Delfino Wants To Be Traded…..Again

by | Jul 13, 2006 | 24 comments

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I got this link via HoopsHype, it’s in Spanish but he basically says he doesn’t want to ride the bench for another year.

I don’t blame the guy but I thought Joe Dumars was after Flip to put him in the rotation this season.


  1. Big_ben

    I thought because Evans was traded to LA, that Delfino was going to be Rip’s fulltime backup?

  2. Natalie

    So did I!

  3. bigdaddysheed36

    Good, trade him for someone better… He’s not good enough to start anyway, so I don’t know who he thinks is going to offer him a starting position. Should have traded him for Samb, not Evans.

    I still think he acts too stupid. Can’t forget when Larry Brown had to bring him and Darko out of the game with 2 minutes left and put starters back in because they let the other team come back, then the two of them go back to the bench and laugh when Larry walks away.

  4. Anonymous

    thats bullcrap.. but now im thinking we should really pick up Ronald Murray cause hes better 🙂


  5. Ben from Ann Arbor

    he doesnt know what he wants. he is not using his brain, mo evans is gone so he would get some playing time

  6. Ben from Ann Arbor

    he doesnt know what he wants. he is not using his brain, mo evans is gone so he would get some playing time

  7. Anonymous

    Well today is full of suprises, now isn’t it? Make up your mind Delfino.

    Natalie, did you change something? Like the comments part of here? Or am I just tired?

  8. Natalie

    I did change a few things around… but you are probably still tired.

  9. Dor

    He’s stupid!
    Mo have been just traded for this reason – get Delfino some minutes, and now he wants to leave?
    I can’t believe this thing… I really can’t.

  10. Mono

    Unreal. Dumars wants to develop him. He’s going to get playing time here, does he think he can be a starter elsewhere? Guh…

    Delfino + an ’07 draft pick could be interesting trade bait though…

  11. Anonymous

    Good to know that I’m not going insane. But I am tired, and I can’t go to sleep. So you’re right. =]

  12. Anonymous

    good the hell with him he sucks anyway matter of fact him and evans both were garbage i say get em all out of here and just start over new coach new team

  13. Bri

    Delfino is a very young player that has a good all around game..Joe Dumars said that he is not going to trade Delfino because he is a good player and he is going to get more playing time with Evans gone. Look for him to do some really big things next year and a potential six man of the year…..DON’T COUNT HIM OUT.

  14. Anonymous

    Judging from Joe D’s track record: Be careful what you with for, buddy. Delfino seems to think too highly of himself. As less playing time as he got last season, he didnt really do anything significant with those minimal minutes given to him.

    I say trade that mother out. Flip Murray would be a dream compared to Im-so-great Delfino. He’s a Shandon Anderson type of player at BEST I think.

  15. Anonymous

    relax, we should be glad that he wants to be traded, that means that he actually wants to play. los is a fiery guy who plays the game aggressively, it’s understandable that it’s killing him to be riding the pine. with mo’s departure delfino will get more minutes. it was obvious that our starters were tired (chauncey admitted it), so coach flip is going to have to use the bench more. the pistons will have a legit 8 man rotation with dyess, delfino, and flip coming off the bench. delfino could average close to 10 points per but dyess will win the 6th man.

  16. Aaron

    Good..He Sux Anyways..And Looks Like Jimmy Fallon.

  17. Anonymous

    LOL….. anyway Delfino is an alright player at times. I still like Mo’ Evans to be honest, but he just needs to be quite and except his role, because he is not going to get a starting position just yet.

  18. Anonymous

    i agree with aaron delfino sucks ass get him outta here he sucks i remember when he started for rip that game the pistons played the magic he only scored 0 he wants to be traded i say the hell with his mark anthony looking ass

  19. Anonymous

    mo evans requested a trade because he knew that Flip barely ever plays the bench. and delfino is ok hes not “6th man of the year” quality so dont be saying that. you just got the other flip in murray so they should trade delfino for a big. Evans plays good D and can make an open jump shot which is useful on any teams bench

    p.s. i’m a laker fan so thanks for evans. samb is way too skiny and is a major project.

  20. Aaron

    yea we shoulda gave the lakers delfino not evans..delfino is a waist of air..evans can @ least put up 5-6 points and get some board other then delfino getting 0 points and no boards and bitching about his playing time..seriously..the pistons shoulda gave evens away..but i guess we gotta do what we gotta do..oh well we still gotta awsome squad

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    dude, both teams have to agree to a trade you idiot. devin harris for delfino. like the mavs would trade harris for delfino. just proving again that pistons fans are stupid.

    p.s. lakers all the way baby!

  23. Bri

    O.k if this is a site for the pistons and pistons FANS, why the HELL is there someone talking about those weak ass Lakers….Come on man use your head..IF YOU THINK THAT THE LAKERS ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING NEXT SEASON…YOUR THE IDIOT….^_^

  24. Anonymous

    i was kidding about the harris for delfino thing


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