The Pistons turn it on in the fourth to beat Houston

by | Nov 19, 2006 | 6 comments

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Yao an McGrady had big games but Detroit stopped them when it counted to beat the Rockets 104-92. Rasheed, who has been huge in the last two Pistons wins, took control of the game late in the fourth quarter on both ends of the floor. Richard Hamilton led the Pistons with 30 points, Chauncey added 23 and Rasheed and Tayshaun each had 15.

Although Rip led the team with 30, Rasheed was the most valuable player of the game. His defense down the stretch helped the Pistons pull away in the fourth quarter holding Yao to just two points. Sheed had been playing his best ball of the year, taking control when it counts and leading the team in the right direction. He seems very comfortable with his role and has played center quite a few times when the Pistons played small.

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As I sat at Palace Saturday night something happened that I had never seen before. The whole Pistons bench was called for a technical foul. I turned to my friend and gave him the ” WTF” look when Mason announced it and he gave it right back to me. Neither of us could understand how the whole bench could be assessed a technical foul. We sat during the entire half time break talking about it. We just couldn’t understand it. Who would the NBA asses the fine to? Who would it count against? We were baffled.

When I looked at the box score today I see someone changed their mind and gave the technical foul to Rasheed. Can someone please explain this to me? Did I miss something? What was the explanation on the broadcast? Does this mean Sheed is susceptible to techs when they can’t figure out who else to give it to?

We still could use a lot more signatures before I send the petition to Mr. Stern. So if you haven’t signed it already take a second and do so and let everyone you know do the same. I am not the only NBA fan who is not happy with the new Zero tolerance technical foul rule. Richie, a Need4Sheed reader sent me this video satire that he made about the new NBA rules. Now you don’t have to go as far as Richie did to express your disappointment, just take a minute of your time to sign your name and let your voice be heard.


  1. theSHEEDabides

    Thanks Natalie, I signed your petition like any fan of fundamental, team basketball should. I watched the broadcast and after the tech, the cameraman showed Sheed. I don’t know if the cameraman knew something the rest of us didn’t or s/he just assumed that it must have been Sheed–take that for whatever its worth. For my money, though, I think that the officials employed the Pretty Boy Floyd rule, that is, attributing every crime from an unknown source to an established bad guy. In other words, if we don’t know who said/did it then it must have been Sheed. Another reason why the license given to officials to use even more discretion is hurting the game. Please sign the petition.

  2. Anonymous

    I was alos at this game and when the tech was called on the bench I was speechless. I took my sister to this game it was her first on ever and she had questions about everything I could answer then all except for the one about the tech. She asked how a bench could get a tech, she really thought the bench its self got the tech until I explained it was the players on the bench. I could not however explain how the tech was not assigned to any one player and why it was called. I still would like to know what happened.

    I did read on the recap on that the tech was assigned to sheed but that they have applead it and it should have gone to one of the assit. coaches. I hope it comes back that sheed should not have gotten it.

    Anyway sats game was great and I hope this means that they are moving in the right direction and will only get better.

  3. Big_Ben

    Nat I was also at the game, and as far as I know when someone from the bench says something to the ref to warrant a tech thats how they announce it as a tech has been assesed to the bench. I think the foul was always on Sheed, in my experience thats alaways how they say it when someone whos not in the game says something to the ref and gets a tech.

  4. Natalie

    big_ben, I have seen players get called for a tech when they are on the bench, Sheed a couple of times last season. When the announced them they specifically said the players name so that is why I was confused.

  5. Anonymous

    That is just some BULLSHIT! Its like if you cant find someone to give it to, just give it to SHEED, he’s known for “techs”. Come on now… be real about it… that just gets me heated!!!! >:o

  6. Anonymous

    nba refs suck


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