Hawks and Bobcats

by | Nov 23, 2006 | 12 comments

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With the holiday and the fact that I have been under the weather, I didn’t get a chance to say too much about the Pistons win over the Hawks at the Palace Wednesday night. Is this double-double thing getting contagious or what? Chauncey led the team with 24 points and 10 assists, Tayshaun had 15 points and 11 rebounds and Sheed had 14 point and 13 rebounds. That makes three Pistons with double-doubles and Sheed’s fourth in as many games.

Their rebounding is getting a bit better but Sheed could use consistent help grabbing boards, especially on the offensive end. If Tayshaun and the guards could pick up a couple more rebounds a game then it might not be as big as a problem as it was when the season started. I still think their defense needs to tighten up a bit, Atlanta got quite a few easy buckets driving the lane.

Delfino got some extended minutes and although he was just one for three with six points he hit all of his free throws and was very aggressive when he was out there. Flip Murray, well I will keep my reservations to myself until I can see him play a bit more, but I will say I have been far from impressed and will leave it at that.

Tonight the Pistons will see what rookie Adam Morrison can do along with the healthy Emeka Okafor. I am hoping this cold I have won’t keep me from going to the game, but if it does I will happily watch from the couch while enjoying an abundance of Thanksgiving leftovers.


  1. Big_Ben

    Hope you feel better soon Nat. Enjoy your left overs and send some my way 😉

  2. Anonymous

    I hope you are feeling better Nat.

    A far as the boys I am liking what I am starting to see. They still need some work and you are right sheed needs help on the boards. Tayshaun has steped up a little but if we could get 10+ out of him everyday night it would be good to see and will help out sheed.

    I myself will be missing this game for business meetings and since I live in canada will not be able to catch the game which really sucks.

    I wish our boys well and again I hope you are feeling better.

  3. theSHEEDabides

    I think the Pistons were better off with Delk instead of Murray, but having said that, I think Murray is pretty good. Since Saunders decided to keep him at shooting guard he has seen less minutes and made a bigger impact. He was a good ball player in Cleveland and an excellend one in Seattle so I think he is turning it around. Delphino also makes an impact on defense–I think the role players are falling into their roles. I hope you get the energy to go to the game tonight to see the next Larry Bird, according to good ole Woody, anyway. Take care.

  4. Anonymous

    rasheed sucks at rebounding. maybe if he ever boxed anyone out he would average 15 a game

  5. Anonymous

    To the guy that siad “Rasheed Sucks at Rebounding”… He has had a double double almost every game that the pistons have had on this win streak. He is averaging just as many, if not more rebounds than Ben Wallace in Chicago and more Shot Blocks. Rasheed is just needs to play like this, night in and night out, for the Pistons to compete for a Championship… However, Rasheed is a very inconsistant player.

  6. theSHEEDabides

    Rasheed might get lazy, but he doesn’t suck–wash your mouth out.

  7. Anonymous

    Rasheed has stepped up this year with out ben. Our centers are not getting the rebounds so he has taken it into his hands to work hard at it. He does not suck and he plays well each night. At least when he could have left the team after they won he decided to stay because the other players wanted him to. I can’t even believe that you said that he has been a big part of why we are winning right now.

  8. Anonymous

    OK lets compare ben to sheed this year… points per gam ben 6.0 sheeds 13.8, rebounds per game ben 10.3 and sheed only .2 behind with 10.01, apg ben 1.7 and well sheed 2, spg ben 1.91 sheed, BPG ben 1.73 and sheed 2.17.

    So for the person who said sheed sucks you don’t know what you are talking about.

  9. Anonymous

    sheed doesnt suck man do u even watch basketball?? if sheed’s missing shots he wont stop shooting because he wants to help the team out, not because he wants more points, he argues with refs for his teammates and fights for every single point, we would totally suck without him, he’s been doin great past 5 games and we have won them all only because of him because nazr only played about 15 mins a game

    we lost all those 5 games to practice and give some mins to the bench and its all paying off, and ben wallace just sucks, any player that plays for money cant put his best in the game, he could be a much better player if he atleast tried to play better offense, but he duznt even care so fuck him, fuck bulls, GO PISTONS!

  10. Anonymous

    Nat.. i hope u feel better!

    and for the person who said SHEED sux needs to stop coming to this website because u know u are not even a pistons fan and just visits the site to stir things up…

    enjoy ur leftovers… did u have any dolma!?!?! 🙂

  11. Natalie

    Thanks everyone, I am feeling a bit better. As for the leftovers…I stuck to chicken soup.

  12. theSHEEDabides

    Not even turkey soup?? Glad you are feeling better. By the way, Ben had 0 points and 0 rebounds in 20 minutes yesterday. What is more the Bulls gave up 123 pts!! HaHa


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