.


  1. Anonymous

    I’m so mad Chauncey’s hurt…I hope he gets better fast because we probably won’t win without him.

  2. Matt Gibson

    Delk is in Greece, and I think on the same team as Acker. Sheed had the flu. And I hope we do see Amir. He’s great and I’ll be happy if he gets a minute or two

  3. Anonymous


    ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous

    I didnt see the whole game.. Im kinda upset he’s out but hope he ets better soon..


  5. Anonymous

    This sucks. Big time.
    I hope everyone else will step up.

  6. Anonymous

    God i think it feels out of place and weird now that rips first for shootin the tech free throws instead of chauncey, it just annoys me for some reason! anyone else?

  7. Natalie

    I had a feeling Murray would start…I personally have more faith in Blalock. I have a feeling Flip will start but Blalock might end up with more minutes.

  8. Anonymous

    I think with cb out it will make the pistons step up. I am not happy that murray will start he does not play well enough to start. This could be really bad for the pistons that are a team falling a part already. I hope they can keep it together for the time cb is out. Well have to see.

  9. ashley

    i’m so depressed. i’m going to be at the chicago/pistons game on the 6th and without chanuncey it’s just not going to be the same. it’s so sad but i really hope he gets the rest he needs and possibly gets better faster, he’s a strong guy.

  10. Anonymous

    i personally feel amir johnson should have more playing time.


  11. Junior

    Nash is gonna tear Flip a new one. I kinda hope he starts just so he can embarass himself and realize he aint a starter in this league. He aint even a decent bench player. Why is he in the NBA? Mateen Cleaves is more reliable. Every rookie in this past years draft is better. More polished. Thats sad. I hope he gets lost on his way to the game. Or in a fender bender that holds him up for hours. Name me a worse player to be so lucky to wear a piston jersey? Chuck Nevitt had more respect as a Piston.

  12. Anonymous

    Is it possible that chauncey can be better befor 10 days?

  13. Anonymous

    Wow um Lindsay where you at man?…and to me it doesn’t matter who takes his spot because both blalock and murry Don’t quite have the feel of the pistons and may have alot of chemistry with the guys off court but not yet on the court….But blalock just needs to get inside more and make his own shots thats one thing he hasn’t done…..and murry Well Sounds like every one hates murry but 3 weeks ago you guys were doggin Nazr it’s just all about fitting in if murry gets more time on the court he’ll start to fit in more I mean give him a chance because he’s really all we got….seeing how blalock is a rook murry may suck at times but he’ll probally help out more…..

    And on a delfino note he’s a good player when the shots go down and makin his own plays and passing but Sometimes he scares me and I don’t always feel safe when he’s on the court…for instants last night…..Or when he shoots all them 3’s 15 ft behind the 3point line..

    But really the next 2 weeks are gonna be really shaky But I Have faith in the pistons this can make or break them…..But I say look for tayshawn and rasheed to step it up alot.And if rip can keep doing his thing we should be alright.

  14. Anonymous

    Linsey Hunter all the way, wat a legend, if i was 2 choose anyone 2 start in chaunceys place that has the chemestry with the rest of the team its him, he deserves a start aswell, it wil motivate him 2 play better, and he has the experience, although i don’t think he should get major minutes but he should start even though he won’t

  15. Anonymous

    Lindsey Hunter??? What have you been smoking? He’s been out for weeks, that’s why this is such a huge problem.

  16. Anonymous

    wow looks like someone of you don;t follow the pistons too well. Hunter went out long ago, don;t you remember the last CB was going to be out a game we all were hoping the hunter was better to step in his place. IF hunter was not injured than he would be the one to start in chaunceys place.

  17. Anonymous

    could billups get better b4 10 days?!

  18. Anonymous

    “Wow um Lindsay where you at man?”-I said that, I was just saying it sucks that he’s injured and we need him quite bad…Because after him are only options are murry and blalock……But how long is lindsay injured for?

  19. Anonymous

    Yeah it is extremely sad to see CB gone for at least 10 day (to two weeks) but think about the other players feelings. Do you know how much it hurts implying that the Pistons cannot win without CB. Like hello “true piston fans” you need to support them not saying negative things about them. I’m extremely disappointed in all the people who are not welcoming flip Murray. Yeah I do think he needs work but no one knows what he’s capable of doing. ONLY HE DOES. And why were they all booing him at the game…. Support is what he needs. Please comment back to this message.

  20. Anonymous

    I understand flip needs support but he also needs to pass the ball. I will say he did play better yesterday and that is how he should play no matter how may minutes he plays. Flip plays when hhe wants to and well when he was getting mintues he was not passing the ball around at all. He took shots when he did not need to and had the openn man. He started to play that way in the start of the suns game but than changed to playing pistons basketball and looked what happened his team mats started to give him the ball and feel confident in having him bring the ball up the floor. If flip keeps playing like he did yesterday with the suns than he will the fans support, but if when chauncey comes back and he is back on the bench and starts playing poorly again and not passing the ball than he will lose the fan support. All we have asked of him is to shows up what he can do and play pistons ball and until now he has not done that. When even your teams seem pissed at you on the floor you know there is something wrong there.

    Anyway hope everyone had a great new years.

  21. Anonymous

    flip murray is a pretty good player.
    did you guys see what he did in the suns game. i a personally tired of the negative things said about murray. he really stepped up and play well against the suns.
    people need need to give this guy a break and stop expecting him to play like billups because he will never play like chauncey.
    accept the guy for who he is!!

  22. Anonymous

    joe dumars needs to brind back tony delk

  23. Junior

    its not that we expect Flip to play like Billups. Its just that we don’t want him to play like a rookie. 3 turnovers in 4 minutes in unacceptable for any bench player. It just always seems that its always Flip doing that. Play like you’ve been in the league for 4-5 years. This is just basketball people not rocket science. You either have game or you don’t. Flip has had 3 months of practices and 30 games to get used to his “role”. So I aint buying that shit. He is a below average player. Its really that simple.

  24. Anonymous

    I really don’t like Flip Murray…He’s inconcistant and he is such a ball-hog. There could be someone open and he tries to go through 3 defenders. We don’t opperate that way!!!

  25. Anonymous

    Flip is such a greedy bastard, fuck me and the shots he makes are generally friendly rolls for fuck sake, hes a major sponge and ide rather have fucking Nazr Mohammed at PG than him lol, ok thats abit harsh but he needs some work right? and he needs some work before he gets the minutes, o and Maxiell is a beast, if he gets free throws dialed he will be a fantastic bench foward for the pistons!!!

  26. Anonymous

    “I really don’t like Flip Murray…He’s inconcistant and he is such a ball-hog. There could be someone open and he tries to go through 3 defenders. We don’t opperate that way!!!”


  27. Anonymous



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