The Wizard Of NaZ

by | Jul 11, 2006 | 25 comments

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It will become official today, when the NBA’s moratorium on free agency ends and the Pistons sign Nazr Mohammed to deal with their mid level exception. Exact details will be announced but it’s most likely that Detroit pays Nazr 5.2 million dollars a year, a drop in the bucket compared to what Chicago is spending on Ben Wallace.

Let’ s not compare the two players, that’s just not fair, to Ben or Nazr. Ben is gone and the Pistons now have to look to the future. Nazr brings more than you think to the team. Last year he averaged 6.2 points, 5.2 rebounds in just 17.4 minutes per game. Nazr who will likely have to answer questions all season long about being Ben Wallace’s replacement, needs to put up numbers right from the start to win the hearts of hardnosed Pistons fans.

Instead of talking about what Mohammed doesn’t bring to the team, let’s talk about what he does. He has a nice 12 foot jumper, he great on the offensive boards, and he can make his free throws. Some say his production fell off the last couple of years because of his relationship with Gregg Popovich, and because he played alongside Tim Duncan. I hope he has something to prove this season and puts up career numbers. Playing regularly with Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun and Rasheed will sure help.

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Mohammed gets his drive from his father, Tahiru, who kept a tight rein on his son. Mohammed lost his father in 2000. He was murdered in Chicago, where Mohammed grew up. His father was 55. “My father was a strong man, with a strong will, I thought he would outlive me.” Said Narz after his death.

Mohammed often talks about his father, and what he did for him when he was younger, how he instilled discipline in him, taught him Islam, and the focus it requires to fast every fall during Ramadan, the holy month during which Muslims abstain from food and water during daylight.

The period begins in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and often falls during training camp and exhibition games. At times, fasting lasted right up to the beginning of the regular season. Because of this, his play some years has been sluggish the first few weeks of the season. But he comes on as he regains his strength. Via The Detroit Free Press

I think it will take some time for Pistons fans to open their hearts to Nazr. Let’s not forget that Ben Wallace was the face of the Pistons for many years, something fans aren’t likely to forget that quick. I myself am excited to see what he brings to the team.

I can hear Mason right now, 6-10 from Kentucky, Naziiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Mooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmed!

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  1. Tom

    Natalie, honestly your awesome. The pictures are classic! I am excited to see what he brings myself.

  2. bigdaddysheed36

    Ha, I love all the Nas/Nazr art.

    Kentucky players love Detroit I guess. Tayshaun, Nazr, Delk…

    Nazr is a Piston now, time for him to start upsetting opponents and proving everyone else wrong.

  3. Anonymous

    i will definitely welcome him. it won’t be the same, but with time it’ll be great. i can feel it.

  4. Big_Ben

    I can’t wait for the season to start!

  5. Anonymous

    YAY! but one thing. sheed is my favorite . and i think i see a number thirty six on his jersey. no way will he have that number i demand him to change it . haha =]

  6. amber

    i dont think he’ll be as good from the start because of the fasting, but hopefully he progresses during the season

  7. Anonymous

    Has anyone noticed when the pistons won the championship in 2004, SHEED was wearing number 30 for his jersey? Ever since SHEED started wearing # 36 for his jersey the pistons have not won the ship. I think NARZ should be #36 and SHEED should change back to his Original # 30! Am I the only one who notices these kinds of things?

  8. Anonymous

    Sheed changed his number to 36 to honor the memory of his brother, I don’t see him changing it back.

  9. Anonymous

    thank you for making me smile, natalie. i’m so phyced for this season. =]

  10. Natalie

    My pleasure.

  11. Anonymous

    This is nice… Rasheed and Nazr will get along very well… Rasheed himself is a muslim last i heard, thats why he married FATIMA, her name comes from the prophet muhammad’s (pbuh) daughter, Hazrat Fatimah! looks like mohammed will really get along with the pistons and really improve his game… thats how i see it!

  12. Beto

    nazr is one of the most talented centers in the league. From time to time, he can go over 10 points and boards. Nice signing for the Pistons

  13. Daniel

    Yes, in fact, you are the only one.


  14. Anonymous

    a little birdie told me that sheed wants to change his number again this coming season…a reliable birdie on the inside.
    we’ll have to see.

  15. Anonymous

    nazr will prove everyone wrong when we win the ship this upcoming season

  16. Anonymous

    great blog nat i love it! i think nazr will be great as a piston and i hope when sign flip murray or if not re sign delk i cant wait tell next season its going to be good IT TIME TO RECLAM OUR TILTLE!!!!!!WE WELL BE UNDERDOGS BUT THAT WHEN WERE AT R BEST.2007 UR NBA CHAMPS DETRIOT PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND UR MVP RIP HAMILTON!!!!!!!!I CAN SEE IT NOW


  17. Anonymous

    looking forward to see em play:)

  18. Anonymous

    That’s cool that Linsey Hunter is staying!

  19. Anonymous

    i think nazr will help the pistons greatly i mean ben is a monster on the defensive end but at least nazr can bring some offense and at least he can hit his free throws

    hey natalie i love your site
    keep it up

  20. Nique

    In Flip’s offense Nazr will see his points go up but I’m still concerned about the defense. I mean the other players relyed on Ben’s help so much it’s going to be a interesting season. Jason Maxiwell (2007 MOST IMPROVED PLAYER) 🙂

  21. Anonymous

    Dude Jason MAXIELL

  22. Anonymous

    I know there’s a lot of people thinking the Pistons are going to take a big step back since Ben is gone. I don’t think so. He is defense but not much else. He doesn’t play offense and was a liability in this year’s playoffs. Basically teams were playing 4 on 5. Ben is great but he can’t score and Flip doesn’t know how to put him into the offense and really can’t if Ben has no offensive abilities. I read somewhere Nazr was 78% from FT line last year compared to Ben’s 41%! Now that is good to hear! LOL!

    Nazr was a backup I believe for Tim Duncan and didn’t play as much. Now that he is going to be a starter, I think his points could be 15ppg this season, maybe 10 boards a game too. We’ve lost nothing on our team except some great defense. The other 4 guys are still there and they are the ones that put the ball in the hoop. If Chauncey or Rip left I think it might be over.

  23. Anonymous

    chauncey needs some help from pointguard he said he was so tired he couldnt move and hasnt touched a basketball sence the miami series. Im glad lindsay hunter came back and i hope will blalock or alex acker do really really goo dthis year

  24. Anonymous

    hopefully he doesnt smell as bad as alonzo mourning…..

  25. bigdaddyJOHANSON

    smart move dumars
    this guy sucks so bad i mean now that wallace is gone its over for the pistons any money says the next to go will be sheed


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