Pistons look better in win against the Wizards

by | Nov 18, 2006 | 10 comments

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The Pistons beat the Wizards last night at the Palace 100-91 to end a two game losing streak.

  • Lindsey Hunter was the first guard off the bench when Chauncey Billups got into early foul trouble. Lindsey’s defense was just what the Pistons needed with three steals, a blocked shot and 12 timely points.
  • Everyone played except Jason Maxiell.
  • Rip elbow seems fine, he had a game high 27 points, three assists and eight rebounds.
  • The new ball seems to bounce more on the rim, quite a few shot that I thought were going in took high bounces off the rim and out.
  • Flip Murray played just 14 minutes to Hunters 23.
  • Although Lindsey played well, he was just 1-5 from downtown.
  • Rasheed and Tayshaun both had 20 point and played 84 minutes between them.
  • Chauncey never really got into a scoring rhythm but his 10 assists were helpful.
  • The Pistons played small ball almost the entire game, Dale Davis and Antonio McDyess played 7 and 10 minutes respectfully.
  • Rasheed had a double double.
  • Delfino played just 1 minute more than Ronald Dupree.
  • The Pistons still need to rebound the ball better, the Wizards won the battle of the boards 43-40.

Rasheed Wallace was the player of the game and he sat down to talk to Greg Kelser and George Blaha after the game. Make sure you check out Sheed’s highlights. Video courtesy of my20 Detroit.

Rasheed Wallace Post Game Video


  1. Junior

    Do you think the starters are gonna HAVE to play a lot of minutes just to stay competitive?

  2. Anonymous

    Lindsey was 1-5 from downtown, I saw the game. The reason being, most of the pistons shots weren’t going in, and they weren’t moving the ball around well on rotation. So Lindsey did what he had to do and force a few shots, which actually opened up the floor for the rest of the players, because after that first 3 pointer, they would contest his other 4 attempts which led to quick lay-ups in exchange.

    The game was not the best, but I watched it all and I think that the reason Pistons won this game was because the BENCH actually contributed more today than any other day. Other than Dyce, today Hunter stepped up big time, and it was a nice change up with Ronald Dupree coming in for a minute or two. I think he should get more playing time with delfino.

    -Killah Mustafa

    One love!

  3. Anonymous

    I did not get to go to this game, I had a chrsitmas party for work but it looks like it might have been a good game to be at. I hope tonights game is good. I hope that flip does npt get into playing the starts more just to win, we know what happen last year when it came to the playoffs. I think Tay is the only starter who can play minutes like that and still be fired up in the playoffs, hes used to playing minutes. The only problem is that you do that you start making the bench upset and then when they do play they don’t play hard. WEll I hope this is a start to something good from our boys.

  4. Nate

    Good to see them get a win. Hopefully the momentum carries over into the next game.

    An article was posted on MSN.com this morning regarding Stern’s new T policy. As one would expect, Sheed’s mention and pictured in it. It is a good article though, here’s the link for anyone who wants to read it:


  5. theSHEEDabides

    Great clip of Sheed. Why did he start smiling and laughing in the middle of that interview–he’s the best. Sheed is pure joy.

  6. theSHEEDabides

    I see…Hunter threw something at him.

  7. Tom

    The box score reminded me of last year in terms of the number of minutes the starters played (Rip, Tay, Chauncey and Sheed). Too many minutes, not enough time for the bench players like Mac and Delfino. Good win for short term success, bad for long term since the bench doesn’t get a chance to gell as a unit.

  8. Anonymous

    im sorry but the pistons did not impress me last night yeah lindsey had 12 off the bench but everybody know that he cant be consistent with that production every night because he didnt do it last year im sorry with this bench this year were not wining the championship this year unless we make a trade to get rid dale davis old crusty ass delfino always jacking up threes when he gets in the game mcdyess lost his turn around jumper and flip ball hogging ass plain and simple we need a better bench because what im seeing is since were strugling so early we gone start seeing the starters play more minutes and thats not going to do us well and if i ruined the mood im sorry but thats how i feel about this team they havent impressed me one bit

  9. Big_Ben

    Lidsay may not put up 12 points or more consistantly every game, but he does come out and make an impact consistantly whether it be through his defense or offense.

  10. Anonymous

    Lindsay always gives something to the game everytime he is on the floor ask anyone who plays with him. Our bench is just coming to gether fine if anything they have held us when the starts weren’t. YA they aren’t the pistons we are used to yet but if they can bring it together soon they will be. Don’t count them out yet they do need work but they’ll get there.


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