The Flavor Of Sheed

by | Nov 26, 2006 | 27 comments

It’s not often that we get a chance to find out personal information about our favorites sports personalities. Well today is our lucky day. Rasheed Wallace sat down in front of video cameras and gave us a peek into some of his favorite things.

Now it’s not a shocker to me that Flavor of Love is Sheed’s favorite television show. If I had a guess I would have picked Good Times just for the fact that Sheed sings the theme song so well.

Can you imagine what would happen if you put Flava Flav and Sheed together in front of cameras for a day. Now that would be hilarious.

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Videos courtesy of myTV20 Detroit and MTV


  1. Anonymous

    Funny I had forgot about when sheed gave that tour of his home.

    I think it must be something that the pistons are doing cause Billiups did one too. I would like to see Tayshaun. I hope all the starts are going to tell us their favourite things.

    I don;t thin kI have heard anyone call baseball softball since I was in grade school kinda funny.. and flavor of Love as his TV show would never have guessed but could see it.

    Anyway thanks for everything you do one this site.

  2. Anonymous

    Great stuff you always find the right things to put on this site.

    I would like to make a commit on the game sat night, I am susprised that they pulled it off I mean they out rebounded us and they shot better than us we only won this game because the threes were going down. I don’t want to take anythign away from them and hope they keep this winning up but they need to rebound the ball more.

    Sorry just a little of topic.

    I love the picture of sheed as flavor of love.

  3. Big_Ben

    Ha Ha I love it when he sings the good times song. Classic.

  4. Anonymous

    this site should seriously be pistons official website, everyone played great against wizards, 5 days of resst until we play heat…cant wait

  5. Kenny

    Natalie What do you want for Christmas….You seriously deserve a present for all you do for Pistons fans. Especially me a displaced Detroiter in Texas of all places.

    Put up an Amazon Wish List or something, I owe you!

    Kenny, a Pistons fan in Spurs country!

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with Kenny for everything you do for use. This is the best site I have found that has current and correct info. of the pistons. The first time I found your site I was googling for info on Tayshaun this site was amoung the findings I thought at first it would be all to do with Sheed because of the name but found it had everything about the pistons and even at times about other teams. That was about a year ago and now I come this site almost everyday because it is always update.

    Thank you and do concider making that list.

    Jessi from Canada

  7. Anonymous

    I am totally with Jessi and Kenny, lets all chip in and get Natalie a wonderful holiday present to show our appreciation.
    I give thanks to her every day for need4sheed.

    Bailey a Pistons fan from Australia

  8. Anonymous


  9. Anonymous

    It is in Nov. 2006 Archives its called 24 sec. with Chauncey Billups. Its not one with his house its on what is fav. things are.

  10. Anonymous

    Dude there is no CBillups one, that is a MTV cribs episode, and I am pretty sure Chauncey never did one.

    As for everyone giving thanks to Nat…I will join the club.

    Get that list up!

    Mike, my body is in California but my heart is in the “D”

  11. Anonymous

    Rasheed did that Cribs episode when he was still in Portland. He talked about how he never washed his cars partly because it rains too much in Portland (and he likes his rides a little dusty).

  12. Anonymous

    That was a great video.

    **Consider the list… it’ll be nice to give back to you the joy you give to us**

    OOh.. for those of you who are interested to seeing a clip of a talk about the central division.. go to and click the link that says “central division” in the Lebron & Hamilton picture. THEY STILL THINK THE PISTONS ARE TRYING TO “FIND THEIR IDENTITY” >:o

  13. Anonymous



  14. Anonymous

    The pistons will always been seen and still trying to find there identity in the eyes of most until the make it to the finals ad win it than everyone will have something difernet to say but of they don;t make it, it will be just like last year were it was said they need brown to win only this year it will be they needed ben to win. I really do hope they bring home the ring not just becuase I love this team but because these players desever it they really do they are still a team taht plays with heart and I love that. No matter waht happens in June I will still be there to cheer them on

  15. Natalie

    Honestly everyone you have me blushing, I am happy that you enjoy what I do here at need4sheed. As for the a list of gifts, I don’t know if I feel comfortatable with doing that. I don’t do this for the money, I do it for the love of the Pistons and for the simple fact that if I wasn’t able to see and enjoy all the things that I do because I live in Detroit, I would hope that I had a site like this to come to to get my Pistons fix.

    I will think about the list, but for some reason it seems piggish of me for even considering it.

    Thank you so much for even thinking of doing something so special for little old me. It’s just Sheedtastic!

  16. Anonymous

    No really Nat.. consider it.. we offered.. we just want to give back the same joy you give us. Its really not piggish of you. Its CHRISTMAS

    By the way.. whens your birthday???

  17. Anonymous

    MAKE A LIST!!!

    Did u ever send the petition to STERN???

  18. Anonymous

    Nat.. i was just watching the 2005-2006 pistons season recap that u once made (on youtube) and it was a tear dripper.. i almost cried… I MISS BEN and last season at that.. it was a great season… if only we could have brought the ship home.. i kno we cant win them all but last season would have been a very well deserved championship. and if we did win it all… im pretty sure ben would not have left :'(

  19. Natalie

    My Birthaday has come and gone, it’s in September very close to Sheeds I might add.

    As for the Petition, I am waiting to get some more signatures on it. I would love to have a least 5000 before I send it to Stern.

    As for the Kindness of your thoughts for me in giving me a gift I am still thinking about it. There is one thing I have had my eye on for quite a while, it would actully help me with the graphics and wallpapers on the website. I am still thinking about it.

    The thought of you guys thinking of me and wanting to do something special could keep me warm all winter long

  20. Keith

    You deserve it how about we just send you amazon gift certificates, and you can get what you want.

    Give me a hint I want to know what is at the top of your Christmas list?

  21. Anonymous

    I agreed with keith amazon gift cert are a great idea now how do we send them?

  22. Stephanie

    I love amazon gift certificates, I send them all the time. All you need is the persons email address. I am pretty sure nat has a link to amazon stuff on here. Let me be the first to send you one nat.

    her address is it’s as easy as that.

    And yes what is it that you want?

  23. Anonymous

    I just got her one, you can click on the gift icon on the site and buy it directly from there. If we all even give what we can to nat I am sure she can get a great present.

    Plus it must cost a bit for the site, I never really thought of that. So thank you Nat and merry christamas.

    Alan from Vegas

  24. Natalie

    Thanks Alan I just got the Gift certificate I can’t thank you enough. And for everyone who wants to know this is at the top of my christmas list.

    Wacom Graphics Tablet

    So for all of you nice enough to get me a gift certificate like Alan did, this is what I am hoping to get.

    To help me with the wallpapers, art and photoshopping on the site. Geeky I know but I have always wanted one.

  25. Anonymous

    Nat u said u want 5000 signatures on the petition but it seems like you’ve removed it?? I was telling some friends to sign it and they said that they didnt see no petition.. i told them there is a link u can click at the top of the page they say they didnt see it.. and i see its not there??

  26. Natalie

    Its just not at the top anymore its the top left column, the picture of sheed behind bars. Pretty easy to find, at least I hope so.

  27. Anonymous

    buy you sheeds maybach for christmas


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