Ben Wallace Was Quite Frankly Not Happy With The Teams Direction: Video

by | Jul 6, 2006 | 28 comments

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Ben Wallace tells Stephen A. Smith he didn’t like the teams new offensive direction.

Right click and save or click to watch. Video courtesy of ESPN


  1. Anonymous

    Ben gave very vague answers to all the question in this interview

  2. Anonymous

    ah ok.. so he wasnt mad at flip and that didnt influence him to change teams but it was just he direction the team was headed in that he didnt like.. right.. so in otherwords is was because of flip.. well lets hope flip can get us a ring cause we basically lost ben because of flip..


  3. Anonymous

    Come on Steve! Detroit isnt going to the NBA, Ben never did much, he was overrated, well, as Nat said the Pistons LOVE proving people wrong!

  4. Anonymous

    as for stephen tellin us we will only make it to the ECF and not much further THANK YOU! last time we won the championship he said we would be sweeped.. I seen the clip with chauncey on Quite Frankly and he told Stephen that you should root agaisnt us that way we win haha!

  5. Anonymous

    Everyone is baised against the Pistons. We lose one player, everyone thinks we suck now. The Bulls get one player, everyone thinks their good now. People are dumbasses

  6. Anonymous

    This guy is the anti-piston…all he cares about is money and himself, and not about rings…im glad he’s gone. He’ll regret signing with the Bulls for a few reasons

    1. He’s not winning a title anytime soon

    2. Its just a matter of time before he gets into a spat with scott skiles. If Ben couldnt get along with Rick, Flip or Larry, u think he’s gonna get along with a man with a worse personality than the other 3?

    3. The Chicago Media will eat him alive when he loses his first game off his free throw shooting. Its only a matter of time.

    4. The fans are gonna eat him alive for making 15 mill a year and having a scoring avg of close to 0.0

    5. Ben’s game is obsolete in the new NBA. As we’ve seen, the refs reward offense, and call fouls on defense. The pistons are better off without him.

  7. Anonymous

    hey let everyone keep hatin on the pistons now. just adds fuel to the fire. “if it ain’t rough it ain’t right”…and right about now it’s looking pretty rough. i got faith in my boys!

  8. Anonymous

    Piston priorities as I have seen them throughout the years:

    1. Team
    2. Winning
    3. Toughness
    4. Defense
    5. a bunch of other stuff like superstitions

    If you’re willing to put #4 OVER #1 maybe you’re not a Piston. Sure, Defense has always been important to our success, but It’s not like Tay, Sheed & Chauncey are going to stop being defensive greats just because Ben isn’t there anymore. Maybe Flip is offensive-minded, but it’s impossible he doesn’t value our fantastic defense. Joe Dumars wouldn’t have acquired him if that was the case. We just may need a little tweaking on the sets. My that was quite different than the version Ben gave on Channel 4! Does he think that no one in Detroit has cable?!

  9. Travis

    When the Pistons were putting up 85 points a game and shooting 40-45% under Carlisle and Brown, Ben’s offensive insufficiencies weren’t as glaring. Since Flip came in and got us scoring 100 and shooting 50%, Ben looks like a fish out of water. Ben should man up and realize there’s two parts to the game, offense and defense. I was so sick of hearing him spit out excuses that the mistakes he made on offense and at the free throw line were countered by his good defensive play. Learn to shoot the damn basketball into the hoop. Make Naismith proud.

  10. Anonymous

    Uh oh, Piston fans are starting to wise up, instead of predicting doom and gloom as a result of Ben’s departure. There’s hope after all!

  11. danny

    we will survive without ben..

  12. shorty

    Ben is great and all but damn there are 4 other guys that were on the floor. Detroit built its team around ben he wont be even half as good anywhere else but shyt man if he wants his money and he wants to enjoy his last few years before retiring then let him do what he needs oh and stephen a smith i used to like him but for some reason he thinks he is never wrong

  13. Anonymous

    Ben wallace is a sell out

  14. Anonymous

    “Uh oh, Piston fans are starting to wise up, instead of predicting doom and gloom as a result of Ben’s departure. There’s hope after all!”

    yeah there is!! DEEEEEEEEEETROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!

  15. Big_Ben

    The guy didn’t always make the big bucks, he’s trying to get his while he can, u can’t blame him for that, its a businees fool, he aint no sell out.

  16. Anonymous

    by definition, that is what a sell out is. he plays basketball for a living, making more than doctors, for playing a sport. when craps on being the highest paid player on the team for a few more mill, that’s a sell out.

  17. Anonymous

    DIRTY FEET!!!!!!!!

  18. Anonymous

    hey u people need to wake up. we can’t hate ben for what he did. the guy helped us to win alot of ball games with his defense(don’t forget the champinship).we all know shaq is hard to stop and ben gives him the best fight in the nba(again don’t forget the big block on shaq in the playoffs)it’s going to be hard gettin pass the heats without big ben, come on people this is a reality. i hope we beat up on the heats but we need someone like the big ben.the guy is 32. he is never going to see that much money waving infront of him again. sure you guys might feel betrayed but did you think that the joe could have made a better offer after he saw what chicago had to offer. players like ben are hard to find. sure he can’t hit a free throw to save his life but defense wins guys should remember the good times instead of hating the guy. life goes on we could still win it all

  19. Anonymous

    what you guys think of rip hamiltons new look??

  20. Anonymous

    I’m so very sick of people saying the pistons will be nothing without Ben Wallace. Of course no one can say he wasn’t a good defensive aspect of our team because he was but he’s just one person he’s just one player that can be replaced and I do believe that that the 4 other players (Billups Hamilton Sheed and Tayshaun ) can do just fine without him. I honestly do think people do forget about the bench too much I mean Look at Mcdyess he went in and got 18 rebounds in one game and 26 points in another so we have someone who can do both score and rebound!!!! Sorry Ben but I thought you was already in competition with many others.

  21. Anonymous

    I really honestly do not think people see the other side of Ben sometimes he even acted like he didnt want to be on this team! Can you remember when we played orlando and he refused to go back in the game. well he wasnt very loyal to us then so why should we be now?

  22. Anonymous

    Well if Ben wasn’t that of an integral part of the Pistons, since they switched to an offensive team, why is there going to be that big of a drop off?

    I definitely believe everyone is over-reacting.

  23. Anonymous

    Well i think the team wont survive with ben, i mean nazr mohammed? cmon i thought ppl were talking bout other ppl where did he come from….well all i gotta say is there goes the best starting 5 in the world

  24. Anonymous

    LOOK! Since Ben left FINE! dont forget what this website is called alright. “Need 4 Sheed” as long as we got Sheed Wallace we are Descent! dont Trip people we got this aight,

  25. Anonymous

    Lets Get Damon Stoudamire at Point, Paul Pierce at 2, Prince at 3 and Dycee at 4 and sheed at 5. WE need bonzi wells baby. Come on sheed.

  26. Anonymous

    Ben needs to go back to his barber shop.


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