The Pistons 2006-2007 Schedule.

by | Aug 2, 2006 | 13 comments

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The Pistons 2006-2007 Schedule has been released. I have added it to the left sidebar of the website and will update it as I did last years. I honestly was going to complain about it. I had a whole post/rant written about it, but when I took a look at this post by The Mighty MJD I didn’t feel as slighted.

With the NBA’s drama agenda, I am surprised they waited until Feb. 25 for the return of Ben with the Bulls to the Palace. This is also the first time since the 2001-2002 season that the Pistons haven’t played a Christmas day game. I am happy for the team in that they get to be with their families on the holiday but it just goes to show you that the NBA doesn’t think much of the Pistons anymore, not that they ever did much in the first place.

This my friends is the new NBA as many have called it where superstars shine and everyone else get left behind. Get used to it, and I’m not just talking to Pistons fans. I’m talking to any team that doesn’t have a LeBron, Wade, Kobe, Shaq, or any other star the NBA deems super.


  1. NIKEY

    We’ll the Pistons just got to accept the truth … which is .. they are a boring team .

  2. Anonymous

    They are NOT a boring team at all. The NBA is starting to get ridiculous. You hit it right on the head Natalie.

  3. Anonymous

    nike you are boring and gey!

  4. Anonymous

    Shaq paid the refs to win the ship!

  5. Anonymous

    the pistons are anything BUT boring. they play the way basketball was supposed to be played. screw you nike

  6. Big_Ben

    Basketball is a team sport and is ment to be played that way, this is how the Pistons play the game and I for one from expierence of going to the palace and watching many games can tell you that it is very exciting to watch them play.
    So kiss my a*s nike.

  7. Nate

    Well, I look at it this way. If seeing Dwayne or Lebron go to the line the entire game is more exciting than watching the Pistons, I guess my choice of entertainment is rather lacking. If watching the Suns play only offense for 48 minutes is more exciting than watching the Pistons, then again, my choice of entertainment is rather lacking. Why? Cause I’d choose to watch the Pistons over any team today. They provide entertainment on both sides of the court, and they win while doing so. Natalie hit it right on the head when she said today’s league is about superstars alone. I most likely won’t watch the games when our boys play the Heat and Cavs. The announcers talk about nothing but Lebron and Dwayne and how they should be worshiped, let alone weird Bill Walton fantasizing out loud about Dwayne’s body.

    Remember the Pistons title in 04, when headline after healdine read about how the Pistons saved the NBA? That they did. They brought back teamwork and beat up on the whiny, ego-driven, superstars that demand the refs blow the whistle every time they drive the paint. My dad, brothers, friends were all watching the NBA again. You were seeing Piston flags on cars, store windows, signs, you name it. That’s all gone now, wasn’t even here during our incredible run just this last season. Why? David Stern. He wants the whistle to stop defensive teams from dominating so superstars like Dwayne, Kobe and Lebron can shine. Well, he both suceeded and lost. He got a superstar team a ring again through use of the whistle, but is losing fans of the game fast. Never have I seen so many articles degrading the NBA. My family and friends barely caught any games this year and don’t plan to watch much of the NBA anymore. A sport of “overpaid crybabies” is a popular sentiment around here. Mark Cuban and Antoine Walker cried enough in the Playoffs last year to make me vomit. I did not watch that series so I would not have to constantly see camera shots of their contorted faces. I won’t be catching many games this season, just watching the Pistons when I can. The big D-Wade and Lebron matchups will be advertised all season long. Big deal. It’ll be nothing more than a free throw contest. And thanks to David Stern and his changes to the NBA, I have become quite the baseball fan over the last couple of months. Go Tigers.


  8. Natalie

    Hey Nate that was one of the Best comments I have ever had on this blog..Nice

  9. Nate

    Thanks Natalie…just venting frustration. I love the game, and always will, just not the way the NBA is going. Maybe the Pistons can save the league again this year 🙂


  10. F. Muhammad


    Great comment.You wrote the truth.Its a damn joke and frustrating. Fans around the States should really protest the Heat all season — and let Stern and the NBA know they didnt earn that Championship — IT WAS GIVEN!! I CALL FOR A PROTEST????? Lets make T-shirts, protest a Heat game, etc. anything. Let the players decide the game. They need to trust the fan and stop assuming that they know what good basketball is. Good ball is a team that plays together at both ends of the floor. not a team that has a player shot 25 freethrows.I apologize — this is a platform for me to get this frustration off. If there are any ideas about a form of protest about the Championship given to the HEAT please send me an e-mail or If I can — maybe Natalie can kick that OFF???? Okay — sorry for the long post…..:)-

  11. Lucas

    Honestly you really can’t complain as you have 30 Nationally televised games to Toronto’s 0. I don’t really see how the Pistons not playing on Christmas and/or the late Big Ben reunion equates to the NBA not caring about the Pistons.

    The Pistons are an elite team in the L and much of Deetroit’s style of smothering D is allowed when other teams would be called for a foul.

    I do agree that Miami and the Lakers are extremely boring to watch and I would much rather see the ‘stons.

  12. Anonymous

    we dont play a REALLY challenging untill november 30th when we play the heat, so i think we have a pretty good chance of ahving a really good record ….. i mean the only challenging teams ive seen were memphis, washington, who knows maybe houstan and philly can do real good this season, but other then the grizzlies and washington, i dont see a very challenging game to detroit, i mean we beat them all last year (besides the jazz btu we know that was a joke), and the lakers once, so i think we could get started with 12-2 record or at least 10-4

  13. Anonymous

    I agree with nate’s comments that was great. The league has changed …… and it really really works my nerves. No one cares about guys that play as a team. Everything is a popularity contest. That’s why I love detroit basketball because the guys are always humble. I guess because all of them had success late on in their careers except Tayshaun. All of these other players are overrated. Why Miami couldn’t win the championship until Shaq came? Why were they not doing so well during the regular season, but began to do so well in the playoffs. No matter what people may say I don’t care if they say we detroit fans are bitter…….. YES I AM! because when you don’t have superstars you don’t have the favor of the refs. The Finals really upset me and how everything was going great and then when they got to MIAMI Dwayne Wade was getting every single call for no reason. When there is only a couple of seconds left let the players decide the game. There has been numerous times when I’ve saw RIP drive the lane only to get knocked down with a couple of seconds left and he never got the call and he would always have this confused look on his face like WHY? I would always tell myself RIP just play the game. So this whole league is getting screwed and players who aren’t on every billboard or website are being screwed as well.
    I agree its time for Detroit to make a change again. DEEEEETRRROITTT BASSKEETBALL!!


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