Pistons get stomped by the Warriors

by | Nov 12, 2006 | 21 comments

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I didn’t get to watch this one live, so when I got home I checked the score. Someone tell me what the hell went wrong. By the looks of the box score it’s not one that I want to go back and watch. It sounds like a good old fashioned beat down. Let me know if I should watch this one and learn what went wrong or will I just want to pull my hair out after the first quarter. By the looks of this picture, things went horribly wrong.


  1. Anonymous

    Dont even bother watching it. Horrible, sloppy play.

  2. Junior

    Miss Natalie,
    This was probably the worst game I have seen a Detroit Piston team play since the teal days. Golden States zone killed us. One on one basketball, no inside presence on either end of the court. It looked like their bodies were in golden state but their minds were in Detroit. Flip Murray should NOT even get 5 min of playing time as he does absolutly NOTHING to help our team. Hunter came in and played well for the time he was in. I HATE Flip Murray. G.S. ran us up and down the floor dunking, hitting threes. You have been talking about the uninspired play. Well this game topped all the others. Also,in my opinion, Nazr is NOT a starting center in the NBA. I am not looking for a Ben clone, but you have to have SOME kind of defensive presence in the paint. He is slow to react to everything. I know I pick on Murray and Nazr and in all honestly they all played like shit. That falls on our captains and our coach. A little home cooking may be all they need, but I think it goes much deeper than that. They are too good for this. Sorry for ramblin on, but don’t watch this game.

  3. Anonymous

    Flip Saunders happened! I think the players want him fired because he eats KFC before evry home game and that is why the put absolutely no effort into the game (atleast that is what I am trying to convince myself it is)!

  4. jdemea

    Hey,Natalie. DON’T WATCH THAT GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DEEEETTTRRROOOIIIITTTT VOLLEYBALL!!!I hate to tell it. First off, they have several issues.One,they miss Ben(who took people to the hole last night twice off the dribble). They clean-up guy is gone. They mentally realize what it’s gonna take to get the job done,and they been there done that already!!!(No Hunger-spoiled) Second, some players trademarks are starting to look old.They’ve been the team to beat. Just like we learned to beat Shaq etc.It’s probably over for just a starting five!!! People probably need to be traded once the sense of importancy fades. It all died at the hiring of someone who has NO experience with thinkin’DEFENSE. Those guys were brought together a certain way. You can’t really add once the main attraction leaves. Dudes in the league are intemmidated by Ben. Flip-flopped. That’s what Ben was mad about. He seen this coming!!And, lastly, EVERYBODY IS SCARED TO DRAW A FOUL FROM THE INSIDE!! Lindsey is the only one that plays with a hard nose. He gettin ready to retire soon!!!It falls on the COACH who can’t handle his men. Flip is soft. I like him, but not for what this city is all about;”Earning your money the hard-f#@$!! way. JOE got his work cut out. Chauncey may leave, he stressed out!!! Rip is ripped, that’s my main man. But, that curl is sooo predictable!! Tayshaun, I luv him, he just takes his time!!! Sheed, is Sheed!!! Lets just hope they find a solution!!! I luv u Natalie for what you bring to the table for our home team!!!

  5. theSHEEDabides

    I agree that Lindsey is much better tha Flip–I think Murray can be a good role player but Flip has been using him too much–even at point guard!?! I wish the Pistons still had Delk. Anyway, Natalie, the Pistons did not do one thing right–don’t waste your time. They were twenty points down five minutes into the gamer and it only got worse from there. If you must watch, watch the last ten minutes when Amare, Max and Dupree were in.

  6. Yahtzee

    I couldn’t even watch the whole game. It was a disgusting, terrible beat down. I would be upset if I were Rip.

  7. kart go

    Really all the problems we had last nigh boiled down to DEFENSE. Obviously we are missing the Big Ben, we got killed in rebounding. Nazr and Sheed just couldnt do it. Doesnt mean we should trade them all, that is too drastic. They just had a bad night, Tayshaun was again a bright spot for the Pistons in an absolutely sorry performance. Chancey basically sucked. Flip Murray…..well read the previous comments. Sheed was okay. Lindsey brought some energy in the first, but wasnt enough. They also played with an uncharacteristic energyless play. Maybe because of the exhaustion fo the road trip, but come on guys, seriously? Thats Golden State who killed you by 32 points. Nobody could stop Baron Davis and the Warriors played with an incredible tenacity that must be credited towards them. Thats all i can say, lets hope for a better game next time


  8. Natalie

    Thanks people, nice recaps.. I am definately NOT watching this game.

