Ben Wallace Talks: Video

by | Jul 5, 2006 | 30 comments

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Ben Wallace Inverview – Fox News Detroit

Ben Wallave Interview – Channel 4 Detroit

Right click and save or click to watch. Videos courtesy of Channel 4 and Fox Detroit


  1. Anonymous

    I have very mixed emotions about this one its like I really didnt like ben for leaving but now that ive seen this video its like this is whats best for him and it would be selfish to sit here and call him a backstabber.

  2. Ben, how could you!?

    Lies lies lies, quit with the lies Ben, if you really like Detroit, you would have stayed. Like 10 million dollars more was the lifetime oppurtinity you couldnt refuse. After all we done for you,given you defensive awards, a championship, and you would leave? I hope you will never get any sucess in Chicago and hope the rest of your career is horrible. This is the first time I flipped you off when watchin you on TV ever. You turned into a Sell-out, backstabber, now a liar!? The only thing that comforts me is that your career WILL be horrible. The Bulls? Come on, nobody gets anywhere with the Bulls, heck the Bobcats, Knicks, Hawks, and Raptors are better? What, ditch a great city, fans, team, and 50 million dollars for what? A team which cant play, and a horrible fanbase? And like 10 million dollars would effect you, please, you already got enough money as is, youre a fu*king NBA player! Please, I think you lost your mind Ben.

  3. Anonymous

    man that was tough to watch

  4. Kitrak

    This guy here has been the face of the Detroit Pistons for the last six years. Now he has agreed to a contract with the Chicago Bulls for a $60 million dollar deal for a four year contract! I do feel the pain and strange predicament for Detroit fans. The two most speculated reasons for his decision: 1. Ben is going towards the end of his career and was looking for a maximum payout deal. 2. Flip’s offensive mindset doesn’t suit Ben. As with most things in life, it’s probably a combination of both. I also think it’s for the best…..

    You can read the rest of my opinions @

  5. Anonymous

    Like watchin’ your old lady give you a little wave goodbye from the passenger seat of some other man’s ride. Damn.


  6. Anonymous

    nat do u have a wish list for pepole to be on the pistons next year ??
    comment back!


  7. Anonymous

    He did everything he could to stay here? Oh come on Ben. Make up a better excuse then that, because that is a load of crap.

  8. Anonymous

    I have mixed feelings on this one too. He’s got a ring already, he made defensive player of the year four times, he’s made his mark and now it is time to think about retirement – and this contract is his retirement pretty much.

    On the other side though – isn’t this they guy who drives the pick-up truck to work when everyone else is driving the fancy cars. Isn’t this the guy who complains about staying in the nice hotels when a common more-affordable one would do. All sounded good at the time when it was said – he wants the money as much as the rest of them.

  9. Ree

    Im not angry or upset that he is leaving. im upset at the way he is leaving. i would have rather a sign n trade, which would have been a way for him to thank the pistons by helpin them out in return with him leaving.

  10. Anonymous

    Im definetly going to miss him, but if it’s what’s best for him, more power to him. GOOD LUCK BEN! We’ll all miss you. But just know, when push comes to shove, we’ll be rooting for The Pistons.

  11. Anonymous

    all you people that are mad at ben just stop you know we all would have done the same thing i mean 12 million dollars more damn thats a lot of money. and his career is almost over so he just did what was best for him and his family.
    i think fans sometimes forget that nba players are people first and then professionals he was just doing what was best for his family
    and thats totally understandable

    i will continue to root for ben even though he wont be wearing the red white nd blue anymore and i just wish him luck with the bulls and the rest of his career



    damn im gonna miss that

  12. aRChPoPoY

    I 100% agree that if we were placed on the same situation, we wouldve done the same thing. The NBA is a business. It’s people who let their emotions get the better of them lose out in the end. Not to say that it’ll suck to play CHI 4x a season from here on in, but that’s how life is right?

    It’s up to DET to adjust and experience life without the “body”. I have a feeling that it’s the best thing that happened to them. I might be wrong but somehow they’re going to be forced to actually DEVELOP a bench. Gone are the days where 1 player can single-handedly dominate a game defensively. It has to be a collective effort and there’s no way in hell, dyess/sheed/nazr can duplicate what ben has done in the past.

