No Sheed – No Problem: Pistons beat the Nets on the road

by | Dec 16, 2006 | 22 comments

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The Sheedless Pistons pulled out a 90-82 win Saturday night against the Nets. The Pistons were led by Chauncey Billups, who had double-double with 27 points and 11 assists and Richard Hamilton who added 26. Though the Pistons guards were key, the bench also shined in the win.

Key points

  • Will Blalock played in his first regulation NBA game and also scored his first 2 points.
  • Maxiell is a beast.
  • Sheed was screaming loudly from the bench the entire game, I think they could hear him across the river in NYC.
  • The Pistons pretty much shut Vince Carter down, throwing a number of different bodies on him. He was just 5-21.
  • Dale Davis is playing like he’s 20 years old, 9 rebounds 3 steals and 2 blocked shots.
  • Maxiell is FEARLESS!
  • Saunders had a lot of different combinations on the floor.
  • Thank goodness the starting back court of Rip and Chauncey combined for 53 points because McDyess and Mohammed combined for only 10 points in Sheeds absence.
  • Tomahawk jam from Maxiell drew ahh’s from the crowd in NJ.
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  • Richard Jefferson bothers me.
  • Tayshaun Prince was just 3-for-12.
  • Krstic had 27 points, I wonder if that would have happened had Sheed played.
  • Rip needs to stop complaining about the foul calls he’s not getting and get back on D.
  • George Blaha makes watching the Pistons a pleasure.
  • The Pistons shot 10 three pointers and made just 2.
  • The game was tight throughout.
  • The Nets were 95% from the foul line.
  • The bench was holding it down and allowed the starters to rest most of the fourth quarter. The starters finally returned with about 5 minutes left in the game.
  • Flip Murray as we know runs hot and cold. It was chilly in New Jersey, he was just 1-for-8 with a turnover.
  • I am happy that Kidd only went to the line once because his kiss routine gets old fast.
  • Maxiell is a spark plug.
  • I am surprised nobody got called for a tech for this.
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  • Chauncey and Rip were money the entire game.
  • Sheed is a really enthusiastic cheerleader.
  • Maxiell had 3 timely blocks.
  • Davis and Maxiell each logged more minutes than Mohammed.
  • The Pistons defense looked great again.
  • Detroit shot 45%.
  • Maxiell takes advantage of every opportunity.
  • Tayshaun shut down Carter at the end of the game to help the Pistons win the game.
  • There were 8 lead changes and the game was tied 7 times.
  • Lawrence Frank looks like he’s constantly on the verge of tears.
  • New Jersey fans actually booed their team in the closing seconds of the game, now that’s harsh.


  1. Anonymous

    just wanted to say the lights are great, nice job as always

  2. Junior

    yeah Nat, Richard Jefferson is sorry. So overrated. I’m not sure what he makes but he aint worth it. I missed any time blalock had. Did he look comfortable? Any mistakes?

  3. Natalie

    He looked good Junior, very comfortable. His first possession resulted in a great pass to Rip then to Tay for a jumpshot. He did trow it away once but nothing bad. From what I saw of him I would feel much better with him at the point then Flip Murray any day of the week.

  4. Anonymous

    I have to say when will was on the floor he played very well. I do not like what flip M is doing out there. HE is trying to run the game not play detroit basketball. I do not feel he fits in with this team. Also weel Tayshiwn is having a relly bd shooting these days wahts up? MAybe with the old ball back that will change. He did have a nice block at the end of the game how ever and played some really good D. I really liked watching this game. The four was great the bench could not get a shot down however they also played great D not allowing the nets to get score either. It was good to see Flip keep them in there. The bench never lost the lead in the forth and even out us ahead. I ope they can play more like this. I was really hoping for them then to build a lead big enough so they couls have closed out the game that would have been great.

    I think they should tried Murray he is not giving use what we need everyniht. IF I know Joe he just might if Flip does not show something before the trade deadline.

  5. theSHEEDabides

    Fip Mrray is good–he didn’t play much yesterday but I think the Pistons would be hard-pressed to pick up a better scorer off the bench. I share your concern when he’s playing pg but at sg he tears it up. Jefferson is a baby–he still thinks Chancy undercut him on purpose three of four years ago now.

  6. Anonymous

    When the crowd booed then I thought that was funny. the nets did fight hard for this one they just were not good enough.

    JEfferson looks like he is going to cry at any point all the time.

    What did Chancey do to Jefferson/

  7. theSHEEDabides

    It’s probabbly been like three or four years now, but Jefferson went up for a layup and Billups bumped into him as he was in the air. When Jefferson came down he hurt his ankle. I don’t know if he broke it or just twisted it bad but he was out for most of a season because of it. Afterwards, Jefferson accused Billups of hurting him on purpose, but Billups said, ‘I don’t roll like that.’ Billups is a class act and I believe him.

  8. Junior

    forget this flip murray at sg or at pg crap. he is a below average player at any position.

