No I’m Not Rasheed!

by | Aug 12, 2006 | 22 comments

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The internet is a funny place. I have never made any sort of declaration or announcement that I am Rasheed Wallace, but that doesn’t stop people from sending autograph requests, threats or cash requests to me on a daily basis.

This statement can’t be truer of’s Myspace Page. You wouldn’t believe how many people actually think that I am Rasheed. I guess people don’t read they just see Need4Sheed and assume that it is Rasheed himself.

I have had to stop replying to all the requests for autographs, jerseys, Air Force 1’s and appearance requests to grade school basketball games. It got to the point that I was answering so many that I wanted to delete the page altogether. Now if you were a semi-intelligent person and you took a look at this blog or the MySpace page you would see that indeed it was not Rasheed Wallace but me, Natalie a semi crazy Pistons fan. All you had to do is search MySpace and see that there are at least eight pages of people claiming to be Rasheed Wallace and any other professional athlete for that matter.

At first I let this go as, “Well it’s just a bunch of young kids that don’t know any better and who have no business being on MySpace anyway.” But it’s not just kids, its grown intelligent adults who think that they are actually speaking to Sheed. I just can’t explain it, it just makes no sense to me at all. I guess people see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe.

Now I just consider it my source of entertainment. I mean if these people actually think it’s Sheed they are talking to you would think they would have something better to say to him than this.

Thanks alot you pretenders! I was a die hard pistons fan who had season tickets and did not miss a single game this year. Do you know how many days I had to call of from work just to see you guys. For what , this, I feel like I wasted seven mnths of my life that I will never get back! It’s time to break up the team, It’s open season with everyone and no one is safe. I won’t watch a single game next year. I guess you guys still enjoy your millions so go fuck yourselves!!!!!!

you should try scroing some more points and making free throws

we need larry back
for fucking deffense
omg u guys are getting murder by the
heat omg
u guys better get it together cuz this is bullshit
u guys are in a mission
and ur a game away to blow it away
so just concetrate on ur fucking shots and on ur deffense
biggest piston fan

what is the DEAL!!!!!!!!!! ever since that 4th quarter of the second game against the cavs… you guys have sucked. WHERE IS THE HEART?!?!?! JUst look at it, you guys are playin bad and are still in games….. that shows you guys are awesome. SO TURN IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey NEED4SHEED.COM! Give me money.

Will you please start making your 3s!?! I’ve got you on my Fantasy Basketball team, and you’re killing me from downtown!!!


~Thanks for the comment why do you only Leve a comment and the other players dont i Think your your so kool ~ lol~Thanks Sheed`~

Dunk on for me!

Leave me a comment dog

whats up rasheed quit shooting all those 3’s that makes you loose the game i mean come on you lost to the lakers!

You suck you make the pistons lose all the time you lazy piece of shit step it up man

You da man go gets um ma dog

Send me some a sighned jersey my address is XXXXXXX Apple, XXXXXX Michigan

Way to talk to Sheed people, I am sure he’s looking for game advice from a kid in his twenties whose idea of participating in sports is playing Beer Pong.

Those are the comments just the way you see them on the MySpace page. People need to stop the internet typing. How hard is it to type out the word you? How lazy has our society become where every word needs to be shortened in order to type it on the screen. Honestly, it takes me longer to try to figure out what the hell the messages say when using internet shorthand. And LOL is used way too much. What’s the point in adding LOL to every sentence? Trust me, it’s not funny.

So if you want a chuckle or want to be Need4Sheed’s MySpace friend, you are more than welcome. Just remember I can’t tell Rip that you think he’s hot, I can’t send you free shit, I can’t stop taking 3 pointers, I’m not going to put you in my “Top 8” and most of all I am not going to COMMENT ON UR NEW PICS.


  1. Anonymous

    The dumbfuck gaywad who said the pistons are pretenders is a fucking BANDWAGON JUMPING GAY FUCK! People don’t realize that the game has changed! Refs and officials can now be bought out and paid off to make stupid calls! SO FUCK OFF PISTONS FAN WANNABES AND HATERS!

  2. Junior

    Nat, you might be my favorite person in the world. That was great. thanks for giving us a taste of the BS you go through just to keep us happy. Very funny yet very frustrating I’m sure.

  3. Anonymous

    one of the greatest post ever!!!, i knew all along u werent sheed, but i guess it goes to show that this blogging thing is not easy as pie

  4. Anonymous

    YA SHEED “u” TELL THEM! haha just messing.. So finally found out a way too tell everyone that you are NOT sheed congrats!


  5. NBAChick

    Yea I’m About To Become A Piston Dancer And My Cousin Is One Now And All Over Her Myspace Are Piston Fans Telling Her To Tell The Players Stuff It’s Annoying I Bet But I Don’t Blame Natalie For Setting Them Straight

  6. Anonymous

    you are amazing nat.
    tell it like it is girl!

  7. Anonymous

    Haha, ya I have a website for Rip, and girls sign my guestbook like they are actually speaking to him. I find it quite amusing.

  8. Big_Ben

    What??? your not Sheed???

  9. Anonymous

    You’re not Rasheed??? Damn.

    I was just gonna ask you to tell Rip I think he’s hot, ask for tons of free shit, tell you to stop taking 3-pointers and put me in your “Top 8”.

    Oh well, thanks NATALIE

  10. Shanna

    Haha. You should make everyone who has a player page post this. OH, and the grammar problem?? ..Let’s not go there!
    People honestly think NBA stars have time to get on-line, send out jerseys, sign autographs, go to the Post Office, buy a package, write the name on the box himself, and send them out for EVERYONE. I don’t know anyone that nice and anyone with that much time on their hands.

  11. Anonymous

    i used to man rasheed’s facebook account till facebook deleted it, i feel your pain believe me

  12. Anonymous

    death threats? now who would wanna kill Sheed?

  13. Anonymous

    You mean there are people out there that do not love sheed!! I find this unbelieveable.

  14. Jamison

    Good joke, Sheed.

    Pretending you’re just a fan with a website… CLASSIC!

    Now, send me some Air-Force 1’s!

  15. Lucas

    Forget the 3’s would you please stop shooting the 4’s, those are whats killing us!

  16. Natalie

    Actually some people don’t love Sheed, but more of them don’t like me that much especially when I poke fun of their favorite NBA stars. Sheed hasn’t gotten any Death threats, but I did.

  17. Anonymous

    wow some people need to lay off the coffee

  18. amber

    man nat u get death threats……..i’ll pray for you and your well being….seriously

  19. Anonymous

    WOW! Some people are just iiiiiiignorant!

  20. Scott

    Lmao. That’s great Nat. I can’t believe it’s gotten to that point that you actually needed to make a post about it. People aren’t very bright.

    Oh yeah, on the shorthand thing…I totally agree. Although I’m a “lol” abuser at times, I hate when people use u/ur/ppl/etc to abbreviate. They obviously weren’t paying attention in computer class on typing day.

    Did you end up going to that golf outing thing earlier this month?

  21. Natalie

    No I didn’t get a chance to go to the outing, hopefully I can play at next years.

  22. kenzie

    hahaa. Yeah I actually had someone think I knew Rasheed because I have your myspace on my friends. He was like, asking me to talk to Rasheed for him and stuff. I just went along with it and told him sheed and I were pretty good buddies. I was like, yeah, sure I’ll call him and let him know.

    yeah people are kind of stupid.


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