Did Ben Had An Axe To Grind?

by | Jul 8, 2006 | 10 comments

Rob Parker of The Detroit News Reports:

My moles are telling me that the Pistons never had an opportunity to do a sign-and-trade with Ben Wallace.
As good as it sounds, the rumors out of Chicago are wrong. The Pistons didn’t have any deals on the table with the Knicks or 76ers.The talk was they did, but Wallace, the free-agent center, KO’d any chance for a deal, insisting on taking the four-year, $60-million deal from the Bulls.If that was the case, it certainly would have looked as if Wallace had an ax to grind with the Pistons. For sure, the Pistons would have been interested in making a deal. After all, no team wants to lose a star and get nothing in return.But, why would Wallace nix a deal that potentially could have gotten him even more money? A sign-and-trade deal is usually good for all parties involved.
Pistons have set their sights on free-agent shooting guard Ronald “Flip” Murray.
Murray, 26, averaged 11.2 points in 76 games with the Sonics and Cavaliers. Many in Cleveland liked the way Murray filled in for Larry Hughes when he was injured. Murray can create his own shot and hit key outside jumpers. Via The Detroit News


  1. Anonymous

    I now He cant make anything dis flip guy is bad WE should Get Bonzi Wells

  2. Anonymous

    espn says the pistons are ranked 5 in east wtf we should be atleast 3 and worst but 5 come on people who think this is a loud of crap talk to me

    from: sheed rules

  3. bigdaddysheed36

    5?? Who the hell would be ahead of Detroit… I mean, obviously they’ll rank Miami 1st, and I’m sure the media would jump all over Chicago and put ther at #2. But who would then be in front of Detroit… Indiana? Orlando? Milwaukee? Those teams are getting better but they were all still around .500 last season… and the last 3 years they’ve always had Detroit ranked below Indy, and Detroit has always went against odds.

    Good though, let them underrate the Pistons again, just win another championship.

  4. Anonymous



  5. Anonymous

    somewhere david stern is having a wet dream

  6. amber

    ben just didnt want to make it seem like he got traded thats all, he’s an ego maniac

  7. Aaron

    can we just stop with ben wallace?…he’ll old news now..yeai seen those ranking on ESPN…there bullshit..of cource miami would be ranked 1..but u have to put the pistons # 2..u cant put bulls or anyone els besides the pistons @ number 2..its jsust wrong..just cause we lost ben wallace doesnt meen a whole lot..werenot liek the cavs or the lakers..or most “1 man teams” celtics..76ers..and so on..if the lakers lost kobe..there done..if the cavs lost labron..theredone..if the celtics lost pierce..there really really done..and if the 76ers lost Ivo..well maybe they would be better..they have a good squad..but anyways as i was saying..the pistons play team basketball..and losing 1 man wont do much @ all..we’ll be fine..thats whats so good about the pistons…we dont have stars..and basicly thats why we arent talked about as much but we always seem to go to the finals or the confrence finals..but still the media are always crouded around the 1 man teams…but the pistons do good when there put agesnt the odds..and hopfully we can bring 1 home next year.

  8. Anonymous

    first of all ARRON you need to learn how to spell ,

    but i agree with you 150%
    i mean the pistons still have that whole nucleus of the starting 5 and ben wallace is a big loss but i think the pistons are definetly second only to the heat

  9. Aaron

    Yea Nigga..First Of All If Ur Gonna Tell Me To Spell Right..Make Shure U Spell Ur Shit Right..Lol But Yea I Know Its Not So Much Spellin Shit Wrong..Its Just Miss Placin Letters Cause I Type To Fast And Dont Go Over It After..But Yea..Thx For Agreeing. Peace Out.

  10. Anonymous

    Yes, we will miss Ben Wallace, but he’s gone now It’s nothing we could do by July 12th unless Joe Dumars gave him 61 million dollars for four years! But we can’t afford It! But that really showed me that money really talks!


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