That’s Cold Bernie

by | Dec 4, 2006 | 10 comments

Local 4 sports reporter Bernie Smilovitz had a little something to say about Ben Wallace’s “Big Night” against the Celtics Monday night. I wonder what he would have said about this.


  1. Anonymous

    so funny when I see the stats last night I was like ben whats happening only played just over 17 minutes he must be hating it. the bulls are not getting their moneys worth out of him at all. I guess will not be making the def. man of the year this year. It make me wonder why the bulls took him Scott does not even like Ben in the first place she should it each game with the hack a benwhen they played the pistons, right there showed how much respect he had for ben not any in my opion. I think the bulls wanted ben because they thought that he was the one who get the pistons as far as they had with him but to find out it was the team that did that. I hope ben is happy on the bench. I can see it now he will soon be coming off the bench and some nights not even playing.

  2. theSHEEDabides

    Where do you come up with all of these clips, etc…You’re amazing Natalie. That guy is kind of an idiot, don’t you think. Obviously Ben contributes a lot of intangible things that don’t show up on the stat chart, Piston fans know this and that’s why we appreciate him. On the other hand, he did only play 17 minutes and took the big payday so he invites this sort of criticism. I mean, if they are criricizing his effort after a twenty point win then they’ll never be happy with him. I actually feel bad for the guy–I don’t care how much a guy makes, he shouldn’t have to deal with rules like no headband or listening to music which I consider attacks on his person. If Skiles is so concerned about individuality, how ’bout taking their names off the jerseys (oh, I know, maybe because they won’t sell as many…idiots! Hypocrites!).

  3. Big_Ben

    The way I see it, Ben is making out like a bandit. He only has to play about 20 min a game, he doesn’t work his ass off to make 10 or more rebounds a game and he’s still raking in 60 mil. Way ta go Ben!!!

  4. theSHEEDabides

    Yup, the Bulls are only hurting themselves. I know his contract is big but I just can’t see him being there much longer if he’s only getting 20/game. He does have it made but his pride won’t let him sit on the bench.

  5. Anonymous


    I just hope the pistons win tonigt.. THATS MY BIRTHDAY WISH!! hehe

    Happy Birthday to ME!!

  6. Natalie

    Have a Sheedtastic Birthday

  7. Anonymous

    thanx Nat

  8. Anonymous

    He shoulda stayed in the D oh well his lost….now if only the pistons would act right and its my birthday today too!

  9. Anonymous

    no kidding but the bulls need a better coach, first he cries about ben’s headband and then takes him out for most of the game, why pay him 60 mil when he’s gonna play his bench more than wallace?

  10. Anonymous

    Ben….Damn what a good player….Anyways the headband is kind of old news and actually pretty stupid that it ever became news…..But I think after ben was told he couldn’t wear his headband……That all the pistons players went out and they all wore headbands just as a practicle joke but it would be funny to see….

    but On a final note ben chose his own path and destiny and he wantted the money because he knew it’ll be the most he’ll ever get a chance to make….But look what he lost in turn Fans a good solid team All For the cost of a few extra mill…So he needs to live with it or realise his mistake He put him self in this postion So I can’t feel sorry for him. Do I wonder if his own teamates like him chi town?


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