Mr Big Shot

by | Aug 11, 2006 | 23 comments

Now that was exciting.


  1. Anonymous

    hell yeah that was exciting

  2. Big_Ben

    That just gave me goose bumps all over. I can’t wait any longer for the season to start.

  3. Nate

    LoL Big_Ben…I got goosebumps too. Billups has become my favorite player in the past two years, taking the spot of GHill. I wore my Billups jersey to the mall the other day and heard “B-B-B-illups” three times being shouted out. Thanks for that great video Natalie. I love this team.


  4. Nate

    Speaking of GHill…anybody miss his Pistons days? I just watched some video tributes to him on Damn, he was good. His cross-overs were wicked and he just about dunked on every center in the league. If he was only able to avoid all those injuries and stay a Piston…could you imagine? Wallace, Hill, Prince, Billups & Rip? Oh man.


  5. Anonymous

    Aww, I love these guys! I just got goosebumps too! I cant wait till November! Our boys will be better than ever!

  6. Lorenzo

    i thought we had that game locked after that crazy shot. that was incredible. i went running and screaming all over my house even outside on the back deck i was like ‘deeeeetroit basketball,’ i think i woke up some of the lame ass old people that were sleep woops.

  7. Lucas

    Vince Carter looks fake upset. I think he accepts mediocrity and couldn’t wait for his summer to start so he can spend some of that loot.

  8. Anonymous


    vince carter wasn’t on the nets yet. He was still on the raptors. And that shot was amazing i still remember watching it with my dad and falling off the couch in disbelief.

  9. Big_Ben

    Lucas, Vince Carter is in the video with a look of disapointment on his face after the shot, what do u mean he wasn’t on the team yet?

  10. Anonymous

    I think that would be K-Mart your seeing….

  11. Kayla

    I Remember That Game When Me And My Whole Family Went Wild I Love The Pistons.

  12. Anonymous

    lucas and big ben u both r dumb vince was not on the nets tell 04-05 midseason that shot was in 03-04 playoffs game 5 round 2 and that was kenyon martin how dumb do u have to be to not know that comment back if u have the guts to

    from:sheed rules

  13. Junior

    HA! I read the comments before I watched the video. You guys were right on with the goosebumps. It is gonna be a good year. We will be there at the end.

  14. Anonymous

    I got goosebumps too! I fell asleep during the 2nd ot of this game. Oops!!

  15. Anonymous

    Man!!! Let me tell you I was at this game! Even though we lost it was one of the best and most competitive games I’ve EVER been to. Hopefully we’ll have more great games like this this season

    ~Nate P

  16. Anonymous

    i was their too cant wait until

    the season starts Detroit haters

    top four teams 4 santonio 3. lakers 1. chicgo

    < do you think we are the new lakers?
    on lakers shaq left on pistons
    big ben left?

    Holla back

  17. Anonymous

    Yeah…I was at that game too! I remember just jumping up and down like crazy and hugging strangers! We lost that game but it was one of the most exciting Piston games I have been to!

  18. Natalie

    Yes Ben was a huge part of the team but I wouln’t consider us the new lakers. We still have 4 allstars on the roster.

  19. Big_Ben

    Comment back if u have the guts to? lol. First of all I don’t give a shit when Vince became a part of the Nets, as far as I’m concerned he’s a back stabbin punk who should still be in Toronto. And you need to lighten up bro, who comes on a blog and starts talkin shit just because somebody saw a two second shot of the side of a guys face and messed up who they were? From the side him and K Mart do look a lot alike, atleast in that clip.

  20. Anonymous

    chauncey has done it again at leat 2 years ago i was shivering when he made the shot i got up and started to scream(chauncey babababillups)

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    i was at that game but left cause pistons were down and it was less than a min to play but chanucey gets it after a kerry kittles missed freethrow but Brian Scalabrine had a monster game puttin up at least 30 points off the bemch i was in the 3rd row and isiah thomas a row in front of me and i got his autograph on my wallace jersey

  23. Anonymous


    Your an idiot, get your facts straight, it wasn’t Vince Carter in the video, anybody that watches NBA basketball would know that. That’s Kenyon Martin aka Kmart not Vince Carter. Get your eyes checked, you need glasses if you don’t know that.


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