Pistons have a Sheedtastic night in Dallas

by | Dec 7, 2006 | 17 comments

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Now that’s more like it. The Pistons looked good from the start in the 92-82 win over Dallas. They had their swagger back Thursday night in front of the TNT audience. Early on game the Pistons were even shooting a ridiculous 59% from the floor. Tayshuan Prince was the Pistons leading scorer with 20 but it was Rasheed Wallace who dominated for the boys in blue.

Sheed was on FIRE from downtown going 5-for-8, but it was a stretch in the third when he took three 3 point shots in four possessions and made them all. To top that one even came off the glass and of course Sheed called it. He looked good from the start getting 10 in the first quarter and pulled down nine boards and two blocked shots. He played great, he took charge, he carried the team at times and had a blast doing it. These are the games I love to watch. When Sheed is playing well and having fun nothing can be better than that. Sheedtastic!


Chauncey is still struggling with the uncharacteristic turnovers and it doesn’t help that Flip is not taking care of the ball lately either. Chauncey had five turnovers but also added five steals, Flip had three turnovers in 20 minutes but he made up for them with five rebounds, four assists and three blocked shots.

Tay was solid again, and vying for his spot on the all-star team. Prince 1-for-1 from beyond the arc with three steals, seven rebounds, a blocked shot and a assist to go along with his 20 points. Tayshaun has been a rock the whole season for the Pistons. I am a bit worried about all the minutes he’s been logging lately. I do actually trust Delfino when Tay is resting but Saunders is still a bit wary about putting him on the floor (again).

It’s was funny watching this game. It makes you wonder how this team can lose the games that they do when they can beat a great team like Dallas in their own building. The Pistons played fantastic defense, they took good shots and they actually wanted to win this game. They are now a half of a game ahead of the Cavs for first place in the Central. Lets hope they take this win into Orlando and play with the fire they had in Dallas.

In Mark Stein’s ESPN Insider piece on the Pistons after the Mav’s game he says this.
“All they wanted to do Thursday night, after their finest 48 minutes of basketball since Ben Wallace left them, is run back to the locker room to catch the Phoenix-New Jersey highlights.”

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“Lawrence Frank is not going to be happy scoring 157 points and losing,” Rasheed Wallace bellowed, referring to the Nets’ coach.

After watching what seemed to be an endless flurry of uncontested shots for Nash, inside and outside, ‘Sheed loudly wondered: “Is anybody going to play any f@#%ing D in this game?”


  1. Anonymous

    can you make that sheed shot clip available for download??

  2. Junior

    Being a Piston fan is like dating a real hot girlfriend/boyfriend that you love more than they love you. Sure at times they love you(8 game winning streak) But what about the last few days when they wouldn’t answer your phone calls.(Charlotte,Portland) Its like they are 2 different people. Just when they make you mad, they go and cook your fav dinner or do that thing you like.(win in Dallas)
    They look really good on the outside(Starters) but you wonder if changes need to be made. They have some inner beauty,(Bench,Coach) but you only focus on that ugly mole on their leg and their piss poor attitude.(Flip Murray,Nazr Mohammed) So everyday you wonder, is this the day we break up? Do I want to contiune down this path? They play with your emotions, do what they want and make you wonder if they are cheating on you.(effort)
    Then you remember how much you love their dad(Dumars) oh and Grandpa Bill(Davidson). So you know they were raised up correctly. Then you figure you live in the same area(Detroit) so that makes it easy. After all, you just won’t be able to love like this again. Especially with all the other whores out there.(Stuporstars of the NBA)
    Overall, you realize you are commmited and would die for this relationship. The history you shared together is just to important. And DAMN they look good when they want to.

  3. Anonymous

    and murray did great in just 20 minutes he had:

    2 points
    3 blocks
    4 assists
    5 rebounds

  4. Anonymous

    yea i was gonna ask the same can u make that sheed clip available for download or just make it a animated .gif file if u can please,

    oh well who really cares, but i really enjoyed this game, man those trios he hit were just amazing, and the best thing about it is he got no techs haha, great game, if we can beat orlando tommorow then no one will call pistons the second best in east.

  5. Natalie

    Really Nice Junior… Great analogy! I must say I agree with you 100%.

    For all of you who want to download the flash files just use Firefox and the get Video Downloader extension, it’s easy, free and it also lets you save YouTube files.

    I am mostly doing everything in flash because of the convenience and the file size. Or you can use a download manager.
    The url for the file is…


  6. Anonymous

    Great clip, Sheed had a monster game. Keep up the great work, this is one of my favorite sites.

  7. Anonymous

    Definately on point, Junior.

  8. Anonymous

    You said Junior…

    I watched this game and it was great. I hope they play like this in Orlando tonight. I was happy to see tay do well but I agree he plays to many mintues however on the upside he play a lot of minutes last season and was still the only player who played well every game in the playoffs, he even had a game where he played the whole 48 minutes and than the next one he played all most all the game, so I think he should be fine with all the minutes. At the same time flip needs to start trusting his bench more carlos is playing well and flip should let him show everyone he can handle being out there for at least 20 minutes a night.

    Nat I have to say thank you for this site I love the pistons but have just excepted a piston with my company out west so will not be going to games I have to give my tickets to my family as of next month, but I know I will have this site and all of you to keep me updated so thank you for all your work.

  9. Anonymous

    I think Sheed likes to show up Dirk since they are both big men who likes throwing their 3’s.

    As to that NJ/Phoenix game, did it break the scoring record or for game with very few D played.

  10. theSHEEDabides

    Junior–that’s funny. My relationship with the Pistons is also as burdensome as it is joyful. We’re patetic.

  11. Anonymous

    Just saw this awesome video.. here’s the link.

  12. Anonymous

    what is sheed wearing around his waist?

  13. Anonymous

    Junior.. babii u r on point… sucha tear dripper..LOL juss playin

  14. Junior

    LOL yeah I know its pretty bad. I’ve just been burnt by both so I related the 2 very easy.

  15. Natalie

    It looks like some kind of rubber bracelet band. Not really sure.

  16. Anonymous

    thats natalie I have seen him ear it before b and aways wonder maybe it keeps his shirt from coming out who knows

  17. Anonymous

    It’s just those spandex shorts the rest of the team wears. You can see tay’s in the picture below it. I think Sheed just tucks his shirt in there so it doesn’t come out during games.

    I love how everybody is saying, “don’t forget about detroit” when that’s what we’ve been saying this whole damn time. Best team in the east? I like to think so…


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