Carnival Of The NBA #37

by | Nov 12, 2006 | 13 comments

The latest edition of the Carnival of the NBA is up at The Rising Suns. This edition is quite terroriffic. I beg you not to go it alone this CarnEvil is sure to frighten the bejesus out of you. So grab your weapon of choice and get ready to defend yourself against the CarnEvil of the NBA #37.


  1. Anonymous

    All david stern wants is more michael jordans, (though there will be no one else like him). Jordan played through hard fouls and all defence, and now there is tick tak fouls, if lebron is even close to being touched the ref blows the wistle. david stern wants the suns and cavs in the finals. he got his shaq and wade but now he wants more. there will be never a time to see the pistons hold a team below seventy (back in 04 we held a record). stern wants more jordans but to be true about it, i think know one has a chance to be like him, jordan played through the hard fouls, lebron and wade go to the free throw line every other possesion. stern needs to think about all teams. the nba is not fun to watch. a commercial just comes to an end then the team passes the ball in and as soon as he drives or puts up a shot the ref blows another whistle stopping the clock and stopping the action.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous above:

    I agree with you in ways. Jordan was one of the greatest but I feel Isaiah Thomas was also one of the greatest, if not, better than Jordan. Now I’m not saying Jordan wasn’t a legend but Thomas could have been even a bigger one, its just that Jordan had all the press on him. Now I know I’m kind of off topic but I just had to point that out.

  3. Anonymous

    Jordan had championships

  4. Anonymous

    david stern needs to change his ideas.

  5. Anonymous

    lebron has it to easy:(

  6. Anonymous

    Does anyone like david stern?

  7. Anonymous

    Did you see – Marc’s Stein’s article on the T’s

    He mentioned alot of the things you did. I hope that idiot Billy Hunter start working for his money and file a labor grievance against the league. Got to be law against this stupid rule like “creating a hostile and uncomfortable working environment” for the workers.

  8. Big_Ben

    For the guy who made the first comment, who said there will never be another Jordan because of the ticky tack fouls and everything thats called for Lebron and Wade. I think the closests would be Kobe Bryant, he doesn’t get treated the same way has Lebron and Wade, and he has 3 championships and is still playing at the top of his game.

  9. Anonymous

    I agree with big_ben, I am not a fan of kobe but if anyone is the next jordan it is him. He still does not get all the calls for him and he plays hard most of the time. Wade and Lebron are davids pupets he thinks they are the best to play for some reason and they need to be protected but really they are nothing except players who have a good shot. Wade would be nothing with out shaq and lebeon can’t carry his team and has not been there for them ever game. Wade wouldn’t have a ring if the pistons had of played like pistons in the playoffs. Kobe has done more as a player thatn the two of him will do. I would like to see wade with out shaq and see how far he owuld be.

  10. Natalie

    Thanks… I emailed Marc Stein already, no word yet!

  11. Junior

    This next jordan crap? It aint happening. No one will ever have his athleticism, his smarts, his jumper, his poise, his competitive drive, his leadership. It may not sound like it but I hated the man. As much as people are looking for the next Jordan. Not even the “chosen one” or Wade or Kobe can touch Jordan as a player/teammate. I’d like to see kobe put Rodman in check. Aint happening. Or lebron make pippen one of the 50 greatest players. No way. Wade isn’t gonna win a ring w/o shaq. Kobe is the same way. MJ had Bill Cartwrong as his center.HA! Wade has too much of an ego to pass the ball to Steve Kerr for the win. This next Jordan thing is a Stern fantasy. Stern is to Jordan as Madden is to Favre.

  12. Anonymous

    I am the first response, my point is that michael jordan was the turning point of the NBA, david stern is changing everything and the game of basketball is just offense, (DEFENCE WINS CHAMPOINSHIPS=2004 DETROIT PISTONS) i want something to change for next season and bring back the real game of basketball, our pistons need it.

  13. Anonymous

    i agree with Junior


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