The Bucks Stops Here And Manhandle The Pistons

by | Nov 1, 2006 | 18 comments

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What happened in the Pistons 105-97 opening night loss to the Bucks? Rather than go into great detail I’m going to compile a list, feel free to add more in the comments.

  • Pistons where sloppy from the tipoff
  • The Bucks took advantage in the paint all game long
  • Pistons had 22 turnovers
  • Nazr Mohammed had butterfingers
  • Rasheed is in big trouble
  • Maxiell will benefit
  • Rip wasn’t running without the ball as much
  • No more help defense
  • Delfino might have his shot back
  • Rasheed is in big trouble
  • Sheed’s said nothing to get his first tech
  • Playing the running game isn’t going to work when you can’t even stop Brian Skinner
  • Andrew Bogut wears what looks like a rubberband, as a headband but seems to have shed his Goth persona
  • Flip is using the bench more and they seemed to play better together than the starters
  • Sheed only had 3 rebounds and 0 points, that’s not going to cut it
  • Did I mention the 22 turnovers?
  • The Pistons seemed confused at times
  • Whenever Rasheed ditches his headband bad things happen
  • They didn’t even look like they were running plays
  • The Bucks stole the ball from the Pistons 12 times to the Pistons 3
  • Sloppy
  • I can’t even count the number of uncontested dunks by the Bucks
  • Total assists Bucks 26 Pistons 19
  • Fatima Wallace (Rasheed’s wife) might be cutting back on spending this season
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  • The Bucks new uniforms look even more like Christmas in person
  • Pistons had 48 rebounds but it seemed like less
  • Michael Redd owns the Pistons and looks like he shed some pounds
  • Rip and Tay each had 5 assists
  • Every time the Pistons got close they got sloppy
  • The crowd was on Nazr right from the start when he fumbled what seemed like 10 rebounds in a row
  • Shouldn’t the coaches be held the new zero tolerance tech rule? Stotts screamed like a mad man quite a few times
  • Sheed ejected after second tech midway in the 3rd quarter
  • Rasheed’s in trouble
  • I am pretty sure the Bucks scored almost all 68 of their points in the paint or at lease it seemed like it
  • The game was hard to watch
  • Ben Wallace has a smile on his face
  • Rasheed doesn’t
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  1. Warthog

    just wanted to mention that i saw someone wearing a need4sheed shirt at the game today!

  2. Big_Ben

    lol I would like to 2nd what warthog said, cause I too saw a girl with a need4sheed shirt on at the game, and I would like to also add 22 turnovers and sheed is in trouble to your list :)

  3. Natalie

    That’s cool I didn’t see any but I am glad you guys spotted them.

  4. Anonymous

    i am worried

  5. Anonymous

    Yall should not be worried… You actually think that these guys right now are worried about playing sloppy? These first few games are going to be rough, deal with it. Lets just get into the playoffs and make some noise then… Not like last year where we made some noise in the beginning and fell short later. The pistons will be fine… Look though, for a “big” trade from Joe D around trade deadline…. Still think Jalen Rose should get the nod for more minutes than Delfino… That is just MY opinion. :)

  6. Ree

    Sheed needs a beatin… he wasnt playin that good before the Ts.
    bogut n Charlie V were makin a bitch out of him.

    the game was really hard to watch.

    but im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and say they’re just punkin us.


  7. Anonymous

    wihtout big ben all there team got was layups layups layups (and dunks) there was nobody to intimidate them to not take the layup and to pull up for the shot. It was very hard to watch in my opinion. Its terrible how easy they are calling the techs now i was just watching sports center and mike bibby and someother big guy on sacremento got ejected too. Its stupid cuz sheed cant be himself and when u take that away from him hes a average player

  8. Robert

    Nazr definitely had some butterflies, and justifibly so, regardless of his comments about not trying to replace Ben. Once everybody gets on the same page, they will be ok I think.

    I agree that Sheed is in trouble. Most of what he said to earn that 2nd T was to Villaneuva, who caught him with a nice elbow that nobody saw (of course.)

