Chauncey is the star in more ways than one

by | Dec 9, 2006 | 14 comments

Not only was Mr. Big Shot the star against Orlando last night in the Pistons 87-83 win, scoring a season high 31 points, but he’s also bound to score a leading roll in a Hollywood flick after this performance.

Video courtesy of my20 Detroit

Other notes on the Pistons win Orlando

  • Chauncey plays well hurt.
  • Rasheed gets mad.
  • Rip has a double-double, 14 points and 10 rebounds.
  • Dwight Howard is awesome.
  • Rasheed is pushed from behind.
  • Rasheed gets his 7th tech.
  • Flip Murray was key, 13 timely points a key steal and 3 assists.
  • Darko looked intimidated by his old team.
  • Carlos Arroyo had something to prove but was just 2-7.
  • Although Delfino didn’t score he played 12 solid minutes defensively.
  • Jason Maxiell got 17 minutes and the Magic had to foul him to stop him.
  • Dyess got a tech.
  • Nazr played just 13 minutes after getting into early foul trouble.
  • Tayshaun had an off shooting night with 6 points but dished out 6 assists.
  • Sheed was 2 for 3 from downtown, one he called glass on. “glass glass”
  • Orlando has a lot of point guards. Nelson, Arroyo, Dooling.
  • Pistons are a game ahead of the Cavs for first place.
  • I am happy for Grant Hill.
  • Dwight Howard is getting superstar calls.
  • I laughed really hard when Billups backed down Arroyo in the lane and Arroyo tried to flop to draw the foul. While Arroyo was pleading his case from the floor, Chauncey calmly knocked down a three.
  • Sheed’s block on Nelson in the last seconds of the game was just what the Pistons needed.
  • Rip took advantage of Magic turnovers to seal the deal in the closing seconds.
  • Who makes the schedule? Back to backs then 4 days rest.
  • Billups scored 16 points in the third quarter.
  • Although I like Jameer Nelson, he looks tiny.
  • Darko still making rookie mistakes but to be fair you could say this is like his rookie season.
  • Defense has looked good in the past two games.
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  1. Anonymous

    that was funny. I liked how he introduced them. Also about the game I could not watch this one becuase I do not live in the states and do not get alot of the games up here in canada but I did sit at my computer watching the play by play its not the same as being there but it still gets you a little worried at times. I knoew whent hey tied the game at around the 5 minute mark we were going to win I just had a feeling. These last 2 games were like a tesst to everyone who dont think the pistons have it anymore. These poeple just need to watch these last 2 games and see how the pistons still have it withthe old fashion D. Well I can’t wait for the next two game sto see how we play I know we will do well.

  2. Anonymous

    I am happy for grant too he is having a good year its like he himslef is a rookie again and in a away he is with being out for soon long. Last season he said we would love to retire a pistons, I know this will probably not happen but wouldn’t it be great if he did. Grant Hill is my favorite player and would love to see him a piston again. I am moving to the west next month and am going ot miss the games when they play orlando at the palace and that sucks because I have never gotten to see grant play and was looking forward to it all year once i seem the schudle. This is my first time being a season ticket holder and was so pumped to see grant twice. I will have to wait maybe go to a game out there when they play a team in the west it just won;t be the same caus eit won’t be the pistons vs the magic. Well thats of I might just have to fly home. Anyway sorry for all that, the pistons played great I hope they keep it up

  3. theSHEEDabides

    Arroyo definitely had a chip on his shoulder yesterday–if Sheed showed the emotion that Arroyo did he would have gotten his second tech.

  4. Anonymous

    i might move out west too.. in cali.. I DONT WANT TO!!!! im soooo mad.. my parents just dont understand.. i dont want to go there.. i cant tell them that its because of the pistons.. ill miss all the games, cant go to n e more games… they dont care.. theyll laugh at me..

    but its really not the only reason.. i juss dont want to move there

    i pray everynight.. so they chnge their mind..

  5. Nate

    Billups was clutch last night! No hand in his face could stop the new deformed ball from going through the net. Great win for the guys (and I agree Natalie, good to see GHill on the floor again. I miss that guy, class act.)

    Now what was up with that foul call on Sheed’s block on Dwight Howard?? The announcers were puzzled for the ref was right there. Dam, they pick on that guy. The game is so much more fun to watch when Sheed is in, now if they’ll only let him play with some emotion with out T’ing him up.


  6. Natalie

    I will say a prayer for you too….

  7. Anonymous

    Did I ever mention that this is the best site in the world? Well it is, Go Pistons!!!!

  8. theSHEEDabides

    I forgot about that block! so many crappy things happen in a game that I forget ’em all. I agree that this site is the greatest–thank you Natalie, you are keeping me sane this year.

    I’m failing a lot of word verifications lately…idiot.

  9. Sheedfan

    Hey Natalie, thanks for the great site! Can you please put up the baby pictures from the Dallas game (Chauncey and Rip) and BTW, there is a nice question/answer thing with Sheed on ESPN weekend Dime, he even calls Stern a dictator!

  10. amber


  11. Anonymous

    no I don’t think so I think it is just because he no longer has the braids so it looks like he has less hair in the front.

  12. Anonymous

    Hey Nat did you know that Rip has your website on his links page under teammates. It shows rasheed’s and tayshauns as well as your right under rasheed wallace is You probably already new this but the frist time I had checked out his page I did not see it there and I was just on it and seen that your website was there. I always wondered if the players knew about your site and I guess they just might. Just thought I’d let you know about the link incase you didn’t already know. I guess even the players know your site is a great site to get updated piston information.

    Jessi from Canada

  13. Junior

    No, I really think rip is losing his hair. He is about at that age when you start to lose it. Late 20’s early 30’s. Also with him getting it braided all those years with all the pulling and twisting its bound to start falling out. I think he noticed it and is one of the reasons he cut the braids. I’m around the same age and mine is getting thinner and I noticed his as well. Scary thought let me tell ya.

  14. Natalie

    The Baby pictures are coming..
    I do know about the link on Rips site but thanks for letting me know in case I didnt.
    I love doing this it’s my pleasure and I am happy everyone else enjoys being here..

    Go Pistons


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