Dwyane Wade And Spike Lee Team Up To Sell Shoes

by | Sep 25, 2006 | 8 comments

While sorting through my emails for the day I found one that was quite different from the others. This one didn’t have anything to do with the Pistons nor was it some random person thinking I was Rasheed asking me for free stuff. This email came from someone on behalf of Converse letting me know that Spike Lee is directing Dwyane Wade in a series of commercials to launch Dwyane’s new Converse shoe The WADE 1.3.

“Shot documentary-style, the television advertising is created to reveal the inner thoughts of Dwyane Wade and expose the human side of one basketball’s most exciting players. Spike Lee’s vision for the spots is to show an insightful, intimate look at the real person inside the jersey while showcasing his new Converse WADE 1.3 signature shoe.

The television effort is supported by a wide range of print, out-of-home and in-store advertising that is titled “R3ADY” in reference to Wade’s number “3″ and his attitude toward the upcoming season. The print also reveals the thoughtful side of Wade with close-up images of Wade beside quotes such as: “Most of what I know I learned from my sister.”

That’s cool, I think Wade is a great player and I love Spike but I wondered why I was on the list of people to send the Press Release out to. This is not a Miami Heat Blog and I have pretty much went out of my way to rip on every member of that team that I could. I have to, it’s my job as a Pistons fan. Then it came to me. Maybe it’s because when doing a Google search on Dwyane Wade’s Shoes, Need4Sheed.com its pretty high on the list of results.

Now the resulting page was about Dwyane’s shoes and what I thought they looked like with D-Wade’s choice of black legwear. Needless to say I caught hell for that post, a couple of death threats and some not so kind words about this site and the Pistons. I even hurt little children’s feelings. I saw a post on Wade’s Offical site from a kid telling Wade that “this site called Need4Sheed is making fun of you, you should do something about it. Don’t worry I left a bunch of mean comments on there for you. You’re the best Dwyane.”

So maybe I solved the mystery of the random email or maybe not. Either way I am anxious to see the commercial spots. I’m just hoping the Mars is doing the interviewing.

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As for Converse, I’m waiting for my free stuff. You can email and I will send out my delivery address. P.S. I don’t really play basketball but I have always been fond of Jack Purcell’s.


  1. Anonymous

    Yet another lame comparison between Dwyane Wade and Michael Jordan. Man! I’m so sick of media-fabricated hype. They think they have the public all figured out. They think we can’t see through their ridiculous parallels. These crazy marketing machines obviously have CIA-style agents out there looking into sites like this one, and paying off all the tv announcers to hype-up or favor certain players…or compare them to Jordan! That is just plain reaching. Yes, Dwyane Wade is a great player. But no, we do not need to “invent” a new Michael Jordan out of someone who is not nearly as good.


  2. Ree

    Hey Nat!

    you changed the side icons! just curious, who is at the bottom??


    ps. do u think they will televise the open practise like last year?

  3. Natalie

    If you click on his face you will find out who it is. I don’t know about open practice, I wasn’t aware that they televised it last year. I will ask around and see if anyone knows.

  4. Big_Ben

    ree you said it was televised last year, I didn’t catch it. but I was wondering how many people did it look like were there? Like was it packed?

  5. Anonymous

    I must have missed Jason William as Vanilla Ice. That’s classic!

  6. Junior

    BIG BEN—
    Last years open practice had around 2-3 thousand I’m guessing. Natalie could probably correct me. It was pretty cool cause you could sit anywhere you please. Which is nice for the people who can’t ever get close to the floor. However it was an evening practice last year. Morning might draw a lesser crowd. Going once was enough for me.

  7. Ree

    big ben,

    Yep like junior it was an evening practice, that might be why it was televised on WB20(dunno what it is now).
    there were a lot of people as well.
    it was all fun and games.

  8. Big_Ben

    Thanks guys.


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