  9. Anonymous

    GEORGE BLAHA SUCKS ASS. He is so annoying it makes me want to vomit everytime i hear him speak. BRING BACK FRED MCOULD I MISS HEARING RUBBER RIM AND STICKS IT. Please fred come back you where/still are my hero, jason maxiell is not that good, hes fat period. DALE DAVIS all the way/

  10. Greg

    Fred McCloud is a TOOL it was like Christmas came early when he left. He had no idea what he was talking about and personally I wanted to kill myself every single time he uttered Rubber Rim!!

    Blaha all the way! Oh and Laimbeer too.

  11. theSHEEDabides

    For the record, Flip is a great sg, Maxiell is in very good shape and Blaha is a stud.

  12. Junior

    GREAT SG? hahaha great shooting guards don’t get traded every 2 years. great shooting guards don’t come off the bench. I could keep going if you want….Flip is the worst player on our team. I mean I know you like the pistons but don’t get blinded by that. I love em too but not every player we get is great.

  13. Anonymous

    haha speaking of anouncers don’t for get special k….you need a freakin dictionary to keep up with him….And laimbeer can get on my nerves alot…..He’s too much of a know it all….”they are gonna call a time out here” “they are going to fould him here” “he’s gonna shoot the 3” just makes me want to smack him somtimes

    But yeah natalie I deffinatly can relate to you on the kid and kissing the ball thing..

    Also you forgot to add delfino shoots from 20ft behind the 3 point line and misses everytime

    And will blalock seemed affraid of the ball at first…But I guess it’s just a rookie thing

    Finally mad max aka freight train is a bomb and if he ever gets a real clear dunk at the rim he just mite break it….

    Also good thing sheeds only gone for another game cuz we were getting man handled in the paint.

  14. Anonymous

    MAX is a great player. What the hell is up with Tayshaun and his shooting?

  15. Anonymous

    some thoughts of mine:
    -flip murray seems miserable as a piston, and joe should try to unload him before the deadline
    -maxiell should be starting over nazr by the end of the regular season
    -dale davis LOVES being a piston and loves playing with chauncey rip and tayshaun
    -tayshaun’s bad shooting spell is nothing to worry about, and he’s still our team MVP
    -blalock has definite rookie syndrome, and the starters don’t seem to involve him in many plays, but he is a hustle player and can i see some promise for him to replace murray and hunter next year
    -blaha is the pistons greatest icon next to joe D, and the best play by play guy i’ve ever heard
    -laimbeer is a great color guy, kelser is a terrible announcer and was a terrible player, and fred mcloud is just average
    -rasheed and maxiell would complement each other BEAUTIFULLY as a frontcourt … and with dyess, nazr and dale coming off the bench we could really cause some teams trouble in the paint. cuz let’s face it, nazr doesn’t scare anybody is one of the best websites in existence
    -more people should play frisbee golf
    -carmelo anthony is a huge sissy and should get suspended for punching a guy and then running away
    -allen iverson is on my fantasy team and i can’t wait til he gets traded
    -delfino is too weird for me… his metrosexuality doesn’t complement his basketball playing very well
    -maxiell isn’t all that different than a very young early underdeveloped ben wallace … think about it folks
    -i’d rather have chauncey than any point guard in the nba right now, i’m serious
    -tayshaun should be an all-star, hands down
    -okay enough comments

  16. theSHEEDabides

    Junior, it’s one thing to love the Pistons and it’s another thing to watch the games. I base my opinions on watching the games and I suggest that you do too.

  17. Anonymous

    i really miss sheed

  18. Anonymous

    I agree with some of juniors points but think watching the game is a better way to feel for the way a player plays. If I can not watch a gain I follow the stats and well being from canada I can not watch to may games so I sit at my computer and follow alot by listening and watching hte play by play each game. I think that tayshuan is a great player but needs to stop having these shooting problems ever year he has this way too many times. I think Flip did well tonight and well max stepped into sheeds shoes well tonight and is a promise for us next year and this year when he sees minutes. Nazr does not get the change to shows us what hes got, he played well tonight if he could stop with the fouls and get minutes he’ll have the boards. He had 8 boards and 9 points in only 21.50 minutes of play and only 3 fouls. I find when he is playing well he is taking out of the game. I do like to see davis out there however. McDyess is a good player and played well last year but he has not been the same this year I think max should behind sheed until McDyess gets his shot back and starts playing like the sixth man we all seen last year. Anyway the pistons did a great job tonight and I wish them well next game.

  19. Junior

    yup you got me. I don’t watch hardly any games at all. thanks for the advice.

  20. Natalie

    I love the bullet points—and I am blushing from the compliment about the site.

    It’s getting heated here courtesy of Flip Murray. I am not on the Flip bandwagon. Yes he can shoot when he’s hot. When he’s not its pathetic. He can’t handle the point spot. I am not hating, he just hasn’t won my love yet.

    I have a feeling he will be gone mid season if he’s not more consistent.

    Let all be freinds!

  21. theSHEEDabides

    I appreciate your mediation but I have little tolerance for people who say certain players are ‘crap.’ Also, the part I enjoy most about this site is that people know how to maintain a dialogue without being so condescending and dismissive. For instance, I read Junior’s embarrassing long analogy some time ago about the Pistons and a girl/boyfriend and tried to say something positive in response so he didn’t look like a fool and I think others also did the same thing.

  22. Anonymous



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