Rules or Reputation?

by | Dec 1, 2006 | 11 comments

I say emotion. Free Sheed….


  1. Anonymous

    I was at this game. The ref looks like he was looking right at sheed. I do not think a tech should have been called. Sheed has been so good and then the ref just find a way to give him a tech I really think they are trying to usr him as an example for this rule.

    Could you post the fav things from Tayshaun as well as his interview at the end of the game tonight I cought most of it but not all of it.

  2. Natalie

    I was at the game also…this tech was BS

    Only we saw Tays favorite things at the game, I am pretty sure it wasn’t in the broadcast.
    I will get the interview up tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous

    The referee and the Commissioner can all get in a circle and suck my dick!

    FUCK THEM ALL! Fuck the COMMISSIONER, This is why MARK CUBAN wants to sell the fuckin team, so he can say what he wants to say to the commissioner mother fucker, piece of worthless shit we should all piss on him!

  4. Anonymous

    I agree whole heartedly with the above poster.

  5. Anonymous

    Just Felonious.

  6. theSHEEDabides

    There was a great interview with Cuban on PTI and they asked him about selling the team–he said he wasn’t. I love Cuban, as any Piston fan should. In fact I consider him one of us. I want to get a Sheed jersey with ‘He Tech Me’ on the back and a dollar sign instead of the six–that would be bad-ass! I watched the broadcast and didn’t seet 24 secs with Tay. Finally gotto love Blaha–“clobbered”

  7. Anonymous

    I just have one questions about the techs and the fine that they playes get after each one, who gets that money? I mean does it go into the pockets of the NBA or do they turn around and give it to charty? I can propbably answer this one on my own, its goes to the NBA. Does David not get paid enough that he needs to find a away to get more or is he jelious of the players who get played big bucks for a game he can’t play?

    On a other note great game last night I’d say Tayshaun had another outstanding game wxcept I don’t understand why he was taken out in the first quater when he started to make shots as well why was he not given the ball more once he made 2 they stoped giving him the ball and than he was taken out.

  8. theSHEEDabides

    Lt’s just hope Stern’s prostitutes (refs) don’
    t get the money–wouldn’t put it past him for extra motivation. I can just see the refs in their lockerroom, “OK, whoever gives Sheed a tech gets a free beer–if you throw him out of the game, a free dinner.” I Tay’s rest will pay off at the end of the year but those runs the knicks had were scary. Nobody can replace Tay, but Delphino did put in some good minutes for him.

  9. Anonymous

    i saw tayshaun’s favorite things on tv. i think it they played it right after a commercial break during the pregame show.

  10. collin

    It’s almost painful to watch some of these new techs being called. Right from first tip off in the miami-chicago game, nocioni (who i happen to love watching get in every kind of foul trouble imaginable)got, what i considered to be, a cheap technical to sheeds against NY on friday night. It’s just pathetic. Especially being a lifetime pistons fan, when i see old footage of the original badboys pounding MJ if he decided to stay in the lane or making it extra difficult for the legend to get up after a harrd foul, it’s amazing to see how much has changed.

  11. theSHEEDabides

    Not only the tech but it was a great dunk and the whistle just stops the momentum, not to mention the excitement of the fans who attended the game. Stern has no respect for the fans.


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