It Wasn’t Pretty But I’ll Take It

by | Dec 1, 2006 | 11 comments

The Pistons looked out of sync almost the entire game. Rasheed only had eight points, Chauncey turned the ball over five times and Rip was the only Piston with more than 12 points. It was rough, messy but it was a win nonetheless adding to the Pistons winning streak that is now at seven games.

If you read major media pieces about the game they will tell you that Wade had an off night. Wade was just 5 for 23 with 21 points. What they won’t tell you that the reason that he was off was because of the Pistons D. Rip Hamilton did a great job on him along with the rest of the Pistons effective zone and clogged the lane so Wade couldn’t penetrate. When he did get in he was forced into bad shots. His biggest mistake was in the final seconds of the game and the Heat down by one, he ran the clock down to make sure the last shot would be his and was forced into a 20 footer that didn’t even come close. I did enjoy the drama when Wade took a hard foul and landed on the floor and tried to play it up like he was auditioning for Lee Starasburg at the Actors Studio.

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Though most of the Pistons wins have come when Rasheed has had good games, you wouldn’t know he was key unless you watched the game. Sheed had a couple of timely threes in the fourth quarter and couple of nice blocks to help shut down the Heat when it counted. This one was clearly won with defense.

I did question the use of the bench at times in the fourth quarter, but overall Flip’s rotation was solid.

Rasheed added another technical foul to his count when he disputed the clear foul that was not called on Chauncey Billups at the end of the half. I don’t know if any of you caught it but when the Pistons were walking off the court after arguing the non call you could clearly see Joe Dumars discontent and if you can read lips you know he wasn’t happy. I don’t remember the last time I have seen Joe so worked up.

Now I have one question, someone please explain what kind of call Joe Crawford made on Rip’s foul shot attempt?


  1. Anonymous

    I guess he told him to do your signature free-throw.. and he just passed him the ball and ripped just threw it at the rim.. I dont know excatly how that works.. but w/e.. it must be with the everyone has to be ready i guess?


  2. Junior

    Hey Nat,

    I thought the same thing when I saw Joe at the end of the half. I had to ask myself, Was Joe bitching about that call? You never ever see Joe Cool get angry. I must admit I enjoyed seeing it. It felt as if he was playing and was walking off the court with the rest of the fellas. If you can get video of that. I’d love to see it again.

  3. Anonymous

    I didn’t see the tech infact I usually always miss them to see if it’s fair….most likely never is…..But I made it in the 4th and could tell something probally happend when Wade got the ball out of bounds and they called it fair…..and like sheed just pointed and you can tell some bad words were on it’s way out but then…..I felt like his owner pulled him back on the leash choked him and he just walked away. Kinda sad

    I mean sooner or later sheeds gonna need counsleing holding back all that energy and just sucking it in is going to cause some damage to someone like rasheed who constantly needs to express his emotions.

    on a end note….I’m trying not to get to far ahead of my self but the next 4 games? all the teams are under 500 untill dallas on the 7th….so hopefully we can keep the streak going.

  4. Nique

    Very worried about the playoffs. If the refs are going to call games like that. What can we expect when they really get noticed and the hype machine really starts for Wade, King James and other so called superstars and there teams. If you noticed for the first 3 qtrs the refs were bailing the Heat out whenever we got within 2 or 4 points of there lead. Either it was a horrible call or a complete NO CALL. There we several times Wade yells at the ref directly in there faces and NO Tech was called. Where is your NO ZERO TORLENCE rule???

    I understand the NBA is a business but Mr.Stern has hit a new low with me and his product.

  5. Dan

    I think Crawford thought that Rip was trying to throw the ball back to him, as if he wasn’t set. Weird. Oh well, we’er rolling now.

  6. Anonymous

    This game was B/S.
    Wade had no fouls but he sure tried to make alot of penalty shots.

    I liked this guy the first year when he was in Miami. Now I think he is full of himself like Fat Shaq. As a sportsman, he has no shame in taking what the Refs give him. I support the Pistons and Big Ben, F the rest of the NBA.

  7. Anonymous

    Bad officiating to say the least. Where was the technical when Wade threw his gum after he tossed up that horrible shot in the final seconds?

  8. Anonymous

    Wathing this game made me mad. I am really susprised we came out with the win. I mean every time you turned around a foul was called wade look at you with the ball in is hands a foul was called. And that foul with sheed when wade satyed on the ground you could tell he was hoping for a frag. foul to be called. The look in his face was I will stay down here until I get teh call I want. I my self am a little worried about the playoffs since the refs like to protect the susperstars, but the pistons can use D to get passed it it will just be a little harder and more work we can do it.

  9. Anonymous

    Leave it up to Piston fans to compain about something…even after a win. You guys are fucking pathetic.

  10. Junior

    what is compain anyway? Fucking retard

  11. Natalie

    Looks like we have frustrated Heat fan.


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