  9. Anonymous

    This really was not worth watching. Sometimes when they get blown out they get made and its usually funny but they did not bother doing that. They were uninterested in every meaning of the word. The amazing Flip Murray played the first quarter like he is the starter and the other four were the bench (that would have been fine had he not sucked.) There was even a time he shot the ball while being guarded by FIVE! Flip Saunders has no control over this team, seriously watching every game you would think that the starting five minus Nazr (who flip seems to absolutely have a vendetta for)is a special form of assistant coach that gets to play. They dictate everything it seems. But what kills you the most is that post game he gets his mean voice on when we all know that tone is NEVER used with the players but saved exclusively for the media so he can look tough.

  10. Anonymous

    This really makes me depressed…I hope they are gonna come back one of these times.

    Where have our boys that we knew for so long gone?

  11. Anonymous

    with Ben to Chicago

  12. Anonymous

    Trust me, after watching the first quarter…. your not gonna wanna watch the rest of the game. I knew we lost after just the FIRST QUARTER and almost the whole game they were leading us by 30 or more!!! >:o

  13. ashley

    I really wish people would stop mentioning Ben. He’s gone, can we just deal? We have a damn good team, they just need to get their rhythm back because Ben did take a piece of our team with him, but it’s just a PIECE. We have the rest of the puzzle, we just have to find an alternative piece to complete it. We’ll get it one of these days, it’s just going to take time. 7 games in, it’s not the end of the world.

  14. Anonymous

    Every since the last seasons big let down..the pistons are missing something…that fire….that hmm heart….its more than Ben leaving…
    I put the blame on Flips shoulders… I think he is just not the coach for them….
    Sad game indeed…..pass on it…If your gonna go back and watch a game rewind the LA game… That is the best we got so far…. Its a long season so there is more to come i hope………

  15. Anonymous

    I been thinking and saying the same thing from the day flip was anouced as head coach that he was no good. He has a different mind set than what the pistons are. They were build on defense nothing eles. Joe knew what he was looking for and flip is not the guy. I really think that if Flip had of been let go after last season BEn might have just stayed. HE did not like flip and with him staying he knew he would not have been happy so he left.

    I’ve said it before and will again there is a reason why last year was his first year to make it passede the first round of the playoffs and the only reason he made it last season was because of the starters but when they need there coach playing against the heat he was not there. HE over played the starts and he did not coach them. He is not part of the puzzel and needs to go.

  16. Natalie

    Wow, seems as though this one hit a spot with most of you. It kind of makes me want to go back and take a look even though I won’t.

    I hopt panic hasn’t hit, its too early yet, but I do have to say that I am in agreement with most of your concerns.

  17. Anonymous

    2 Flips make 1 big Flop.
    There is a reason why Flip Murray has traveled to 3 teams in the past year and half….

  18. Anonymous

    God help us

  19. Anonymous

    God help us

  20. Anonymous

    2 Flips make 1 big Flop.
    There is a reason why Flip Murray has traveled to 3 teams in the past year and half….

    um wait…. did not sheed travel around to a few teams….and billups……( not sure of the time frames of their moves)…but the point being….im stick with…
    Its not Flip Murray….its the flippin coach….i think flip M can warm the bench for a while at least….lol…..

  21. Anonymous

    I don’t think anyone should be on here blaming the coach for Detroits problems……… Flip Saunders can call a play, but that is about it when the leader steps onto the floor he has the decision to change that play if he sees fit……… Coaches are guides and everyone does not want guidance. That is completely unfair to blame Saunders because last time I checked he was not dribbling, passing nor shooting the ball. Just like Pat Riley can give MIAMI all the motivational speeches he wants, but if the don’t have the heart to get out there and play then they are not going to win…….. and from the looks of that game DETROIT was not playing with a whole lot of heart. SO STOP BLAMING FLIP…….. that’s like saying GEORGE BUSH IS THE REASON THAT HURRICANE KATRINA HIT LOUISIANA…… no offense to andy of the LOUSIANA fans. 🙂


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