Sheed Hates The New Ball

by | Oct 5, 2006 | 6 comments

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So we can add Rasheed Wallace to the growing list of NBA players that does not like the new NBA ball. It seems as though the old ball was replaced with the new ball because it was supposed to be superior. “The new ball features a new design and a new material that together offer better grip, feel, and consistency than the current leather ball,” says an NBA official. The new ball is made of microfiber composite with moisture management that provides superior grip and feel that is supposed to last throughout the course of a game.

From what players are saying that’s exactly what it doesn’t do. It seems everyone is complaining that throughout the game when the ball gets wet from sweat that it gets very slick and hard to grip. Everyone is calling for lower shooting percentages and higher turnover ratios across the league this season.

“Terrible,” Rasheed Wallace said. “I don’t know why they did it. The thing that (upsets) me about it is, that’s a major part of playing, and you can’t just change it without getting the players’ opinions on the ball before you change it.”

Wallace, on a Nike commercial shoot in Los Angeles last week, said Steve Nash , Paul Pierce , Amare Stoudemire , Jermaine O’Neal , Shawn Marion and Kobe Bryant agreed. Via The Detroit News

Shaq also chimed in with this little clip. I am pretty sure Shaq is going to try doing Standup as soon as he retires. I think he amuses himself more than anyone else though.

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The kicker is David Stern consulted a few former NBA Players (Tim Legler, Dominique Wilkins and Greg Anthony) who tested it for him last year. Now I have no problem with Nique’s opinion but if I need some basketball advise I sure am not going to ask Tim Legler. How does asking Legler to help make a decision that would affect the whole league solidify such a choice? For Christs sake the man’s career average was 7 points per game in 10 seasons. Why wouldn’t the Stern ask current NBA players? Why wouldn’t he get a proven ball handler to test the thing? Hell, why not just ask my four year old neighbor to take it to the park and shoot some hoops, he’s got a mean jumper.

Really, Legler?

I just want to say that Need4Sheed readers are always on the job. While I was in the middle of writing this post I got an email from Patrick alerting me to this very article. Just in case I am not on the ball one of my readers is. Thanks guys and gals, that just means it’s all Sheed all the time!


  1. Big_Ben

    considering Stern’s prize player D Wade doesn’t like the ball either, I wouldn’t be that surprised if he decides do get rid of the new ball.

  2. Junior

    Legler? WOW!! Asking Bill Walton would have made more sense and that makes no sense at all. God I love basketball, God I hate the NBA.

  3. Anonymous

    I knew players were going to bitch about it. But I guess I don’t blame them for not even being involved in the repacement process. They are the ones who have to use it.

    FYI I love the Sheed version of the ball..You crack me up!

  4. Anonymous

    Well I guess we know what Shaq does on his spare time. I can’t stand him and will be happy when he does retire.

    As for the ball I agree the current players who are on the floor everynight should have say in what ball they use. It is custum fo thte players to choise the ball before the game for a reason, becasue they have to use it. The ball can make and break the way a player plays that night there for it can change an out come of the game more than anything.

    I have to say i enjoy watching basketball but I am starting to hate the rules the NBA thinks it needs to ahve its like if a player doesn’t like wh is say a superstar than they decided to change the rules fro them I wish things would just go back to the way the game was player 5-10 years ago.

    Jessi from canada

  5. Anonymous

    Jessi needs spell check. I hope French is your primary language.

    As for the ball…Why fix what isn’t broken. Was there ANYONE complaining about the basketball. There are flaws in basketball that change the way it is played and can decide who wins a game but I don’t think any player or team has ever put it on the ball. But, if they do use this new ball I’m sure we’ll be hearing it a lot. “The ball cost us the game.” “We would have made the playoffs if it wasn’t for that ball.” I don’t know why they are going to put the players and the fans through this.

  6. Jess

    That was deffinitly ONE of the million bad decisions the NBA has made already…

    PISTONS all the way babii :}


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