Both Teams Played Hard: Knicks Beat The Pistons In Triple Overtime

by | Dec 27, 2006 | 17 comments

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Someone had to lose this one and tonight it was the Pistons. Carlos Delfino’s three with 5.3 seconds to play sent the game into it’s first overtime. Channing Frye’s buzzer beater sent it into a third overtime, but it seemed like it was all Jamal Crawford’s game after that as the Knicks beat the Pistons 151-145.

Though the Pistons lost, some good things came out of the game at the Garden. Richard Hamilton set a career high 51 points, Carlos Delfino had his best game in a Pistons uniform, Nazr continued his clutch play and Dyess seems to be coming out of his early season cloud.

Key Points

  • The Pistons had 27 offensive rebounds.
  • Stephon Marbury scored 41 in the best performance I have ever seen from him.
  • The Knicks shot 56% for the game. At one point they were shooting almost 65%.
  • The Pistons defense was nonexistent for lapses during the game.
  • Chauncey Billups had another off shooting night going 3-13.
  • Rip was perfect from the stripe.
  • Chauncey missed a key free throw in overtime.
  • Does Steve Francis even play anymore? The only time I remember him out there was when he caused a delay of game that sent Isiah into a rampage.
  • The Pistons were 7-for-25 from beyond the long line.
  • Though it was a loss I sill have to commemorate Richard Hamilton’s milestone.
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  • Joe Dumars is probably looking for Flip Murray’s replacement as we speak.
  • I didn’t think Channing Frye’s shot to send it to the 3rd overtime was going in.
  • Crawford was key for the Knicks in overtime, the guy just couldn’t miss.
  • George Blaha says David Lee is to the Knicks as Jason Maxiell is to the Pistons.
  • Tayshaun Reggie Millerd Renaldo Balkman.
  • Rip was hot, after 31 minutes he had 35 points.
  • Tayshaun is still in a bit of a slump.
  • Delfino was clutch.
  • The Knicks played great the whole game.
  • Dyess looked good in the second half of the game.
  • Nazr is fitting in well, 18 points, 14 rebounds, 2 blocks in 30 minutes.
  • I would have liked to see if Maxiell could have stopped Curry.
  • Dyess had a really lucky tap on a Sheed missed three.
  • It wasn’t Rasheed’s best night, 9 points, 9 rebounds in 36 minutes. He fouled out before overtime started.
  • Tayshaun was just 4-for-16 and 1-for-7 from beyond the arc.
  • Jason Maxiell played just 2 minutes while Delfino played 30.
  • I think Sheed read my comment yesterday about the way he tucks his jersey in his shorts. They were clearly more noticeable tonight, add some suspenders and he looked almost Urkel like tonight. So I guess you could call him Sheed Urkel.
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  • You have to appreciate a hard fought game like that no matter which side you are rooting for.
  • Good thing Flip has been using the bench lately or the Pistons would have run out of gas during the first overtime.
  • It was nice to see Pistons fans in the crowd. I wonder if one of them was Vin (a fellow Sheedologist).
  • I learned at halftime that Lindsey Hunter has a clause in his contract that will allow him to be part of the Pistons management after he retires.
  • Poor shot by Chauncey at the end of the first overtime, I don’t understand why he took that long three.
  • Chauncey fouled Marbury, who was shooting a three, at the end of the first overtime. Marbury made all three and tied up the game and sent the game into a second overtime. Had Chauncey not fouled him, the Pistons might have won the game right there.
  • I was waiting for Rip to get T’d up in the closing seconds.
  • For going into triple overtime, the Pistons only had 10 turnovers. Three of them belonged to Flip Murray, who just played 4 minutes.
  • Will Blalock continues to get minutes.
  • Flip Murray doesn’t.
  • I really thought the Pistons had it put away in the second overtime.
  • Delfino redeemed himself after the New Jersey game.

The game ran so long I am probably forgetting key points. Feel free to comment on anything I left out.


  1. Anonymous

    what a game. we should have won several times, but in perspective the pistons will make the playoffs and the knicks likely won’t, so no real harm done. i think a little more goon squad would have been helpful. i also was thinking that if we had lindsey hunter in uniform there’s no way we lose this game. our bench is surely improving, and watching delfino really got me excited, but murray needs to go and lindsey needs to get back on the court. blalock doesnt quite lead the offense effectively, but i’ll give him an A for effort.
    it seems like the starters are falling to inconsistency in a major way this season … a few weeks ago we all wanted nazr out of the starting lineup, and now he’s playing great. tayshaun was shooting cold, now chauncey is, well tay still is, and sheed is on and off it seems like any given night. rip has been dependable every game this year, but any game where mr. big shot is un-clutch makes me concerned.
    looking ahead, is there any team in the east right now who stands a chance to beat us in a 7 game series? the whole east seems to be completely at the mercy of detroit. sunday’s game with the suns will give us a nice idea of how we measure up to the league’s best team, i’d like to see chauncey outplay nash like he did last year. shouldn’t be too hard, those boys don’t play any defense. anyways, 51 points for rip is awesome and i hope it helps his allstar voting.
    one last note: gilbert arenas has become the most selfish jerk in the nba.

