Bobcats Spoil The Streak

by | Dec 3, 2006 | 3 comments

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Actually you could say that the Pistons lackadaisical play did them in. The Pistons where off to a 9-0 start and it looked like they were going to coast to a win but everything was downhill after that. The Bobcats bench outscored the Pistons bench 46-14 but the blame doesn’t lie with the bench, the starters (minus Mohammed) played heavy minutes in this one.

  • Tayshaun 33 minutes.
  • Rasheed 38 minutes.
  • Rip 35 minutes.
  • Chauncey 38 minutes.
  • McDyess and Murray played the bulk of the bench minutes combining for 48 minutes.

Rasheed scored 19 points and Prince added 17. Rip also scored 17, but shot 5-for-16 and did not score in the first half. Chauncey was a miserable 5-for-14 and 1-for-7 from downtown for 14 points.

The Bobcats seem to know what it takes to win against big teams and the Pistons once again sleep on teams way below 500. I had a feeling this one was going to turn out bad.

“It hurt us a little bit,” guard Chauncey Billups said of the quick start. “It came so easily. Most times when we’re playing a really young team and we’re an elite team and then we jump on a lead like that, most teams could pretty much give up. They didn’t, to their credit.”

Come on Chauncey, I love you but I hope you have learned that the Pistons aren’t as bulletproof as they once were. It doesn’t matter what team your playing, this is the NBA, any one of these teams can beat you on a given night. Especially when you play the way the Pistons did against the Bobcats. Chauncey, I hope you don’t expect anyone to lay down for you. It’s not going to happen.

On a good note Chauncey Billups scored his 9,000th career point in the game.

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Let’s hope the Pistons are ready for the Blazers come Tuesday night.


  1. Anonymous

    I was able to watch this game because I do not live in the states and don’t get FSN det or mytv20 so I had to only to watch the stats from my computer through out the game. Whent he pistons were down by one at the half I said to myself its ok it one they will come out strong in the third and build a lead, boy was I wrong they went down 6. I was still only a little scared because it seemed like Tayshaun had found his shot he had 11 in the quater and that is usually a good sign for him in the forth bur that was not the case he only took 2 shots one right at the beinging and one at the end please someone watching the game tell me why? Once the 5 minute mark hit and the pistons were doen by I think it was 8 I knew that it was over ( the pistons don;t usaully will when they are down by more than 5 at the 5 min mark form what I have seen).

    Anyway I am glad I did not watch this game and hope they start to open their eyes and realize they are stoppable and any team can beat them. The real test for the pistons comes with they next 5 games if they do not do well against these teams, them I don’t know whats going to happen around playoffs! Its too late in the season for the pistons to have the aittuded that they have.

    Alos please someone tell me who so many 3s were shot?

    Sorry this is so long but I thought that maybe the pistons had started to play like they wanted to be in the finals at the end, not like a team that thinks they are unstoppable. I love the pistons and always will but this looks like it was a game we should not have lost.

  2. Anonymous

    This sucks! Not only did the winning streak end, but we lost to one of the worst teams in the NBA! Were one of the best teams in the NBA and to lose to one of the worst. Is really an embarrasment. I know we will defeat Portland on Tuesday. Number 1 seed here we come!

  3. Anonymous

    I have to say our starts did get some good points as fare as stats but its when they got then that counts and when they didn’t. Rip had none in the the first half and well chauncey did not shot very well. Tayshuan only took 2 shots in the forth and sheed was not there on the boards. The only started that did well is the one who sees no time Mohammed (this I am not sure why since he has been playing well but does not get any mintues even when he is not in foul trouble). What really gets me is our bench gave us nothing to night Carlos never even took a shot in his only 7 plus miuntes. This is the kind of ball we would see from a young team not the pistons. I ‘m sure it was an off night I hope.


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