They still don’t get it

by | Nov 15, 2006 | 15 comments

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So we all thought the Golden State game would be a wakeup call for the Pistons. After an uninspiring west coast trip the Pistons returned to the Palace last night to get beaten by a crippled Hornets squad. With two of the Hornets starters out and the Pistons at full force with the returning Rip Hamilton, they were on no throttle the entire first half, giving up 60 points by halftime. The Pistons clawed their way back only to get beaten in the last seconds by a Hilton Armstrong free throw.

There is no reason that this team should not be winning. Do they understand that there is an actual game going on? They know they can’t win games by turning it on whenever they feel like it because that switch broke last season in the playoffs. And although Joe Dumars tried fixing it as best he could during the off season, it still doesn’t work.

I am not one to lay blame but obviously Flip Saunders can’t figure out how to fix what’s going on. If he can’t make these pieces work well enough to beat the Hornets at home after a dismal showing out west, what is this team in store for with him at the helm for the rest of the season?

Flip Murray isn’t doing what he was brought here to do, sure when he’s “on” he’s “on,” but when exactly are we going to see that happen? And don’t get me started about his dribbling down the clock, I keep getting flashes of Carlos Arroyo when he’s on the floor. Nazr Mohammed hasn’t pulled his weight in the regular season and it’s starting to look like his hands are just as bad as people have been saying. Mohammed is good but I don’t think he is a starter.

I know it’s early but things aren’t working the way we would have hoped with the Pistons new additions. I wouldn’t mind seeing McDyess start and Delfino as the first guard off the bench. It’s worth a try, anything is better than what I have witnessed in the last two games. Hell, just put Maxiell and Amir Johnson on the floor, they are the only Pistons right now that look like they want to win.

As I look ahead to Friday night’s game against the Wizards, the only thing that I am looking forward to is that it’s Chauncey Billups Bobblhead night. Now that says something.


  1. themicrowave

    Great post Natalie. I don’t think the Pistons will make small changes. Something big is brewing if this team keeps losing.

  2. Junior

    Well…is it time to panic yet? I mean we look like an average team. Not good, not bad ,just average. Now I know its early in the season but I’m sick of saying that! I think I have to say this and trust me it hurts. Our “championship” run is over. We do not have the complete roster OR COACH you need to contend for a title. Thats truth. We look old and stuggle for everything. I don’t even think tinkering with the lineup is gonna make much difference. Dammit what is Mcdyess’ problem? What happened to his turn and shoot. Instead he turns, pump fakes, hesitates then dribbles. I mean SHOOT THE DAMN BALL.
    Is it time to get rid of one of the big four? Now before people jump on for for that, I have been a lifelong fan and season ticketholder past 2 years. I would like to think I have earned the right to ask that question.
    Something is wrong. Like you said “there is no reason this team should not be winning”. So maybe its time to shake things up.
    I hope for the best this weekend but the wizards and houston are gonna kick our asses. I really feel that way. I agree the “Switch” we’ve had no longer exsists. That was a huge part of what we were. Never out of it. Not the case anymore.
    Things have never been more clear on why Garnetts timberwolves couldn’t get out of the first round. Saunders wouldn’t be an effective college coach. I know the League has changed but you need to play some D to win. You need stops!!!
    We have never really blown out many of our opponents even on our best day. So these games are gonna be close. We are gonna have to go back to playing our starters heavy. Not to win 70 but to win 1.
    great post Natalie!! I can tell you are worried more than usual for this time of year. Sorry this is so long ya’ll. Just frustrated.

  3. Anonymous


    I live in North Louisiana and the cable channel here shows the Hornet games–so of course, I watched our Pistons last night. As tossed and turnd in bed last night thinking about how there is no defense, how once in the past when we got a lead in the 4th quarter the game was over, how we are starting to look like the Dallas team of a few years ago where they tried to outscore other teams, I thought of a message to write this morning to you. But your excellent analysis pretty much summed up everything I was going to write–about team chemistry, about Flip (Joe, didn’t the Minnesota teams tell you something?), about Nazr, etc. You are up there with them and see them regularly–I see them occasionally on TV but most of the time I follow them on the computer. If you think they will pull it around, I will continue to spend 2 hours in front of a computer screen “watching” them for each game. BUT, if you think these early games are indicative of the rest of the season, please let me know so I can “save” myself those 2 hours!

  4. Anonymous

    “Hello!! Anybody in there…psst Hey Joe D…its NOT working..”

    All the years he(Joe D) made the right choices…All those years…and now….bad choices bad coach….

    All we need to do is make it to playoffs…That is really all that matters..
    Maybe this is some kind of head game from the pistons…. They went out to strong last year and they have another plan….ok im reachin here…
    but it gives me hope…

  5. Anonymous

    Just maming the playoffs is not going to work we seen that last year. I have said and will keep saying it the coach just does not work for this team. They need a hard as that pushes them around and yellows at them not a softy. Its like at my work we had a boss everyone hated he was hard on us everyday until things were done right and the way we wanted then then one day we went out to our company out west to turn it around and then we got a new boss who is soft and how you see guys just laid back not careing or doing the owrk they used to because no one is there to stay on them to do it. It is the way I see it with the pistons at least brown and the other past coaches were there they yelled they out blame where blame needed to be out and when a game was lost well the players knew it. Flip has said there is not much he had do to get the players to do well yes there is HE CAN START GETTING MAD do something to wake these guys up. The need direction from there coach and that is something they are not getting. Flip is a push over we seen that last season and now this year as well.

