Pistons Squeak By The Nets

by | Dec 27, 2006 | 13 comments

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If you’re a Pistons fan you had beef with the officials the entire game except for the last few seconds. If you’re a Nets fan, you believe the game should have been yours after the non call against Rasheed in the final seconds of the game. Either way you look at it you can say the officiating was questionable.

Rasheed and Rip led the Pistons with 21 each in the 92-91 win against the Nets at the Palace. Mr. Big Shot was Mr. Big Not, going just 1-for-10, but his late drive to the hoop that garnered two free throws put the Pistons over the top to hold on against New Jersey.

Key Points

  • Rasheed was ThreeTASTIC in the first quarter.
  • The bench had an awful night.
  • Rasheed, Chauncey and McDyess all got called for technical fouls.
  • The Pistons argued foul calls most of the game.
  • There was no flow in the 2nd or 3rd quarters, because of the ticky tack fouls being called.
  • The refs decided to put the whistles away in the fourth and let them play.
  • Rasheed chatted up Vince Carter every time the two were lined up for a free throw.
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  • I am shocked it took so long for Sheed to get called for a tech.
  • Lawrence Frank, along with a NJ assistant coach went ballistic after the non call. Frank had to be held back.
  • I think I need to get a Maxiell Jersey.
  • Sheed said the call could have went either way.
  • Jason Kidd spent the entire time out, with 1.6 seconds left, talking to the refs.
  • I still don’t like Richard Jefferson.
  • Flip Murray kicked the basketball right in Eddie Houses face. If that were me I would have surly teared up.
  • Delfino was horrible in the 6 minutes he was out there.
  • McDyess was no better, playing just 9 himself.
  • Nazr was solid and had a few key rebounds in the closing minutes.
  • Will Blalock had 2 steals and 2 assists in 9 minutes.
  • Chauncey Billups favorite Christmas present was a Incredible Hulk Big Wheel.
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  • The Nets shot 38 free throws to The Pistons 28.
  • Dale Davis collected 7 rebounds in 15 minutes.
  • I wonder if Jason Kidd will get fined for this. “We come to work, and we work extremely hard at this, only for the officials to screw us,” Jason Kidd said. “We fought, but that doesn’t mean anything when you have the officials take over the game like that. You go with the Three Blind Mice, and it’s just sad that Tom (Washington) screwed up that game for us.”
  • Billups was 0-for-5 from downtown.
  • Someone commented that they heard the crowd boo Flip Murray when he was on the floor, I myself didn’t notice anyone doing it around my section.
  • Hey we’re movin on up!
  • Prince played 41 minutes.
  • Rip rarely has had an off night this season, yet he is still way behind in all-star voting.
  • I am convinced that Rasheed tucks his jersey inside his shorts like this to irk Mr. Stern.
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  • It was a good game to be at the Palace, the crowd was loud and loyal.
  • My heart sank when Tayshaun tripped and fell on the last play of the game, while trying to defend Carter.
  • I don’t understand why Flip took Sheed out when he was on fire early in the game.
  • The Pistons interior defense was non existent for the entire third quarter.
  • I got THIS awesome present for Christmas.
  • The crowd cheered loudly for Maxiell when he entered the game.
  • Flip Murray, not so much.
  • The Pistons have won 5 in a row.
  • I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a merry one, if not I hope you had a nice day off.


  1. Anonymous

    Can someone tell me why Tay trip on the final play?

  2. Nique

    Yes the Refs were terrible in this game. The one thing that really got me was when Jarron Collins got a dunk in the 4th I think and he yells and screams at the top of his lungs. And no Tech was called but if it was Sheed it would have been excessive celebration. (Oh the NBA hates us) Good game overall. Flip (The Coach) made some really bad decisions that almost cost us the game. Oh well. Bring on the Knicks for win number 6.

  3. Anonymous

    i was in section 124 and I boo’d flip murry. i hate that guy.

  4. Anonymous

    Nat i got tickets to tonights pistons vs knicks for christmas and im sitting 10 rows behind the basket, ill be wearing my rip jersey going crazyyyy as always sooo you mite see me lol, and i will be taken alotttttt of pics so ill deffiently send them to you and i hope the ending is better than the last time i saw these two meet up on st.patricks day last season when i was there.

    – Vin

  5. Natalie

    Vin…I will be looking out for you!

    As for Tayshaun, he just lost his balance and fell.

    Looks like Flip isn’t the most popular Piston.

  6. Ashley

    okay, so how many tech’s is that for rasheed this season? i miss the days when he would freak out and it would be laughed at, not punished.

  7. Anonymous

    Sheed’s got 9 Ts so far.

    But those Nets and even TJ Kidd is bugging the crap out of me. On our local network, reporter actually asked Jason Kidd that it’s kind of weird when your team was getting every call throughout the game and didn’t get the one that will let you win the game.

    But the looks on the Pistons’ faces afterwards was very funny.
    Sheed had that “Oh shit, they are not going to call that foul on me? I’ll take the W” look on his face..

  8. amber

    Rasheed always tucks his pants in because he has the biggest a** in the league. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he just has a big butt.

  9. Ree


    I think Mr. Big Shot beats Sheed in the big butt category lol

  10. Anonymous

    No.. I agree with Amber. SHEED has a nice, big, voluptuous ass!! 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Nat.. did u ever find a clip of the benchs’ reaction when they played the jingle bells: from rasheed & company?

  12. Anonymous

    I was at this game and I have to say I was almost sick at the end of the game. I am so happy they came out with that win but what is up with the pistons they are playing like they did at the beinging of the season. Come on guys rememeber how to play… Tay needs to start playing he has not being doing so well. I know they will do well and its just a few games my faith is with them and I will be there until the end. Being a pistons fan is gret and we all shoed that the last 5 minutes of the game lastnight. I was happy to be at the palace, pistons fan are there for them right until the end.

  13. Liv

    Nat, Jason Kidd did get fined for his comments after the game. The league billed him $20,000 for complaining about the officiating.

    I can’t really blame the guy. Had we been in Jersey’s shoes, we’d probably have been bitching too. Either way, though, the officiating was beyond questionable.


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