Thick and Thin

by | Nov 9, 2006 | 9 comments

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As Pistons fans, some of you are not used to losing. You have never seen your team get dominated. You have never felt as if they couldn’t come back at any point in the game. Well let me tell those of you that are starting to panic or lose faith, STOP IT.

I admit the Pistons need to work through some things. They have to figure out what works for them and how to utilize their strengths on opponents. Sure they look uninspired at times, and in the first half of last night’s Kings game they looked like a high school freshman team who couldn’t buy a bucket, but they are still the same players who know how to win and have too much pride to let this go on much longer.

Rebounding is a problem and if everyone on the floor doesn’t do their part it’s going to make for a difficult season. The Pistons have to take better care of the ball, they are very sloppy at times, they have to cut that turnover number down. Their shot selection could be better and they have to put the “D” back in defense. These are all things should come together soon.

The one shining spot is the bench, they are out there playing valuable minutes, sometimes doing even much better than the starters. Delfino seems to have gotten his confidence back, Flip plays well with the starters and the bench although sometimes he looks for his shot too much when his teammates are wide open, and Maxiell just might be edging McDyess out for more playing time if he keeps rebounding and getting to the line.

Things will be fine people, no need to panic. We can’t win them all, although it seemed like we could after last year’s season, and look where that got us. Remeber, we need to stand by our team through thick and thin, we are Pistons fans.


  1. theSHEEDabides

    Well-said and timely. Also its not like the Pistons are going back to those teal unis of the 90’s, so we have a lot to be thankful for.

  2. Robert

    Amen to that. We’re not back in the days when Cadillac Anderson and Jud Bucheler got major minutes. {shudder} Who’d have thunk ‘Sheed would go scoreless twice in the first 5 games, let alone over the course of a season. Ouch, that’s just felonious!

  3. Allison Magnus

    HAHA!!! Felonious! That made me laugh. sheed said it in a interview about ben lmao..anyways,
    I was starting to get a lil worried, but I think we got this. my way of thinkin is, we beat the shit outta teams last year n then lost in the end..this years start wasn’t sooo good but that should mean we’ll hopefully get the hardware in the end! LoL! Lets pray my way of thinkin is right lol. but no matter win or lose i’m standing behind my DEETROIT BASKETBALL no matter what!!!!

  4. ryan

    Ok that is just stupid what you said about maxiell getting more minutes than mcdyess. Maxiell is fat and hasnt earned anything, id rather have mcdysess in the game who can actually hit a jump shot and has been the pistons best bench player for the past 2 seasons and should get consideration for 6th man of the year. Maxiell couldnt hold mcdyss jock strap. Id take dyss any day of the week.

  5. Anonymous

    They started 04-05 at 12-12 after winning the title. They will be alright. Chauncey’s interview at halftime (on espn) was nice. He stated that it is going to take some time to adjust and such. Pistons will make it to the NBA Finals if the bench continues to produce all year. Just need a few weeks to get used to a) No Ben, b) New faces, c) New schemes d) TECHS! :-p

  6. Natalie

    Ryan, I didn’t say that Maxiell should get more minutes, I just said he might see more. I am not hating on Dyess but we could use Maxiell’s size and rebounding. It’s early in the season but he’s avergeing 9.6 points per game while Dysee is only at 4.1.

  7. Junior

    No doubt we need maxiell in the lineup. His help defense is the best of our bigs. He is the only one who starts fast breaks, which has been non-exsistant, with his defense. Nazr is too slow and Dyess, god help him, gets called for fouls by just being on the court. Come playoff time saunders cannot afford to play certain bench players cause of what they have done in the past. Its time to look towards the future, and the future spells MAXIELL. It kind of reminds me of when Carlise sat Tayshaun WAY too long during the season only to see his coming out party in the playoffs. Dyess is great and I hope he retires a piston, but Maxiell is proving his worth.

  8. Anonymous

    I was thinking the exact same thing last night while I was watching the game.

    The D looked good for the most part. It looked spotty at times yes, but down the stretch the pistons would turn it on and make the stop and come back within a few points and even in lead. Plus you gotta love the way Sheed was murdering the boards, steppin up now that Ben’s gone.

    The offense was horrific. Like hard to watch horrific. They aren’t making that extra pass. They’d run down the court, pass once and that person would force a shot. Pass it around, spread the floor. Also, I know Saunders like to let them do what they want on offense but he needs to step in at some point. Like whit Billups fresh clock, pull up, 3 pointers. He hit two in a row, but missed the 3rd one when it was a close game.

    All these problems sound like minor kinks that need to be worked out. It’s a whole new system and it can be hard to get used to it with a group of guys who where used to playing with the same group of guys they won a championship with. I’m not worried about it. I’m looking for a December January run, where we no one can touch us.

    Sorry for the long winded post. I’m just tired of the bandwagoners jumping ship…

  9. Anonymous

    PISTONS ARE still my boys no matter what……. I’m not going anywhere.


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