Saunders upset that the game was decided on technicals.

by | Nov 6, 2006 | 17 comments

The Pistons lost a hard fought battle with The Utah Jazz 101-103 last night in Salt Lake City. While both teams played excellent ball coach Saunders is upset that the game was decided on three technical fouls that were assessed to the Pistons during the loss. Watch Flip Saunders post game interview, I’m pretty sure he would sign the Petition, if he could get away with it.

Video courtesy of FSN Detroit

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Rasheed got called for his fourth tech of the season in the second quarter after he hit his shot, turned to run back on defense and howled emotionally because he thought he got fouled, no actual words were spoken and the game was not delayed until they whistled him for the foul. Immediately after the tech was assessed to Rasheed, Flip Saunders got called for a technical foul for defending Sheed. The comment that he made to get the tech was, “we might as well play playstation.” Then in the fourth quarter assistant coach Dave Cowens got called for a tech of his own for saying something to one of the refs. That’s 3 techs and 3 points for the Jazz and the Pistons lost the game by 2. I knew this was going to cost the Pistons games I just didn’t realize it would happen this early in the season.

Again I must point out that I am fine with the technical foul rule itself, there is no reason for any player to go overboard including Sheed but it’s not being called consistently. I specifically watched Sheed be extremely emotional on one occasion in the second half after he got called for a foul. It was 60% worse than what he did to get called for his first tech but refs let it go. So are they going to hit Sheed up with a tech early in each game to settle him down so he doesn’t act up for the rest of the game? Meanwhile I watched Deron Williams constantly complain to whatever ref was in his vicinity during the entire game. Someone make me understand.

With all that aside, it was a great game in which Sheed led the way with 25 points 12 rebounds and four blocked shots. Chauncey’s got some rust to shake off, while Flip Murray and Carlos Delfino played some very meaningful minutes that kept the Pistons in the game duringpoints 12 rebounds stretches.

Utah is now 4-0 led surprisingly by Carlos Boozer, wi

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th our good friend Memo and the porcupine Andrei Kirilenko who blocks shots out of nowhere. Check out AK47 looking extremely cool throwing up the peace sign right before the game.


  1. Anonymous

    Thats right.. This has been a good game why do we have to change it? Why change it if it isnt broken… I wasnt even mad that we lost.. I was actually laughing cause it was so rediculous.. that we lost because of the techs.. When we recieved the techs I told my dad that, thats going to be the reason why we lose.. and thats what happened.. its bullshit!


  2. Anonymous

    Got to love AK’s hair, great pictures.

  3. Junior

    Hey nat, I am speechless about these techs. I am really at a loss for words. First anger hits then you just have to laugh it off but the shit has gone way too far. It really is the “Sheed” rule. God I love basketball, God I hate the NBA.

  4. Robert

    Tech’s aside, the officiating in that game was horrid; either let them be physical or dont. You can’t flip-flop the flow of the game like that. I understand where the commish is coming from, but does he REALLY want the refs to decide the outcome of games? They’re supposed to be nameless people who are there simply to enforce the rules. Honestly though, how many of you see Danny Crawford in the pregame ref introductions on TV and say to yourself “Aww hell, this is going to be interesting.” I love the Pistons and would qualify as a homer most of the time, but honestly.. there are refs who hate our guys. Period!

  5. Anonymous

    Can u say BLACKBALLED! But, that also means that this well make or break Our Pistons. In other word, The Piston must come out and blowout every team they play, because of what’s against our beloved Pistons! That also means PLAYING MISTAKE FREE BALL! CAN WE DO IT? TIME WILL ONLY TELL!

  6. Anonymous

    I am lost for words.. I don’t understand why sheed gets a tech just for being sheed. I can understand if he is up in the refs faces like we have seen him but uts like I have heard one too may times they are trying to take his game away. He is on his away to getting a tech for every game is plays. HE now has 4 so thats only 9 more until he starts getting a game suspention. I am being to think the refs want to see just how many techs they can hand out. David S needs to step in, he has to see how stupid this is but we won;t since its his rule.

    Anyway they did play a good game I am just afriad they will loss they change for the final with all these techs. I hope they can get passed this and keep playing hard until the end and remember to play detroit basketball.