  2. Stephen

    Nice assesment^^^^^

    I just have to disagree with you on one point.

    Glibert Arenas has been a selfish jerk for a while now. Ever since he claimed he was going to win the MVP of the All-Star game I thought he was a selfish Jerk. Sure he might be a good guy but I wouldn’t want him on my team. He would rather have numbers than wins.

  3. MonkeyWrench32

    I can’t stop laughing at the Sheed Urkel photo! Nice one!

    It’s great to have a laugh like that after tonight’s game. Giving up 150 points to the Knicks (even with an extra 15 minutes) is embarrasing.

  4. Anonymous

    Hey everyone i just uploaded the pics and videos from tonights game against the knicks, the pics didn’t come out to good cause madison square garden is hard sometimes to take pics in but the videos came out good below are the links, so check them out and tell me what you guys think, i tryed my best. And Seriously i want to see at least one pistons win ! i been to three games and all three they lost ! =(

    first game i saw was game 3 2004 eastern confernce 2nd round against the nets when they blew out the pistons.

    second game i saw was last season st.patricks day when jamal crawford hit the game winner.

    andddddd the third game was tonight and i feel like crap.
    but i saw Rip’s best game and he is my favorite player since im from connecticut and also im a huge new york giants fan and i had great seats so i met plaxico burress so i was happy about that but i feel like i have bad luck when i go see my pistons, i dunnooo
    but i’m deffiently gonna keep going and when i witness the first victory im gonna go crazyyy and it will feel sweettt. one day it will happen =)

    – Vin

  5. Anonymous

    what da hell is wrong with our guys, how could they let the knicks beat them. probably because they were tired. i’m probably the only piston fan from new york. now i have to go home and listen to a whole load of crap about the knicks beating the pistons

  6. Anonymous

    Very good game, didn’t know if it would ever end. I must say Rip’s arm was hit on that layup near the end. No foul was called. That’s bologna. I knew Rip was going to get a technical and he did. I think I would have gotten the tech too after missing that type of call. So, in a way, the refs helped the Knicks seal the victory. They said Flip Saunders said something to one of the reps at the end of the game, I wonder if he said, “Good job not calling the foul, you screwed us!”


  7. Anonymous

    I cant recall the score, but i know we were up one with maybe 9 or 17 seconds left and chauncey missed that key free throw and split the pair (& now we were up two).. which would have won us the game because right after, i think it was crawford, who hit the long two, which every one thought was a three and thought the knicks had won right than but if chauncey made that other free throw.. we would have one.. has he even missed a free throw this season b4 yesterday?? (i know he has.. but im just pissed)

  8. Anonymous

    it sucks that they lost but rip is my favorite player so im stilll happy that he had that many points maybe his voting for the all star game will pick up -Austin

  9. Anonymous

    What a heartbreaker!
    And Chauncey got outplayed by that good for nuthin’ Starbury.
    He needs to start shooting early, it’s 2 games already where he couldn’t get fired up in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

    As usual, the shitty team got all the calls because all the money was on the good team.
    Spread last night was Detroit -5 if you need to know.

    As to The Garden being the Mecca of Basketball – nowadays that place should be burned down and the ground salted on to get rid of the bad vibes from Dolan and Isiah.

  10. Anonymous

    Dude you have to give some credit to the Knicks and although Dolan and Isiah have been thorns in the side of Knick fans, you can’t blame that on the Garden.

  11. Stephen

    SHEED URKEL… a classic!

  12. Anonymous

    Although I like Chauncey he is not a good floor general, he makes poor decisions that cost the team games, the mr big shot tag has gone to his head. Instead of looking for the best shot he heaves up threes from half court. Come on Chaunce use your head.

  13. Junior


  14. Anonymous

    what is wrong with tayshaun? IT seems he does this every year with his shooting, he plays like an all star then he starts playing badly. I don’t understand. IS he runnongo ut of juice with only a few years in like everyone pagged him to? I hope not, I wich for him to get his game back.

    One the game it was a good one and wish I could have watched it but was unable to. Does anyone know if google still offers NBA games or if there is another site that does? i want league pass but it is not offerred in canada at this time and I hate it so much

  15. Anonymous

    just a random note to anyone who reads this. in second returns for all-star ballots rasheed is sixth for eastern forwards, so we got to step it up. vote everyday for sheed and all the pistons!

  16. Anonymous


    ITS A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    Although I like Chauncey he is not a good floor general, he makes poor decisions that cost the team games, the mr big shot tag has gone to his head. Instead of looking for the best shot he heaves up threes from half court. Come on Chaunce use your head.

    6:06 PM

    MATE WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, hes a great floor general, and i can clearly see your basing his ability on this game alone, the three he took was a bad decision but WTF half court, it was within his range and we have seen him hit that shot many times before. The Mr. Big shot tag is there for a reason, he is the man i want and most other pistons want taking the shot because he has the ability, experience and can cope with the pressure. The tag hasn’t gone to hihs head, he made one mistake but hey hes only human.
    GO Chauncey and get better soon!


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