Portland steals one at the Palace

by | Dec 5, 2006 | 9 comments

The Portland Trail Blazers snapped their five game losing streak against the Pistons Tuesday night. Zach Randolph had a monster night. Although he was held scoreless in the first, he went on the score 31 points and ultimately the game winner. Rip Hamilton was the leading scorer for the Pistons with 25.

“This was a horrible loss for us,” said Chauncey Billups, who kept the Pistons close with eight points in the final 4 minutes. “These are the kind of games that can haunt you late in the season.”

Didn’t the Pistons figure that out after the the loss to the Bobcats the other night?

Once again the Pistons slept on a team under 500. I am sure they would have liked to win this one at home against Portland, especially coming off the loss in Charlotte. They sure aren’t making things easy for themselves. The Pistons will be on the road for the next four games with games in Dallas, Orlando, Indiana and New Jersey.

I don’t think there is much to say about this one especially when you know that they should be going into Dallas riding a 10 game winning streak. My good friend The Microwave over at Pistons Forum.com said it best, “Tonight’s loss was very disheartening.” As Pistons fans we have been very spoiled in the last few years, but to watch the team play like this when we know they could do much more is hard. At least I know I am not the only one who feels like this.

On a good note 3manlift.com has Chauncey Billups as one of the top 5 point guards in the NBA.


  1. Anonymous

    Once again, you said it best Natalie. Why is it against poor teams we seem to lose (Portland 6-12 at the time)? After a good first quarter, we seemed to gradually start falling apart. Finally came back and took a lead late in the 4th, but couldn’t stop them on 2 straight possessions and when we had a chance to win it at the end, couldn’t make the shots. But…we should have put this team away much earlier and not relied on pulling it out at the end. My hope is this seems similar to how we were earlier when we just lost 2 in a row to Golden State and New Orleans and came back and won 8 straight. Here’s hoping that will be the case again!

  2. Anonymous

    please tell me why so mnay threes? I was not a the game because of work but was portland d so got it pushed use to taking the three? I hope the pistons do well on the next 4 games or I think it will be a long season for them. I thought that they would be fighting hard to keep first place one they go it but it looks like they are giving it back to the cavs

  3. theSHEEDabides

    I love the Pistons but they’re lazy–I don’t know any other explanation for the number of 3s. I think you’re right–this was the difference in the game. Narz had anoter terrible game, too. He is a liability on defense so he has to score buckets, more than two for sure.

  4. Junior

    you know what it is? These guys are so good and have been good longer than anyone in the league that they really just go through the motions especially against weaker oppponets. They lack that fire they once had. I’m sure it will come. Think about it, they are no where near playing their best ball and they go on a nice winning streak with tough back to back wins against Washington and a good Houston team. Plus on the road against rival Miami. I think they get bored to easy. I mean Sheed was a non factor all game. Then late in the forth he posts up, dogs his man, gets an easy layup. I’m at the game thinking, YOU COULDA HAD 30 POINTS DOING THAT. But its easy to sit back and shoot 3’s. When your a good shooter like Rip,Tay,Chauncey,Sheed and Delfino, your gonna shoot the open 3. Now I know Delfino did force one or two but he has been hitting them. Overall I feel the worst thing happened to our guys. They are too good AND THEY KNOW IT. A loss to even Charlotte or Portland isn’t gonna change that fact. Trust me I hate this idea more than anyone but I keep getting this thought in my head that we might need to break up our boys. I CAN’T BELIEVE I AM SAYING THAT. The championship fire they once had EVERYTIME they stepped on the floor has just about sizzled out.

  5. Anonymous

    I don;t think we need to break them up I think we need to work harder. I really think its flips rotations. I think the fire is there its just hard to keep it going. Now look at the heat last year they were paying badly and look what they did in the end. Ya I know it was the pistons who las the game by falling a part but they still did it at the end when a the start they didn’t even lok like a team who would have made it past the first round. What I think these starts need is that oner person to bring them together again like in 04 when they won the ring. They were a good team but it was when Joe D brought Sheed to the team that everythign came together, thats what we need the last piece of the puzzle. Have it be a player off the bench or a power forward and move sheed to the center or a another center I really don’t know we just need a new piece to fit us together again.

  6. theSHEEDabides

    How demoralizing must that have been to be the best team all year long and then lose in the playoffs. I think they realize that the regular season doesn’t mean that much especially since the east is terrible this year (3 teams 500 or better as opposed to the West’s 11). We’ll see a new team in the plaayoffs but at the same time, I don’t think they’ll be able to switch it on like they might think.

  7. Anonymous

    The only reason we dont have the number 1 seed is because Orlando is lucky. On Dwayne Wade getting sportsman of the year, which idiot picked him?

  8. Anonymous

    Please do not take anything away from Orlando they are a good team with everyone being heathly right now. The pistons are my team and always will be but please do not take orlandos doing well away and say it luck because its not. I have watched there agains and that team is doing right now and if everyone stays heathly them they will be right there until the end.

  9. Natalie

    I have to pretty much agree with everyone on this. Though I am sad to say that if the Pistons don’t have much success this season Joe will do some changing.

    I can’t for the life of me understand the 3’s either especially the one with the game on the line.

    They Pistons have been humbled, I thought that would make them stand up and take notice. They did for 8 games but their cockiness crept right back in.


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