    Also has any one notice that Tayshaun has not been to the line in the last 2 games and was only there once in the second game and I know we was fouled in the game agaisnt mem but one was never called.

    I think detroit has a long road to the playoff but if any team can d it it is them. I also think David does not like the pistons you can see it i every rule he puts in place it is a way to change there game evertime. Its all been since the fight a few years back.

  7. Anonymous

    They shouldnt even be 4-0, bullshit.

  8. Anonymous

    I love gorge blaha and the comment he made…….”on the side line you have jerry sloan crying foul no tech was called. Probally because his name doesn’t start with rasheed”. Something close to that But I was like he is da shit for that

    stern and bush have alot in common……they both suck at what they do and…..when more then half the people object to whats going on weather it be the war on iraq or the war on shitty techs..stern and bush will both say they need to stick to it.. because they both don’t want to admit they were wrong even though half the nation can see that they are……So the petion was a good ideah but not with close minded people who don’t care about fans or people who fight for our country.

  9. Anonymous

    the techs was one of the reasons we lost but if you watched you cant forget when we were up one rip had got the offensive foul chauncey got an offensive foul when we were down one and of course dave cowens dumbass got a tech after memo got a foul and one now if cowens would of kept his mouth shut we would of only been down one instead of two one thing i notice about this pistons team so far were always playing from behind every game so far im a pistons fan they need to stop bitching and moaning about the techs and the new rule and play ball everyone just need to stop bitching

  10. Anonymous

    The pistons are not going to win the war of words with stern and the officials; i feel that sheed has come a long way from his portland days, he is doing much better at controlling his emotions, but these past two years with two new rules have just made him a target……since 2000 his techs have gone down…..but all in all; sheed must adjust or it is going to be a long year; totally unfair, but what can you do? Where is the players association?

  11. Anonymous

    First of all we did not lose the game because of the technical fouls. We lost the game becuase we did not play any defense. Whenever you allow somebody to shoot 48% and 50% from the three point line you are going to lose. In my opinion Mr. Phillip “I chocke in the playoffs” Saunders should address that issue, and hold guys accountable for not playing hard nosed defense. No wonder Ben Wallace left. I love the Pistons as much as the next guy, but Flip has got to go. This guy should have been fired in the off-season. As far as the other players go just shut up and play, and ignore the officials.

  12. la287

    Sure, I’m a Jazz fan and was happy to see them win last night, but I also got the chance to see how dumb this new rule is…It’s just a ploy to try and cover up the referee’s mistakes…

    I’ve tried to recruit others to sign the petition by posting a link on my blog ( and submitting it to digg.

  13. Nate

    That game was ridiculous. The zero tolerance rule was suppose to be enforced to keep player’s from whining and “disrupting the flow of the game???” All sheed did was swing his dang arm and say a short comment (not vulgar in any way) and the refs t’d him up. The tech’s were what disrupted the game, not the players. Blaha had some great comments during the game on this…he was referencing at times when some Jazz players were throwing up their arms and complaining and no tech were being called. I really do feel bad for sheed..those refs just wait for that one little throw of the arm or comment. Just plain stupid this new rule. Stern’s dream NBA is coming into focus for him…Superstars and Techs. Get those “troublemakers” out of the game so the dwayne wade’s and lebron’s can drive the lane with defenders afraid to even touch them for fear of foul trouble. What the hell’s he doing to the game.


  14. Nate

    One more thing while I’m all worked up about this…Regarding the video that Natalie put up with Billups and Hunter commenting on the new rule, Lindsey Hunter said it all…It all comes down to interpretation. What one player sees as being fired up, the ref sees as whining. We all know when Sheed gets fired up, the arms start going up and so do the comments. It’s how he gets his game going. As Billups said, you can’t change instincts.


  15. Anonymous

    is there a way to see how many techs a player has been given and ow many each team has?

  16. Natalie

    I am not going to blame the loss on the game to the techs, but I do believe it was a factor. If we just can defend better we would have been ok.

    As for the tech counts

  17. Anonymous

    thank you foe the web site for the tech count.


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