Flip Murray Is Signing With The Pistons

by | Jul 14, 2006 | 24 comments

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A person within the Detroit Pistons organization confirmed Friday that the team will introduce Flip Murray, a guard, alongside Ben Wallace’s stand-in, center Nazr Mohammed, at a press conference early next week.

Terms of the deal could not be confirmed, but it is almost certain Murray will accept the team’s bi-annual exception, a $1.75-million salary slot for teams over the league’s salary cap to spend every second year on the free agent market.

Getting Murray at that price would be something of a steal. Murray (6-foot-3, 197 pounds) can play both backcourt positions and has been a spot starter throughout his four seasons. Via The Detroit Free Press

Two Flip’s on one team has got to be some kind of record. I hope this Flip doesn’t flop.


  1. Anonymous

    With all this hype Im putting out for him I hope he doesnt flop either 🙂


  2. Anonymous

    I’m so happy right now I want to do backflips Flip is a solid player and h e can do great things and right now I think Joe D is handlin his business. I really hope Flip does well and doesnt flop either and to he detroit fans he may still have a lot ot prove just like Muhammod

  3. Anonymous

    Thats a big pickup for the pistons. Chauncey had tired legs during the playoffs. Hopefully flip can take a substantial amount of minutes next season so he doesn’t burn out again.

  4. bigdaddysheed36

    Sweet, you can see he wants to win a championship.

  5. ash

    i’m extremely happy about this. the lose of ben hit us hard and has caused people to question us, which is a good thing since we love to be the underdogs, so having flip and nazr along with the regular boys gives me great hope. i cannot wait for next season!

  6. Anonymous

    hmmmmmmm that bench is sure starting to look good again !

    =) REVENGE 07 BABY !

    – Vin

  7. Junior

    I really wanted Atkins or brevin knight or speedy claxton or bobby jackson but what are you gonna do? I think flip is no better than carlos arroyo. So its no improvement. We needed a guard but its nothing better than what we had. I still have faith.

  8. Anonymous

    The Pistons are now outta money, but they did good filling the holes that the team had.

  9. Anonymous

    I am happy about getting flip murray however I am a little bit scared that we are laking the defence.

  10. Anonymous

    Does this mean that Alex Acker won’t be signed? I know J. Max and Amir have a garunteed spot on the roster..but Acker has really been stepping up his game in the summer league. Only thing is it seems like he can’t step it up when there’s pressure. Joe D. and Sheed came to watch a SL game and he only got 8 points.

  11. Anonymous

    WOW! This is a solid pickup, I really like this guy. 07s looking sweeter. Hopefully Nazr is ready to prove something too.

  12. Anonymous

    Well of course we are lacking defense we lost the 4-time defensive player of the year.. if lakers lost kobe they would be like well we are lacking offense now huh..


  13. Bri

    this is a great pick-up for the pistons. Flip can play either guard spot, the pistons are going younger along with the core players they have. The Pistons look good, they made some moves to help the team run more offensive play’s. Look for Delfino, Murray, Maxiel, and Johnson to have a break out season next year

  14. "rem"

    wow someone is worried about Acker?

    Flip should be a nice fit as he isn’t being brought in to replace a player going rather as some experienced depth off the bench

  15. Aaron

    Yea I Like The Pick..Better Then Nothin..Still Need A Back Up For Tay..N I dont Wanna Hear “ohhh we got acker and maxiel and amir” fuck them..we need a SOLID back up for tay.

  16. Anonymous

    I agree we still need some back up for Tay.

  17. Anonymous

    All pistons need is BONZI WELLS to back TAY up! I hope BONZI signs with the STONES

  18. Anonymous

    we can’t afford bonzi wells, if dumars doesn’t trade him delfino will be tayshaun’s backup

  19. Anonymous

    Yea the bench is starting to look real good and i think delfino will stay all he has to get is fare minutes

  20. Aaron

    I Meen Yea We Still Got A Good Team..But There Really Isnt anyone To Backup Tay..Maybe U Could Toss Dycess Out There @ SF..But He WOuld Get Tierd Fast..Cause Then We Wouldent Really Have Anyone to Back Up Sheed And Nazr..Cept Dale Davis And Kato..Hopfully Kato Can Stay Healthy This Year..We’ll Need Em. And Davis Is Old As Dirty, lol.

  21. Anonymous

    What happened to Tony Delk? He was good off the bench.

  22. Anonymous

    yeah tony delk is a good player but hes old dude. murray is going to be grateful of the situation he’s in but i think hes gunna start bitchin when he realizes coach flip doesnt play the bench as much as he should. alex acker is a good scorer and should be signed also soon.

    p.s. LAKERS all the way baby! word.

  23. RIPFAN

    flip murray just doesnt look good to me, he’s a bandwagon player coming to detroit, he better do good,BETTER


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