    Go Pistons gooooooooooooooo!!!

  13. zima

    hey natalie- check out the article i put up about ben in The Realests blog. hope you like it

  14. shorty

    man its obvious hes retiring after chicago he wanted to go to a team that gave him the most money possible so that he could get as much as he could before he retired he knows hes gettin old and that another oppurtunity like this wont come up. I don blame him hes real smart for thinkin like this cuz he knows that stayin wit detroit wont help him in the longrun after hes retired and for that i still love the guy and i wish he does great except against detroit.

  15. Anonymous

    man this is a bad situation. i was thinking how now we wont have the same starters. those 5 starters seemed like they were together like peas in a pod. now ben left. i dont know. ben was a great player and will be greatly missed. i dont see why he did what he did. i just hope he realizes that he did the wrong thing.. 🙁

  16. Anonymous

    The wrong thing for who? For you?

  17. Anonymous

    fuckin’ sellout.

  18. Anonymous

    I think you guys should be pleased you did not overpay for an overrated defensive player who is below average offensively. I have no doubt you guys will still be better then the Bulls next year.

  19. Anonymous

    Ben I Don’t Care Of Course He Will Say Things To Make It Sound Good But….I Think He Wanted More Money And Thats It If He Loved The Pistons He Would Of Stayed Regardless Of What And NO I Wouldnt Have Took The Money Cause It Would Be Like Giving Up All My Family Members For Money And That Sh1t Aint Right

  20. Anonymous



  21. Anonymous

    Hey the person above Sheed rules.. you said that you wouldnt take the money cause it would be like giving up your family members for money..? He is getting more money for his FAMILY you know like his wife and kids and stuff.. he does have a life outside of basketball.. Why do people join the NBA in the first place.. cause you love the game yes.. but mostly because of $$$$$$$ right? I dont care what you say.. You and everyone else would take the money.. you have to realize the NBA is a business and NO ONE is ever to big to leave a team and join another..


  22. Anonymous



  23. Anonymous

    HOW CAN HE DO THIS TO US HIS LOYAL FAN-BEN WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US- fOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I hate BEN WALLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anonymous

    Why Ben? Why?

  25. Natalie

    Join the Need4Sheed forums it’s easier for me and others to talk Pistons to each other, or email me if you want a specific response. I read all the comments but it’s hard to answer every single one.

    I am not going to guess how many games the Pistons will win next season. I need to see the final team and see how they play together before I can judge anything yet.

    I still think we are a great team.

  26. Junior

    What an asshole!! I can’t wait til we kick his ass next year. But he did make a good point about the coaching thing. I do not think saunders is the guy for Joe in the future. He might finish out his contract but I doubt it. Don’t count our Boys out. They still got game.

  27. Anonymous

    Dont Tell Me What I Would Do NO And For The Last Time No I Wouldnt Take That Money Because Money Dosen’t Meen A Lot When Your A NBA Player He Had Enough Money To Support His Family But Its Just That He Wanted More

  28. Anonymous

    man ben wallace can kiss my ass he suck enyway

  29. Anonymous

    I just wanna say that the Pistons Organization did not take care of Ben the way they should have. If Dumars had enough sense and really wanted to keep Ben, he would have. Being part of a team that had 4 all stars last season, you tend to get overlooked a lot, especially when plays are being designed on the offensive end and not on the defensive end. The Pistons had a great year last year but the lack of defensive attention showed in the Playoff series against both the Cavs and the Heat. If you take a look at the Chicago defense, if you care enough, you’ll see that they were right behind the Pistons as number 2 in the Eastern Conference. With Chicago taking a piece out of the Detroit Defense, it then makes Chicago number 1 in the Eastern Conference. Sorry Detroit, I also want to say that you guys are blaming the wrong person. Blame the Pistons Organization not Wallace. Wallace deserves to be the number 1 or number 2 man on a team not number 4. Also keep in mind that they gave Sheed a better deal then they offered Ben. Sheed is a great player but he isn’t a greater assest then Ben. Think about it Detroit. Good Luck next season, you are going to need it.

  30. Anonymous



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