Pistons Make An Offer To Joel Przybilla

by | Jul 3, 2006 | 34 comments

“At 9 p.m. Portland time, 7.1 Center Joel Przybilla will have a tele-conference with his agent, Bill Duffy, regarding an offer from the Detroit Pistons. This comes after former Detroit center Ben Wallace agreed in principle to a free agent contract with the Chicago Bulls. The Pistons immediately made contact with Duffy regarding Przybilla, and apparently Przybilla will strongly consider the offer from the Pistons. Reached at about 8 p.m. Portland time, Duffy said he expects Przybilla to make his decision by Tuesday morning after spending a night mulling.” Via OregonLive


  1. Aaron

    ….WHO?!?!?! This Team Is Already Gettin Flushed Down The Shitter..Its Sad.

  2. Anonymous

    I think getting Pryzbilla would be a great move. People need to have faith in Joe. When Grant Hill left everyone was saying Ben Wallace who??? and look what he did. If you look at Joel’s stats he got 10 minutes less than Ben last season and got more blocks and was just a little off in the rest of the categories. Not to mention his free throw shooting is better than Ben’s. Now we wont have a offensive liability anymore.

  3. Anonymous

    He could be the next Bill Laimbeer! I see where Joe D is going with the new team, he wants to turn them into the OLD BAD BOYZ! can’t wait till october! Wade and the miami cheat will be PUNISHED dearly!

  4. Aaron

    The Bad Boys?! Get The F*ck Outta Here. This Guy Will Do Nothing But Keep The Bench Warm For Dice.

  5. Anonymous

    aaron you f**. how is this team getting flushed down the shitter when, we still have sheed, rip, tay and bababillups? Ben had no offense anyways, thats why joe d was smart and didnt sign him, plus the stones need a better bench, now they have more money to spend on that better bench. Your a friggin dumba$$.NEXT!

  6. Anonymous

    Dice would not play center you dips***! Dice is not tall enough for a center postion, so get that D*** outta yo mouth! Your an idoit Aaron, go back to your cave where you belong, this site is for NON-BANDWAGON JMPERS ONLY!

  7. bigdaddysheed36

    I don’t know, hopefully if he comes to detroit he’ll get an opportunity to show what he can really do, because he only got 24 minutes a game in Portland…

    I’m really hoping the Pistons have some interest in Samuel Dalembert from the Sixers, even though I think he’s a restricted free agent. He averaged 10 minutes less than Ben a game, and still scored the same points, about the same rebounds, and more blocks than Ben (2.42/game, 6th in NBA), along with shooting 70% free throws, and 53% FG. Also, he’s much younger, 25 years old, just finished his 4th season in the NBA.

    Get Dalembert… he has potential to be better than Ben.

  8. Anonymous

    in a way i kinda like this cause we could be using billy joel as trade bait to get someone bigger .


    – vin

  9. Anonymous

    wa wa Ben. His loss he’ll be going to a terriable team when he’s leaving a chance to win another ring. We need bigger and better this dude is 7’1 someone should make him a cup of lard to eat,maybe 200 pounds of it maybe then he can play him against Shaq.


  10. Anonymous

    Don’t worry Joe D knows what he is doing

  11. Anonymous

    i guess Ben wuznt really the loyal piston we all thought he was.He cares mo a bout money than winning. i know this is going to sound crazy but i dont believe losing Big ben will even hurt the pistons that much. Sure theyre losing the best defender in the nba. but theyre also losing the worst foul shooter. he may cause lots of turnovers on defense but on offense he cant do shit besides dunking the ball. The piston offense is going to have to improve to make of for the weakening of theyre defense. Joe Pryzbilla is an excellent shot blocker but he dont have much of an offensive game. They need a good offensive center or rasheed is going to have to go back to his days with portland when he could shoot whenever he wanted.


  12. Bri

    I think picking up Joel Przybilla would be a good move for the Pistons. If you compare Ben and Joel stats to one another, Ben didn’t do that much better. Joel is younger(26), taller(7’1), and he averaged more blocks a game then Ben did. This also give the Pistons a chance to play a more up tempo style of basketball. The Pistons can move Sheed to the FIVE spot and start Dice or you can move Prince to the FOUR spot and start Delfino. The reason i say put Tayshaun at the FOUR spot is because they can do what the phoenix sun do and that is play up tempo style of basketball. Prince is longer than Marion and can create shots for himself. You also have to remember that Flip Sanders is a offensive minded coach. The Pistons have all the right pieces to play up tempo, they have the right coach and players on the team to make it work. Lets face it Stern has the league set up for more offence and much, much less defence. THE PISTONS WILL STILL BE THE TEAM TO BET IN THE EAST. THE HEAT ARE MUCH OLDER AND THEY WILL NOT HAVE THE SPEED OR FIRE POWER TO BET THE PISTONS NEXT SEASONS.

