Pistons need a reality check

by | Nov 13, 2006 | 12 comments

So I have come to the conclusion that many Pistons fans are already in the panic mode. Now I agree that there is no excuse for this team to be playing like this. You can blame Flip Saunders, you can blame Flip Murray you can blame Nazr Mohammed, but none of that is going to change the fact that this team needs a reality check. If they want it bad enough, it’s theirs for the taking. This team can beat any team in the league, but right now they think they can do it just by stepping on the floor. Jump shots, sloppy passes and shaky defense it not going to cut it this year.

I thought they had seen the light when I watched the Lakers game, but Saturday nights horrendous showing against the Warriors showed me I was wrong. I myself am not quite in panic mode just yet. I believe the team needs time to get acclimated with who they are and what kind of team they need to be to win. They just need to want it, they need the fire back, they need to be humbled. Now I am not saying the Warriors aren’t a good team, but if the Pistons aren’t shaken up by what happened Saturday night, or the whole West Coast trip for that matter, then I don’t know what is going to light a fire under their asses to remind them of who they are and what they need to do to win.

Since I have no control over what the team does themselves, I am going to help Pistons fans get the fire back. Nothing pumps me up more than watching the Pistons introductions at the Palace. If this doesn’t help, I dont know what will. Keep the faith.

Pistons Introductions at The Palace Of Auburn Hills

Video courtesy of WB20 Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    thanks need that but I am afriad that the pistons have their work cut out for them. When chancey was asked if they were embrassed after the kings game he said they weren’t. The pistons seem to still be stuck in last year regular season and have forgotten how to pay basketball. They are stopable and how was it put last year tehy have been brought down to earth after a loss last season, well they are on earth and need to start paying that way.

    I am a long time piston fan and will always be. I have not given up on them and still argue with anyone who says they are a lost cause but they do need to start coming together before its too late. You always hear at the end of the season when it comes to the playoff run that if a team had of had a good start they would have made it well the pistons even at 3-4 need to step up because right now there are teams out there who just want it more.

  2. Matt Gibson

    Thanks for uploading that vid, I was hoping someone would put it up. That was the best intro.

  3. Anonymous

    What happened to the blue collar, work horse pistons? Going to work everynight, is that what they say?

    The best record in the NBA last season must have made this team forget how they got that far. If the pistons haven’t gotten the picture by now, I don’t know if they ever will.

  4. Anonymous

    this pistion team this year remind me of the toronot team last season they caould play together until the end when they started to find that grove on the court but just couldn’t do it. Ya the raptors went something like 0-15 to start but is was becuase they could not play together for a whole 48 minutes and well that is they way our pistons are playing tehy are not together for a whole 48 minutes.

  5. Anonymous

    the all star voting has began everyone please vote for our pistons.

  6. Anonymous

    wheres the all star?

  7. Junior

    did someone just compare our boys to the raptors? Anyway I’m not gonna vote for one piston to go to the all star game. They been there done that. I hope none of them make it. Sheed didn’t even want to go last year. Look, these guys are all star quality, they know it, we know it. They don’t need an extra weekend of work to prove it. I would rather them freshen up for the 2nd stretch of the season. besides I think it went to their head last year.

  8. Anonymous

    the all star vote can be found on NBA.com or pistons home page.

    I agree the pistons have been there and one that a well it did go to there heads after the All Star game last year the pistons were not the same they seem to have stopped playing like pistons and playing for themselves. I would however like to see Tayshaun make it at least once.

  9. Anonymous

    I would like to see the pistons make it because they deserve it..it’s a privalage they earned. I would never not vote for them!!!!! thanks for the video, it pumped me upppp!

  10. Anonymous

    I agree… I would NEVER not vote for the PISTONS… they deserve it, they should get it!!!

  11. Junior

    never not? trust me people this game has never been for pistons. I agree it is nice to get reconized but all it is, is a fan favorite game. Its for stuporstars. Its for people like gilbert arenas to cry about playing time. I really don’t think the guys wanna go. Maybe Tay but you know sheed wants the time off. Besides the way these guys are playing the “All-Star game” should be the last thing on their mind and yours. It will never be like last year when 4 of them took the court together w/flip coaching. I think we would be doing them a favor by keeping them out of it. its just how I see it.

  12. Anonymous

    I voted


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