Flip Murray Has A Fan Club, Well Kind Of.

by | Jul 16, 2006 | 6 comments

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I admit I don’t know much about The Pistons new acquisition Ronald “Flip” Murray, other than he was traded at the deadline to the Cavaliers to help fill the gap left by the injured Larry Hughes. He did a good job during the regular season for the Cavs but didn’t really show up for the Playoffs. That’s the extent of knowledge that I have about him, he spent 3 years in Seattle so there weren’t too many games that I caught him on the court.
While searching the internet for some information on Flip, I found something disturbing. Some Seattle fans had an extreme dislike towards Flip, so much that they dedicated a whole website on him called, Trade Flip Murray.com. They even started a petition to get him traded, though few people signed it, Sonics fans got their wish and he was indeed traded to the Cavs at the end of the 2005-2006 season. This is their beef with Flip:

Most Sonics’ fans will agree, he’s got to go. Being an avid Sonics’ fan I have a chance to watch Flip night in and night out and see the negative impact he has on the team, and the frustration he causes Sonics’ fans. How many times have you seen Flip dribble down the court and launch a shot with about 16 or 17 seconds left on the shot clock, not passing the ball once? How many times have you seen Flip put on a dribbling display, only to dribble the ball off his foot or leg or get the ball picked by the defender resulting in a turn over? (This isn’t AND 1 Flip, you’re not going against The Professor!) How many times have you seen Flip clank wide open 15 or 17 footers? Don’t even mention his defense.

Now I am going to give Flip the benefit of the doubt, he sure didn’t seem to play like that when he was with the Cavs, but it’s still something to look out for. I feel for Sonics fans, I felt the same way about Carlos Arroyo when he was with the Pistons. I understand that Arroyo tried to do his “thing” during the few minutes he got on the court but he always seemed to frustrate me when watching him play, especially when he would dribble the shot clock down to nothing. Right now I’m jumping on the Flip bandwagon, I believe the Pistons got a good player for a great price and I hope he, along with Nazr Mohammed have something to prove to their doubters.


  1. Anonymous

    well they can talk about him like that but i am thinking his stats are better then delfinos and delks? ya?

  2. Anonymous

    Hell Ya flip is way better dan delfino and delk put toghether
    so wat if he puts up a few too many shots dats not wat i saw when i saw da cavs play us
    So f**k da people dat think hes to much of a shooter
    Shumel Ahmed

  3. Anonymous

    their will always be haters and their will always people the love him for the same reason.. im not going to judge him when he even hasnt gotten a chance to prove himself. besides when he comes to our team he will be surrounded by veterans that know how to win. He too will become a winner.


  4. Anonymous

    didn’t portland hate sheed? and we love him. who knows, it may be the same senario. =]

  5. John Garcia

    I dont mind this guy, his stats are pretty impressive and I think he will be a good fit for our bench next season. Now all we have to do is kick the FOB’s ass off the boat.

  6. Anonymous

    It reminds me a lot more of Delk, but at least Flip waits a couple of seconds to launch a shot, while Delk shot within the first two seconds. He is an upgrade, for sure.


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