    Nothing has been said in the media about us not even trying to re-sign Chauncey has it? A guy I work with (who’s questionable on his info to say the least) said that came from the organization the other day. Whatever!

  9. Anonymous

    man i dont what to say last night they looked like a lottery team but i cant trip its only one im sure they will be fine it was just one of those nights rasheed need to learn how to let things go if he was still in the game we could of came back and won but its only one game

  10. Anonymous

    the new Rules are really goning to be hard on the pistons….. in a league who is already out to get them..or so it seems…
    this just gives the refs more ammo to shut them down…..

    play ball for god sakes….to many rules makes the game boring…

  11. Ryan

    The crowd was on Nazr right from the start when he fumbled what seemed like 10 rebounds in a row

    Maybe that was you who was on him from the start. nazr had a good game with 8 points and 12 rebounds and i just like to say how nice it is to have a center who can actually score the ball instead of ben who had the scoring ability of a 1 year old. Nazr is an upgrade from ben( i air ball freethrows). You just need to move on cause ben showed his true colors this offseason and i for one am happy that he is gone. Nazr is the man.

  12. Anonymous

    I believe it was reported that the Bucks got 70 points in the paint!!!Inexcusable!!!

  13. Anonymous

    At least they didnt get beat by 42 points like the Miami Cheat did against the Bulls!

  14. Anonymous

    This game was so big for detroit. It was our chance to say, “who needs Big Ben”. Instead we got killed in the paint. And everyone is gonna say we’re nothing with out Ben

    It wasn’t Nazr either. Look at Ben’s numbers from game one and look at Nazr’s. The crowd was pissing me off, how are you gonna act like that on his first game.

    We lost this game as a team. We where out hustled. Flip needs to whoop these guys asses and we need to go on a tear on these upcomping road games.

  15. Anonymous

    That whole game just pissed me off from the bigining when we where down 15 to 3. OMGG.. THEY NEED TO PUT THE D BACK IN DETROIT!

  16. Robert

    No point in booing Nazr. Like Ryan said before, it’s nice to have somebody upfront that’s capable of putting some baskets in and not killing us with their free throws. We didn’t trade Ben, he chose to leave. I love the guy for what he did here, let’s leave his legacy at that. Besides, it doesn’t look like the NBA is going to allow him to play his style for much longer ANYWAYS!

    Yep, it’s only one game. Let’s just hope that one doesn’t turn into 3 or 4, or any kind of snowball effect.

  17. Anonymous

    I know this is a rasheed fanatic site. but i need to say this.

    rasheed kind of sucks. he’s got one of the worst 3pt%s in the league, and last season he attempted more 3s than chauncey. he is lazy and slow as he sneaks back to the 3 line to throw the ball into the front of the rim.

    but now big ben isn’t there to snag all those offensive rebounds. seriously guys, didn’t you ever notice that a missed sheed 3 was almost always a ben rebound. ben knew it wasn’t going in. so did i. everyone did but sheed.

    if rasheed wants to man up, get in the paint, and touch bodies with big scary brians like skinner scalibrine maybe other teams (and referes) would respect him, and they wouldn’t be able to score at will against him and our awful paint defense. i knew this would happen without ben. rasheed is a baby. an emotional and physical baby. man up!

    still, i love the pistons with all my heart. but i don’t have to love all the players.
    i hated arroyo, i hated darko, i hated stackhouse, and if necessary, i will hate rasheed as well.
    please rasheed, play like a center. or at least a power forward. heck i would settle for a small forward.
    just get your lazy butt in the paint. you’re almost 7 feet for crying out loud.

    go pistons

  18. Nate

    Its just like how we played toward the end of last season. We’re trying to outscore opponents instead of D’ing up on them, the very thing (Defense!) that earned us a ring. We have great shooters, no doubt, but we’re not going to be successful this year if we rely primarily on offense to win the games.

    I agree…this will be a rough year for Sheed. I’m sure he’ll have a few lines for Stern throughout the season :)



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