  6. theSHEEDabides

    Nice recap, Natalie. You know, Saunders thinks he has to fix something but he doesn’t. The team just has to mature a little and play through the difficulties. He is totally out-coaching himself (if that’s a word). I still think that the Pistons have the right pieces and yesterday they played extremely hard, but Saunders didn’t give them a chance to win at the end. I sound like a broken recorn, but why in the world are there three guards out in the last two minutes of a tied game? Especially, why isn’t Nazr, Max or Davis in to rebound the ball in the final 3 seconds? I have always supported Flip (good riddance to Brown) but I just don’t understand…??

  7. ryan

    so who would you suggest putting at center than if nazr isnt a starting? Maxiell? hahah that would be a joke, he would get dominated by everycenter in the league. Maybe everyone needs to chill out and give this time with two new players to the team in flip and nazr. Maybe people should imbrace flip and nazr instead of constanly getting on there case all the time. And if you have a problem with flip dribbling the ball all the time than why is he playiong point guard at times? put him at the 2 on the floor where he belongs. I just find it funny that people can jump on nazr and flip and blame them for the pistons stuggles because they are easy targets to pick on. If the pistons really want to know why they are getting embarresed than they need to wake up and actually start playing with heart and passion and stop bitching and just play!!!!!

  8. Natalie

    I am suggesting to put Rasheed at 5 and Dyess at the 4. I certently don’t think its just Nazr and Flip’s fault I hold everyone accountable.

    I am just not seeing the production out of the new guys. I ceretenly have embraced them as part of the team, but how long can watch their poor play and just keep hoping for the best.

    As for CB, Rip Sheed and Tay, you are right they need to start playing 48 minutes not just the last 12. That doesn’t work anymore.

  9. theSHEEDabides

    I don’t mind Rasheed at the five if Dyes is at four–in fact I think I like that. I don’t recall Flip doing that, has he? I do recall Tay at the four on a number of occasions, which I do not like. I haven’t given up on Nazr or Murray, if anything I have been saying that Nazr should get minutes, but it sounds like someone has given up on Max. He is no joke…at all. In sum, the Pistons problems are way too deep to pin it on the new guys.

  10. Richie

    From the moment Ben left us I’ve said that ‘Sheed should go to 5, and Dyess at 4. I held back on that right before the season started though, telling myself that Joe D knows a heck of a lot more about Bball tallent than I do, adn that he selected Nazr with that golden hand of his. So far, it’s not doing so great due to Nazr’s lack of D, and seems to me that we should go with Sheed at 5, at least for a game or two- what do they have to lose at this point?!

  11. Anonymous

    I suggest playing Jason Maxiell more. He played like a warrior in the pre-season and has Ben-like defensive skills. Max is too short to play center but he’s strong enough he might be able to hold his own. However, he should be at the 4 instead because of his height.

  12. Anonymous

    I give the pistons about 5 or so more games to turn around there problems if not….well There will be no playoffs and no allstars…..It’s cool with me though after a while good teams fall apart…like the bulls after they lost rodman,pippen,jordan up until now they struggled to win 20 games and a little of last year……..we had the 89-90 bad boys who won it all back to back….then the team began to get old and fall apart which brings us to the teal days….then 13 years later we finally had a solid team.look i’m a pretty die hard pistons fan….But all honesty people what did you expect? how long did you expect them to be on top for? in 5 years they’ll be a completely diffren’t team good or bad who knows….But the reality is the chemistry changes teams changes and the pistons had there run….Does that mean stop supporting them no but that does mean stop crying because they’re not at the dominate front anymore…we’re back to blue collar team But not the one we were in 04 or 89-90…were the team no one is affraid of no more and we arn’t giving them much of a reason too…but hey thats life and thats the game….maybe dumars can get us in high gear But until then if you don’t like how the games going change the channel and grab a beer and remember the old days smile and then move’s the nba no teams guarentied to win just becayse they won the year before….the end

  13. theSHEEDabides

    Dude, what are you ranting about? The Pistons still have 4/5 of the starting lineup they did when they won a championship and they are all within their prime. Sheed can play power forward for several more years and dominate. The Pistons also have a deep bench. If you are so content with the terrible way that they are playing, then you are certainly no Pistons fan. I suggest rooting for the Cavs–that seems in fashion.

  14. Nique

    Hmmm I believe that everybody needs to give them time. As Pistons fans we have become accostomed to be very spoiled. Getting out to fast starts and broken down a little toward the end. Last Year’s records is hunting us right now. This is a different team. More of a Flip Saunders team. Just look at his years in Minn. He’s putting his stamp on this team. And I don’t think anybody know how much of a effect Ben not being down low has had an effect on this team.Teams are no longer scared to go to the basketball against us. The frontcourt players just have to learn to play helpside defense again. That’s our main problem. And Tay has to be more aggesrive in looking for his shot. It wouldn’t do any good right now to switch the lineup. Dice has to come off the bench to make that 2nd unit stronger. If he starts then that 2nd unit will be weaker. And when your starters go out of the game you want the production to stay the same or increase. And I do agree about Flip running down the clock. He’s NEVER been a point guard. Flip Saunders has made a mistake with that one. We still have a roster spot. Joe needs to find a passing point guard and save Hunter for that playoff run. To those people who are saying we are not going to make the playoffs that’s ridculious!!!! We’ll be fine. Stick with us through this small rough patch.

  15. Anonymous

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