Real men don’t wear pink.

by | Nov 8, 2006 | 7 comments

Or so says Sheed……

“Rasheed, you’re 0-for-8,” the guy yelled. “I don’t care if I am 0-for-1,000, at least I’m not wearing a pink and lime green shirt,” said Wallace, who for the rest of the game referred to the heckler as Fruit Loop.

Video courtesy of FSN Detroit


  1. taylor

    Well, atleast there was something funny about tonight’s game. 🙁

  2. Anonymous

    I am so upset with the way this game was played. I can’t believe the way detroit is playing this seaason. YA BEN IS GONE GET OVER IT AND START PLAYING DETROIT BASKETBALL. They say they will move on with out ben well lets show him and the world of the NBA who think that the pistons are nothing with out him that they are still a team and can play wit out him. Ya maybe mr. sanders should have been let go and maybe ben would gave stayed. I kinda wish that would have happened than maybe the pistons would be winning right now.

    I really don’t like flip and there is a reason why be never made it passed the first round of the playoffs until last season, but lets no give him credit for what the pistons made it passed the first level of the playoff because he did not do anything to help that it was the players. Flip is not a good coach maybe he should go back to playing the starts all the time to wear them out again when it comes to the playoffs. I really don;t know. Something needs to change because I am starting to feel that the pistons may not even make it to the playoffs this year if something does not change in there playing.

    Well sorry for the venting but I was disappointed that i even turned the TV tonight and left work early to see watch this game. I am a ture fan so will still watch the games but just hate watching then fall apart.

  3. Junior

    You know who is really pissing me off… Flip Murray! I think he hurts us when he is in the game. He holds the ball too long and is just a terrible shooter. Not to mention his shady D. We need to post up more especially when Dice is in the game. Establish position early and feed our athletic forwards the ball. Tay needs to be more aggresive also. We will be fine. I said before this west coast trip that if we came out of it 2-2 I would be very happy. The Nba is DEEP this year, more than i can ever remember. We do have areas of concern but our guys are too talented to continue poor play.

  4. Natalie

    I feel the same way Junior, although I don’t think it’s time to panic, I am dissapointed with their sloppy and uninspired play.

  5. Anonymous

    wow looks like we got a new ben…..aka rasheed15 rebounds no points even been would of got atleast 8 or so(but not even sheed could fill bens ends)……rasheed and tay need to step there game way up…..tayshawn made two quick flurries but that was it…..lack of motivation I guess..
    and people who say were not missing ben are lying to them selfs…..Every time the kings went up to get there second chance shot I invisioned Ben just snatching the bored down but nope instead they get easy point….I wish someone would of gave sheed a tech it mite have lit a fire under his ass

    it’s to early to panic we can pull to togheter…..I say withing a week or so we’ll start heating up

    and also to the person who said flip murry sucks 13pts 4 ast 4 rebounds it’s better then all the other bench players…he mite dribble a little to much but thats about it

  6. Anonymous

    Excuse me, can somebody tell me what Sheed and his fan talk about? Thanks a lot.

  7. M (Suns on Fire)

    haha. This guy is funny.

    Talking of positives from last night, I am surprised not to see any mention of Maxiell’s efficient showing. And yeah, you do know his slam was ‘dunk of the night’ on right?
    Here’s the link.

    Being a Suns fan, I know how much it sucks to lose. Got to take your victories where you can find ’em 🙂


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