  13. bigdaddysheed36

    I can understand the faster play, and putting Tayshaun at the 4… but Delfino cannot start. However, because the Pistons have such a huge interest in Bonzi Wells, if they sign him and start him at the 3, then that would definetly be the greatest sign of the summer.

    Just picture the starting five:
    PG – Chauney Billups
    SG – Rip Hamilton
    SF – Bonzi Wells
    PF – Tayshaun Prince
    C – Rasheed Wallace

    Bonzi Wells is a monster on the glass, he get’s so many rebounds, especially for his size. We’ve already seen Tayshaun play the PF position for a while while Ben/Sheed were in foul trouble, he even played PG for a few minutes while Chauncey was in foul trouble, so everyone knows he’s capable of the job. If Marion, at 6’7″ can play PF, then Tayshaun, at 6’9″, 7-foot wingspan, can play the PF too.

    Plus, if the Pistons sign Przybilla, then we’d have him, McDyess, Hunter (who is more than likely to come back), Delfino, Dale Davis, maybe Delk will resign, and hopefully Maxiell will get more playing time. The Pistons would have the best starting 5 again, and possible the best bench again (comparable to Dallas’ bench, because they’re stacked).

  14. Anonymous

    I`m kinda hoping for Bonzi. =]

    If it was anyone else managing our team, I think I would kill myself. I have so much trust in Joe D. I’m actually pretty excited to see what will happen.

  15. Bri

    Yes that would be great if they was able to get Bonzi. But the only thing about that is the pistons don’t have a lot of money to offer. All they have to offer is the mid-level exception and i don’t think Bonzi will go for that. They could try to get the Kings to do a sign-in-trade deal. But the pistons also don’t want to deal their core players


  16. Anonymous

    In retrospect it’s kind of bad that Darko got traded away. As far as the Wallace deal goes, $60 mill/4 years was way too much. Ben will be an all star for only 2 more years before the wheels fall off. I thought Ben was awesome, and I cheered for no one more during his tenure with the Pistons. But let’s be honest, if Joe D signed Wallace for that money, we would have handcuffed the Pistons to their current nucleus for the next four years. I do hate to see Ben go, but the Pistons will be better off in the long run. I think this move opens up the lineup a bit and gives Delfino, Johnson, and Maxiell more minutes. If we get Pryzbilla without busting the bank, he will be serviceable as a replacement. He avergae 7 pts and 7 reb in 24 mpg last year. If you upgrade that to starters minutes, that’s a solid double/double. Similar stats to Ben for half the price, though of course he won’t replicate the intensity or intimidation.

  17. Anonymous

    You guys are idoits if you think were going to get bonzi wells! That would mean, we would have to trade prince and dice for him.

  18. Anonymous

    ummmm Bonzi Wells is a free agent,
    so now you must feel like the idoit
    now .


    – Vin

  19. Anonymous

    hey Vin can I see the link to where you found out about Nazr Mohammed

  20. Anonymous

    just go to espn.com and it says it on the front page .

    – Vin

  21. Anonymous

    Report: Pistons Replace Ben With Mohammed
    ESPN.com reports, “Free agent center Nazr Mohammed of the Spurs has agreed to a deal with the Detroit Pistons, ESPN The Magazine’s Ric Bucher is reporting. Terms were unavailable. Mohammed replaces Ben Wallace, who told the team Monday that he was leaving to join the Chicago Bulls.”

  22. Anonymous

    To anonymous from Conneticuit, your the idoit, cause your not from Michigan, jumping on the pistons bandwagon, go root for uconn, oh wait Conn don’t have a professional NBA team, HA, look likes the jokes on you Fagget! Just because bonzi is a free agent, dont mean he’s going to automatically sign with the stones. Idoit gossshhh!

