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I don’t know much about the New York Knicks Rookie forward Renaldo Balkman. The consensus so far is, WTF was Isiah Thomas thinking when he drafted him so HIGH.

I was scanning trough the NBA Rookie photo shoot pictures and something funny struck me. Is Renaldo really tired all the time or is he just totally stoned. In every single picture I have ever seen of him he looks higher than Tyrone Biggums. I don’t want to start any trouble for Renaldo but I know I am not the only who has had their suspicions.

Click picture to enlarge.

Check out The Basketball Jones thoughts on the NBA Rookie photo shoot.


  1. Anonymous

    Hahaha, wow. That is so sweet, Natalie! He does look high! What the fuck?

  2. Lucas

    Sheed could smoke a Renaldo under the table.

  3. mutoni


    it’s even funnier when you consider the fact that Isiah drafted him because he was seemed like an “energy guy”.

    i can’t WAIT for the season to start.

  4. Anonymous

    75% of NBA players smoke marijuana! Sheed even got caught with weed in Portland!

  5. Anonymous

    it’s just the eyes. t-mac looks like he’s sleepwalking half the time.

    and as we all know “Nah, we smoked it all up” Sheed has consumed more than his fair share of weed, and he doesn’t look stoned most of the time…

    Both teams played hard!

  6. Anonymous

    this the best you could say about him? step your game up

  7. Trev

    Dude it’s priceless, I guess you can’t take a joke. What more do you want to say about him?

  8. Anonymous

    lets just hope jump HIGH for his dunks

  9. Anonymous

    Just when I think it can’t get any more hillarious, you top it. Nice work!

  10. Anonymous

    this shit is not funny at all

  11. Anonymous

    I think it’s funny

  12. Brittany

    I know any of you don’t watch NASCAR, and I will probabl get flamed for saying this but I do. And Mason(Yup the Pistons PA announcer) did the whole pre-race thing. He even did the whole Daaaaalllle Jrrrr… Thing. They should clips of Detroit then Sheed’s helicopter thing that he does before every game. I thought it was sweet. Made me proud to be a pistons fan!

  13. Anonymous

    this is the worst way to describe someone

  14. Nugg Doctor

    Being as my alias is The Nugg Doctor, I constantly get references to smoking reefer on my site. Most times funny, even more times the product of someone toked out of their gord stumbling onto my site looking for something related to ganja. The point is folks that this guy has sleepy eyes. Taking a joke is critical to enjoying life. Keep up the good work Natalie!

    The Nugg Doctor

  15. Nugg Doctor

    And I have to agree with Lucas…
    ‘Sheed could smoke Renaldo under the table any day, and probably drip jumpers in his face too!

    The Nugg Doctor

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…

    this is the worst way to describe someone

    Come on dude look at the guy, I am sure he himself would laugh at this. If he didn’t want to look stoned all the time maybe he should clean up his look, cut his hair and shave. Maybe drink a RedBull or 2. Lignten up!

  17. Balkman's Cousin

    Funny thing is he is so against drugs. The knicks can piss test him everyday and will never find a thing. People like you who complain about cutting his hair is more of a motivation why he won’t. Maybe if so many people would just not say anything he would have cut it by now. Its more of a statement than anything. You tell me how would you look if you’re not a morning person and you started your day at 4am for a photo shoot?

  18. Anonymous

    thats what im talking about!!!! worst post ever natalie

  19. RogOli71

    I’m a native New Yorker, South Carolina graduate, huge Knicks and Gamecock fan. i may be the only guy in the world who thinks this at this stage of the game, but Renaldo is going to be a crowd favorite. Even if only for five minutes a game, the Garden is going to love the kid. He’s as high energy as you’ll find. From tip off to the final buzzer all he wants is fan interaction and fans on their feet. Insane acrobatics and arm waving instigation for the crowd is normal routine for the guy. You’ll see. He may never be an all star, but I promise you’ll all love him. I can’t wait. For credibility purposes, I’m a baseball/basketball writer. I’m not just some schmo looking through orange and blue colored glasses. Well, actually, I may be a schmo, but I do know a little hoops.

    By the way, everybody in Columbia has laughed and questioned his “smoking” habits for three years. Not to mention, he’s just a good kid.


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