Chris McCosky’s Take On The NBA’s Star Treatment

by | Nov 20, 2006 | 15 comments

Chris McCosky vents about the NBA’s Star treatment when it comes to the Zero Tolerance rule.

“Did you happen to catch the Cavaliers-Wizards game on Saturday night? It was vintage.

LeBron James blew up twice at referee Ken Mauer with complete impunity. The first time, in the second quarter, James thought he got hit in the head on his drive to the basket. He ran up into Mauer’s face, slapping his own head to show Mauer what had happened.

OK, you let that one go – heat of the moment. Then, in the fourth quarter, James got hit again and again he got into Mauer’s face. “Call the (bleeping) foul, Ken!”

Trust me on this, had Rasheed Wallace done that twice in one game – especially to Mauer – he would have been tossed. Here’s what it’s like to be Rasheed. He’s sitting on the bench minding his own business on Saturday against the Rockets. Assistant coach Ron Harper and others are chirping at a bad call (another bad call) by referee Leon Wood. Wood blows his whistle – technical foul, Pistons bench. On who, Coach Flip Saunders wants to know? “All of them,” Wood says. Well, you can’t cite the entire bench, so Wood, at halftime, had to pick one – naturally, he picked Wallace.

But King James rages twice in Mauer’s face and gets nothing.

Then along comes poor Damon Jones. Just three plays after James’ explosion, Jones thought he was whacked on a three-point shot. He, in a much calmer tone, said to Mauer, “You didn’t see me get hit on the arm?”

Boom, technical foul. Jones, understandably says, “What?” And Mauer hits him again and tosses him.

The message is pretty clear, isn’t it? The rules are a little different for James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and a handful of others. To the league, it’s just the price of marketing. To me, it’s a farce.” Chris McCosky via Hoops World

Stu Jackson , vice president of operations for the NBA, informed Pistons president Joe Dumars that the technical assessed to Rasheed Wallace on Saturday had been rescinded. Wallace, who has four technicals, hasn’t picked up one in six games. Via The Detroit News


  1. Anonymous

    ok I did not see this game one becuase i am not a fan of James so I stay away from any game hes playing even the pistons at times I ust can;t take watching him because of the special treatment he gets and now this I just don
    t understand. If something is not done soon I just don’t know. NBA is a national watched sport so when you ahve a rule you must use it fairly becuase if not the fans are going to see the special treatment on player gets and well they are going to start getting upset more than we are now. I do understand why we need a rule players are hard on the refs at times but this rule is just stupid it is being missed used. The refs wonder why players are hard on then well this gave gives us the prefect example. The refs have the upper hand to change an out come of teh game and even get to play with the player pocket books. I just dont understand it and now see that players like sheed are always going to the traget and made example out of and players like james will always be able to just do as they please.

    I am so mad right now.

  2. Anonymous

    Fucking right, i’m glad it’s finlly being said.

  3. theSHEEDabides

    Sad. Now what?

  4. Anonymous

    He hit the nail on the head.

  5. Anonymous

    alright well Dwayne WAde got called for a tech already.. in the opening against the Bulls.. and Melo got tossed out for throwing his headband down.. So looks like its just LeBron James.. Could this mean that it is staged for the Cavs to win a championship this year? Just a theory.. hehe


  6. Junior

    Funny you should mention the theory of the cavs winning it. I agree 100%. Stern never hides the fact who he wants to win it all. Me and some friends said the same thing about the cavs winnning it all. This is just sickening. The NBA is the worst professional sport. Why does it have to be the game I love? GO COLLEGE!!!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Can you pleaseeeeee add this article in the petition and use it as an example????


  8. Anonymous

    i agree with anonymous above.


  9. Anonymous

    i do to. thats a great idea!

  10. Natalie

    The Petition stands the way it is. I can’t change something that’s been signed by 2000 people already.

    I think I have made it clear enough in the petition about how we as fans feel.

    Plus those are not my words and I can’t add them to something like that without the authors permission.

    We have to get more people to sign it just the way it is.. So everyone who hates the rule, get as many people as you know to sign it!

  11. Anonymous

    Funny how didn’t pick up on this article for their news page…

    I am convinced that Stern has decided to use this a means to penalize the “teams” to get his superstars pushed further up the bracket. Glad ESPN picked up on the petition. Others will too. Maybe our friends in Dallas will even use their ex-ref team to start documenting this BS. You know they will feel it too when playing vs Miami or Cleveland.

    It just kills me. When last year’s rule wasn’t enough to get Sheed out of the game more than once, they changed it so it would…

  12. Anonymous

    If stern does not take care of the refree’s and the new ball I will with my saw-dust shotgun!

    I also watched players that get in the refree’s face and never get t’d though rasheed only bitches and cries about the foul which is a lot different then going up to the ref and spitting on his face and saying I GOT HIT CALL THAT FUCKIN FOUL… I see how NBA is, the pistons for some reason are getting banged up the ass by the refs this season and last season, especially rasheed. No one likes this style of basketball, you guys go watch the movie “glory road” and see how these players who had a different style of basketball were disliked first because they were black, second because it wasn’t what the coaches and the owners want them to do, they try to change up these boys, though they played the way they did and they made it into the NCAA finals, it was based on a true story!

    About El-Paso basketball team with the first 7 black players, and first 5 black players starting.

    Much love!

  13. Anonymous

    I told you, all that david stern wants is d wade and lebron james in the confrence finals. he has been planning this the whole time. we need to write something to him himsslef, he has no idea what he is doing. he is in for the money, because Jordan gave him money he thinkd lebron and braty wade will

  14. Anonymous

    thanks for the update. I a glad that is was taken away from him because he did not deserve it.

  15. Anonymous

    Its going to be miami and cleve. Why dont you all stop crying and realize when your team loses its because they lost to a better team, not because of some conspiracy. If the conspiracy theory was true, why wouldn’t they have given it to Lebron his first 2 years when the hype was at its peak. Nobody talks that much about him anymore except for all you idiots crying conspiracy. Maybe you should get a life and some common sense or just start rooting for a team that isn’t loaded with thugs. I actually agreed with most of the stuff said is this blog until I started reading the dumd Lebron and Wade crap. Try watching a Cavs game and will see Lebron dosen’t get any preferential treatment, at leats not like Detroit was given a couple years ago during their runs at recent championships. But oh, you quickly forget about that and just make excuses now as for why your team is not that good. Maybe its not because the refs are to get you, but because you let go one of the best big men to ever play(Ben Wallace). But that couldn’t be it, just a conspiracy against everyone except James and Wade I’m sure. Peace losers!


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