  23. Anonymous

    hold up . just cause im not from “michigan” does not mean im on the pistons bandwagon and also whenever they come around the area i go see them play and root my heart out for them ,they’ll always be my favorite team no matter where i live and there is a rumor out there saying that bonzi wells really wants to play for the pistons and he would take less money too, OH and by the way , where did RIP play his college ball at?

    please grow up .

    – Vin

  24. Anonymous

    yeah im with Vin on this one does it matter where you’re from? I have friends that are miami heat fans and they live in michigan… so yes please grow up.. Idiot : p


  25. Anonymous

    Who cares where rip played ball at, hes a part of deeetroit baskerball now! Wanna make a bet bonzi wells will not play for detroit? You probally wack it to rip cause hes from Conn. You sad gay virgin! Oh and to the anonymous who said his freinds are from michigan, but are heat fans, I bet they jumped on the bandwagon too after the heat won the championship! Were yall at when the pistons beat the heat in 2005? ON OUR SIDE! I want to take both of your moms out for a nice seafood dinner, and never call her again! POSERS!

  26. Anonymous

    sooooo are you saying that only the people in michigan can like the detroit pistons and not people from all over the world ?

    – Vin

  27. Anonymous

    Yall did’t like us when we were the 89-90 bad boyz,the whole world didn’t like us, and now you want to jump on the bandwagon cause we bad again?

  28. Anonymous

    WHAT THE FUCK!? Sorry about the laungauge, but is this a joke? I mean what is going on with Joe? Is he turning into Isiah?

  29. Anonymous

    And by Joe, I meant Dumars

  30. Anonymous

    ummmmm sorry if i didnt like the bad boys 89 – 90, i was only like 2 or 3 years old at the time .

    – Vin

  31. bigdaddysheed36

    There’s no harm in hoping that Bonzi Wells does come to Detroit, especially when word is spreading that he would like to play for Detroit, even more so if he’s willing to play for less money. And if you’re going to try to throw insults around at fellow Pistons fans, at least try to spell correctly…

    Also, since when do you have to be in Michigan to be a Pistons fan? … If that were true then… the Pistons would be a very lonely team. Which they’re not, they have fans from everywhere, they’ve gained so much popularity, as well as hate, for their accomplishments over the last few years. How often do you hear fans yelling “DEEEETROIT BASKETBAAALL” at arenas when the Pistons are on the road. It happens in every city.

  32. Anonymous

    thanksssss sheed !
    i was at the pistons vs knicks on st.patricks day being a crazy pistons fan chanting
    bbaaassskkkeeetttnbbbaaall !!!

    – Vin

  33. Anonymous

    bigdaddy sheed 36 is now a spell check dork! fagget!

  34. Aaron

    I Agree with Daddy Sheed Up There..Bonzi Would Be Nice..Im Not So Shure About Tay @ PF Tho..They Might Push Em Around A Bit Down Low..Not Saying It Wont Work Or Anything..Its Worth A Shot..Seeng How Tay Swats Every Ball In Site. And We Got Nazr Now…And Whats Up With The Player Haters Up Top? Did I Ever Say Dice Was going To Start?..Didnt Think So Cock Boy. We Got Nazr Now Hes Better Then Nothing.Just Get Bonzi And Maybe Try a Few Diff Starting Line Ups In The Pre Season N See How Things Go. Jason Maxiel Should Turn Out To Be A Solid Player Off The Bench, He Needs to Lose A Few Pounds N Make It Muscle..Work On His Shot And Low Post Defense N Offence And He’ll Be Good In a Year Or Two. This Team Does Have A Bright Future..I Know What I Said About The Toilet And What Not..I Just Said That Outta Anger Cause Of Big Ben. Like I Said Just Try A Few Diff Starting 5 N Let Things Take There Toll. Big Ben Wanted to Much Money..He’s Not Worth What Chi-Town Gave him..They’ll Regret In A Few Years When He Takes Up There Cap. Least We got Nazr Fer 30mill 5 Years Instead Of 60 mill n 4 years..(ben wallace). Where Still The Team To Beat In East. Not The Heat…The Heat Are Just Lucky. The Heat Didnt Win That Title, The Mavs Just Blew It. So Hopfully Joe Can Continue His Success and Flip Will Consider Letting The Pistons Use A Bit More Defence..And We’ll Be Fine And Come’n To Get That Title In 07!! Have Faith, And Respect Bens Decision To Leave..We’ll Be Fine. Just Continue To Be The Best Fans Out There!!
    GO DETROIT!!!!


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