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by | Nov 2, 2006 | 22 comments

Calling all NBA fans, readers, and Pistons fans. is on a mission to save SHEED and the Future of the NBA as we know it! Behold the Save Sheed Online Petition. Spread the word!

To: NBA Fans

Dear Mr. Stern,

As NBA fans who Love This Game, we beg you to get rid of the Zero Tolerance Technical foul rule that you have put in place this season. We as fans understand you are trying to clean up the league, but we like the game with emotion and flair. How can you take the beloved game of basketball we love so much and sterilize it? We understand the need for technical fouls, but this has gone too far.

Do you expect fans to sit in our seats and not make a peep when our team wins a game on a buzzer beating shot? No we can’t its the excitement of the game, we can’t help but root for our team. If we can’t keep quiet how do you expect a player to in the heat of battle?

We as fans would like to stop questioning calls that change the courses of games. You have put too much power in the hands of referees that are inconsistent and who at times seem unfair. It makes it hard for any NBA fan to question that a game has been called fairly.

Most of all please save Sheed. We happen to think that he’s been treated unfairly over the past few years. Even you have rescinded quite a few of the meaningless techs he’s gotten just for the fact that he is Rasheed Wallace. So along with NBA fans around the world are pleading to you to SAVE SHEED and all the other NBA players that will surely be affected by your long arm of the law.

SAVE SHEED and the game of Basketball as we know it!


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Thanks to James Thompson for the inspiration.


  1. Anonymous

    I think the new role is too unreasonable. How can players be no emotions during the game. Good Job Nate!

  2. Anonymous

    I Like this fun game

  3. Anonymous

    NBA = Gestapo
    Is basketball still a sport or has it become a prepackaged and fake like the WWF?
    Stern is a moron, enforcing stupid rules like these will not bring you more fans and money. Shoving your so-called “superstars” into the public’s throat will not bring you more fans or money.

  4. Anonymous

    I thin kthis rule needs to either be used by all or not at all if you going to have one. the refs should not get to decided if they use it or not. You know they were waiting for sheed to start at them so they could throw it at him. I don;t feel that is right.

    Also does anyone know where Jalan decided to sign?

  5. Jordi

    Like I wrote in The Serious Tip’s NBA Outlook , The Iron Fist of David Stern – While Stalin’s social and economic policies laid the foundations for the USSR’s emergence as a superpower, the harshness with which he conducted Soviet affairs was subsequently repudiated by his successors in the Communist Party leadership. And Sheed was just sent to the Gulag. Poor Sheed.

  6. Sports on a Schtick

    Gladly signed the petition.

  7. Anonymous

    I love the petition Natalie, I signed it! Way to go. I agree techs should be needed but Rasheed and not just him but other plays too have emotions and should be able to show them. If they start cussing out the refs then that is another thing. It’s only human to have emotions out on the court.

  8. Anonymous

    Sheed is a punk.

  9. Anonymous

    3:12, your a punk. I signed and i got my friends to sign too :-)

  10. sunsonfire

    yo Natalie,

    I pledge my support to need4sheed’s noble quest. This selective enforcement of the ‘zero tolerance’ rule is stupid.
    I’ll do my bit to spread the word :)

    M (sunsonfire)

  11. Carl Monday

    Give me a break. Raweed is an overrated, whiny little turd burglar. I love the new rule. Get bitches like #30 out of the game quickly so I can enjoy some actual basketball.
    If I were to act as unprofessionally in my job as Raweed does in his, I’d be fired immediately. Why on earth would you losers support an overpaid a-hole like this anyway? Please, explain it… I assume it’s because you like seeing someone who smokes as much weed as you all do actually doing something more than sitting on the couch.

  12. FARID

    u can tell that this dude Carl plays no ball. cats that play ball at a high level are emotional from start to finish — its part of the game. some cats show it in different ways. u cant compete at that level and play with no emotions. passion is part of the game — and the powers that be are trying to control a players nature emotions. The Heat won a championship due to the agenda of individual who are more concerned about the economic aspect of the game rather than the love and beauty of the game. you cant touch superstars — they don’t promote teams that play team basketball. its crazy — lets be honest and convey what needs to be said == the powers that be don’t want the PISTONS to win championships becuz they believe the fans don’t like team basketball. every rule they have enforced has affected the PISTONS. can’t play real OLD SCHOOL PISTONS D — u CANT PLAY WITH EMOTIONS. CARL grow some nuts and MAN-UP. SHEED is truth and many relate becuz thats how CATS get down on a real level when it comes to BALL.

  13. Anonymous

    4:07 He’s not 30 anymore, he’s 36… turd burgler.

    The new rules absurd. It’s not in writing which let’s the refs pick and choose who they’ll enforce it on. So it hurts emotional players like sheed.

    Stern is a complete dumbshit, and if I ever saw him I’d tell him as much. He’s so hellbent on making the NBA the way he wants it to be. So he took away “all the scary black players” wristbands and told them all to shut up.

    At the end of the day IT’S BASKETBALL. It’s not life or death, it’s entertainment. Stern is taking it a way too far.

  14. Anonymous

    I love this petition. I got family and friends to sign ot too. This “zero tolerance policy” in just ruining basketball period. TRUST ME… refs play FAVORISM and SHEED is just not their favorite. This is just thier way to decide who is going to win the 2007 championship. I bet they’ve made up their mind already.

  15. Anonymous

    I completely support the pettition against the zero tollerance rule. I am a HUGE nuggets fan(sorry all the pistons fans.) and if anyone saw the game last night you, and the refs, and stern know that wass bull sh*t.

  16. The Almighty One

    MY personal opinion is that the nba and even the nfl is turning into a bunch of overpaid babies. I am sick of seeing the over the top celebration, whining, and crying. I know if I did that while I was on the job I would be out of one shortly. I am not trying to say they should be not emotional, but at the same time they are adults and should control it. Is Stern trying to be too stern? That is debatable and just for the record I did sign the petiton. I just think he is trying to make an example this year and may hopefully become more lax as the season goes along. Just my thoughts. I enjoy need4sheed, keep up the great work!

  17. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    amen The reffs kill the game ……To many ticky tac foul calls and to much power for old people who can’t see or hear to have-any one rember Tayshawn prince screaming time out but instead got a 5 second violation…It seems like the nba is caring to much about changing the way the players act and dress too much and not thinking about the game or the fan
    (nba) should be (NSA) national slavery assiociation
    anyways with out sheed being able to express his emotions the way he should and many other players in the matter it take personality out of the game and it looses intrest……can rasheed even scream BALL Don’t like any more?

  19. Jim Dunn

    Hey Natalie,
    I just want to let you know that I’m on board with this thing. Although Sheed could cool it a little bit, I don’t think that he should get a “T” called on him for as little as giving another player a dirty look. This “zero-tolerance” plan makes the NBA bland, not as fun to watch, as it normally is, since everyone’s favorite players are being ejected. Any ways, if there’s anything that I can do on my site to hel your petition out, just let me know. The Detroit Pistons Today is on board!!

  20. Anonymous

    To Jim Dunn

    Im just another fan of and its nice to see u wanna help. I think u should mention the petition on ur site and give a little breif discription about it.


    I just want them to get rid of it!!

  21. Anonymous

    I sight the petition in fact we are now 900. I dont think this rule of zero tolerance wil make the game better. Just like in society we put behind bars the poor, the thiefs, the crazy people insted of seeking for the real troblem and solve it. Basketball is a cantact/emotional game.
    Sebastian Nadilo (from Argentina)


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